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Work timez mang

6/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 207
  • from Dorchester
  • I am Single
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I'll Never Falter I'll Stand My Ground. You're Fake A Worthless Coward You'll Never Be Anything.
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Kell,
I Can't Sleep.
Dorchester, United Kingdom.

The Other Half Of Me


23rd May 08. Since then this girl has been my life

All i need is four artists, This will stay the same.

Say Anything
Rise Against
City and Colour
The Inbetweeners.
Gaming (( (N) ))
Scared off
Being Alone.
Becoming an Adult.
Matthew - This guy has been in so many events and incidents with me the past 5 years, We have always managed to get through. Together. This guy means the world to me, i just don't think i show him how much he does. I would never give this boy up. I couldnt imagine were i would be without the past 5 years behind us. There are so many memories. So many more to come.
I love you Matthew James Darvill.
Kane - You brighten up my day no matter how shit it's been. I'd walk through fire for you. I don't think we spend half as much time together as we should. When we crash at mine for days and play X360 munching on snappys pizza is epic win. I would never ask to share times like that with anyone but you!
I love you Kane-Charman

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Little Jacob

Ya n brawna liberty dis be da hoddest city evar. your a small weed dealer in broker and does a few odd jobs for Niko and roman. Lj is a great loyal friend to Niko and Roman throughout the bellics hard time in liberty.

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Neyo - Because of You (keyboard/paino acoustic)

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  • Leah Ranson
    Leah Ranson


  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    Eurgh just dumped my prick of a boyfriend! He talks to other girls and totally forgot about me today. Didn't call or nothing! Perfect way to make me feel wanted :/ blah hows you? :)

    10/19/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    ahh i never check bebo anymore so didn't realise you'd commented. eurgh i've had enough ): blah! you have texts? in that case...(: mehh was happy until about 30 minutes ago. you? going to london monday yay! salon international! (: my god we haven't talked in soo long. we need catch up time (Y) get your ass on msn lazzyy! yes? (: (:

  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    ooooo... blah i have the worst headache ever. i might just collapse and die to be honest. college is so shit. blahlblahblah. i have far too much work to do. having a dvd fest(Y) probably why i have a headache! (:

  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    Heyaa! Hows you? Andd.. Did you eat that caramel slice thing?? Eurgh college is horrible! 9 till 5! Blah! :( Wubu2?

    9/18/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    Okayss (: oooh? Stressed out? Hows? ): eurgh i hate this weather! Can't do nothing. Haven't seen you in like forever you silly donkey! Hows the tattoo btw? Loving it? And yes we are besties till the end! (: x

    9/3/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    I am rather sorry for that interesting comment! Haha! I am sorry though! And i did drink loads!

    8/31/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    I know i'm so sorry for evything :( i really am! My gos too much odka! Bdgrirjks :)

    8/31/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee. 8/29/09
  • Leah.
    luv Leah.

    you mean the world to me, i couldnt live without knowing that you're there. just seeing you're face on webcam makes me smile or even laugh. i've never felt this way about noone, i'm just glad i saved my love for someone as special as you. i'd hate to lose you. you're my addiction. il always love you, no matter what. i love you from the bottom of my heart, right to the top. thankyou for everything you've done for me, and thankyou for making me the happiest i've ever been. you'll never realise how much i love you. its just a shame you're into guys, right? :/

  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP yes it is 2 days (Y) haaahahaha you'll wimp out! 10 right at normal place? (:( :( :( : <3

  • Leah.
    luv Leah.

    i love you so much. okay

  • Stars Are Blind
    luv Stars Are Blind

    Freee cusen love :P ;) :D

  • Leah.

    mmm kell you dick (; i love you loads

  • Stars Are Blind
    luv Stars Are Blind

    Oooo tell him its okay (: lol Omg cant beleave hes your friend! , hes amazing ! :P 3 years Wow ! xxxx tell him to sing a song and to put my name in it ahaha joking lol that would be good thought (: xxx

  • Girl Next Door
    luv Girl Next Door

    Thanksss :D love you !

  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    Heyyaa i don't have texts yet! Not till tonight at midnight now grrrrr! Lol so i can text you tommorow? :) lol how are you? :)

    6/22/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    i forgot the loveeee :O :O

  • Sophiee.

    swishhhhh! i love that word :| lol yes it does..it's some promotional disk or something. i got really far but got stuck on the zora bit. well i just wanted to complete the game but i did get the defense thing..i only have like 14? my sis is on twilight princess..i had to get it for her off ebay on gamecube cos the wii is shit so got rid of it XD [:[:[: <3<3<3

  • Sophiee.
    luv Sophiee.

    Hiii. Ermmm...are you able to go with me tommorow? Everyone has let me down literally today ]: Mehh! retards. What's up with you??..i was playing zelda.. that's why i didn't reply lol. I completed it finally XD [: <3