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We love Taxi trips..or not so much

block a taxi drivers eyes while he's driving and see what happens!

12/24/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

join if you've ever reeeeeally annoyed a taxi driver
Me, Myself, and I
This page is set up in aid of all those people who dedicate their time(selflessy i might add) to participating in the great art of annoying the crap out of taxi drivers.

. we're like the wind baby. we're everywhere.yeah.

isnt it just the best part of the night?????


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  • Best moments in taxis so far....(new and improved BARRY)

    1. justin smoking in the back of a taxi, then telling the driver it was kellie...then kellie tellling the driver to "get bent"

    2. cork last week. in a taxi rank. guy: its the drivers birthday, when he shows up, start singing happy birthday to him"

    3.me(sitting into the taxi): happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...(driver turns around, severly evil look)
    me: ok, ill shut up now.

    4..Me and justin putting our hands over mikes eyes while driving "mike, if you were really cool, youd still be able to drive....sheesh"

    5.me poking mike in the face with my boot. CLAIRE, GET OUT.
    no mike, ive just sprained my ankle. its a nervous twitch.

    6..tasha, kellie,me,fi to a poor innocent taxi driver "THERES ONLY ONNNEEE JOE DALY, THERES ONLY ONNNNE JOE DALY" hes now officially a legend

    7.justin smoking in the back of the taxi(again) mike flipping and telling him to get out. justin" jeez, chill out mike. you've got some serious anger issues."

    8..me, stealing mikes picture. mike you look like a terrorist. didnt go down well.

    9..last weekend in bills. he passes james house where we're all getting off. whole bus TURN AROOOOUND, EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET A LITTLE BIT LONELY AND YOU NEVER COME AROUND...TURN AROOOUND....

    10..fi in bills taxi: oh bill can u stop. i need to get sick.gets out, gets sick.comes back in "everyone, im reeeally sorry. im fine now, it wont happen again." 2 mins later. bill stop. gets out, gets sick. ok now reeeally, im ok. sorry everyone. 2 mins later......

    11..me,fi,justin stickin our heads out of the sunroof in a taxi.wooooooo...
    oh wait mike, your gonna have to drive back 4 fi's hat.

    12.us chanting(mercililessly for twenty minutes) mike mike mike mike mike mike mike

    13.to the tune of slim shady "im mike carey, yes im the real carey. all you other mike careys are just imitating..." i know he liked it...

    14.barry and mike fighting allll the way to Ballyporeen. it was bad, somethings were said, tears were shed. u ok now barry?????:L :L :L

    15. possibly the best moment in a taxi EVER. fi, me, MARIA OUT TO MAHON WITH WHAT WE THOUGHT WAS A NORMAL TAXI DRIVER...until he got into a bit of roadrage with a polish guy and LOST THE PLOT. we're sitting in the back as hes outside screaming at the polish guy. he sits back in, about to kill someone, and fi says(awkwardly) "so, eh, having a bad day then...." priceless

    16. Me, fi and kellie coming home from gorbys. taotlly drunk and barely able to talk. kellie"oh look, that guy fell over" we all sit up and stare out the window laughing. taxi driver thought we were just plain evil.

    17. fi, to me and kellie as we sat with a very cranky taxi driver. "oh look, thers two pigeons doing it"

    18. Maria, Claire and Fi going to town with T Mcgrath :O :O :O wink wink

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  • Barry Fitzgerald

    im back allowed in mikes taxi, but its just not worth it.


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