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yupyup i love this bytch , (x

9/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 33
  • from nelsonhouse
  • I am Married
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  • Member since: December 2007
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About Me

a m L w/h ..♥
Me, Myself, and I
my name is richard tait.aka_Lil tip
livin it up in nelson house,
16 , 05/13/93.
not single so fuk off ahaa
My Favorite Teams.
my team is detroit. all the way n b-ball
Scared Of
to be real im not really scared of anything.but.. death cuz im to good to leave from where im at...and i really dont know where im at..<!>, terrified of aleasha beating me up lmfao
Happiest When
im happy when i get PAID `N` LAID jk.
shh smartn up

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    My #1 Beautiful:aleasha
    My Beautiful:
    My Loser: Chelsey:D
    My Bestest Friend: cody:D
    My Babe:
    My Gangster:
    My Love:nick;)
    My Hero:Nicole:D
    My Retard:
    My Smile:
    My Everything:
    MY Prince:
    MY Princess:
    MY Cutie:
    My Baby:
    My Husband:
    My Wifey:
    My Nigguh:
    My Granny:karen:D
    My Grandpa:earl:D
    My Dreamboy:
    My Everything:
    My Boom Boom:
    My Kinq: john :D
    My Sexy Love:
    My Twinn:
    My Big Sister:
    My Little Sister:AMBERLEe
    My Big Brother:
    My Liittle Brother:
    My Best Boy:
    My Best Girl:
    My One & only:
    My Sexy Beast:
    My Partner In Crime:
    My Guardian Angel:
    My PIMP: aleasha
    My Secret Luv`ah:
    My Sexy Sport`s Fanatic:
    My Baby Girl:
    My Idol:
    My Drinkin` Buddy:
    My BootyCall:
    My Secret Admirer:
    My Stalker:
    My Spooning Buddy:
    My bad boy:
    My Bad Girl:
    My Teddy:
    My Dirty Dancer:
    My Body Guard:
    My Bitch:
    My Bebo Love:
    My Stud Muffin:
    My New Friend:
    My Pal:
    My BoyFriend:
    My Playa:
    My Girlfriend:
    my new friend:lydia:D

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  • B L A I R
    luv B L A I R


    5/5/10 via Mobile
  • Joanna Wawatay
    luv Joanna Wawatay

    hm, Richard lol.. whatz;up? on your blog i wanna be your BiiTCH! haha; Just kiddiin; let me see.... um, ither.. your smile or um, your beautiful i quess. but hey doesn't matter where you put lol :P so., herez a heart but return it ;o and oh my babyz name is Shyniqua and itz a girl or did i already tell you lol.. well, bye babyz tryna cry. iloveyou+imusm<3

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    fuk dat bitch \/ haha jk heres a heart cos IMUSFM. & ily.

  • Ballin Baby
    Ballin Baby

    still locked up i see i so got out longtime ago. but yee send u some letterz like u wanted me 2 haa bye babe

    11/28/09 via Mobile
  • -MzSmexi

    Hey Whats Up?

    9/10/09 via Mobile
  • Laurisaa
    luv Laurisaa

    imissyooou !

  • MissMadelaine

    Heyy heyy whats up??

  • Aleasha Miishel 8/21/09
  • Aleasha Miishel 8/12/09
  • Aleasha Miishel 7/27/09
  • Joanna Wawatay
    Joanna Wawatay

    Hey, you faqq :P jk well, just thouqht i'd check out your bebo paqe and yeah whatever. so who's the new chick? ;) Nice! but omq i miss chillin' out with you but you can be so weird sometimes you know that riqht..? Aha; Kiddin . by the way what's your middle name aqain? i forqet and how come you don't call me nomore.. what the hell man and here i thouqht you were a friend., ahha; Kiddin.. your a qood friend:D . Hope you write bacc; or atleast phone me :D lol Kpeace. Love ya♥

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    i miss you

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    only 1 ? now thats sad

  • -MzSmexi

    hey Hey Whats up? Whats New With You?

    7/13/09 via Mobile
  • Aleasha Miishel
    Aleasha Miishel

    well , it was there to rhyme my son

  • Aleasha Miishel
    Aleasha Miishel

    tss hah me either ...o_O :P

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    whats stiff? catch the drift? ;o lol :L

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    hah you know i loooove you :)

  • Aleasha Miishel
    luv Aleasha Miishel

    heres a looove ;)