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  • Male, 23, Luv 213
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http://www.myspace.com/officialfreestate Willy, The illest emcee in inishowen
Me, Myself, and I
My names FreeState, 420's my feast date
I'm puffin leaf weighed at 420 grams, I can't see straight!
So I lay back, and let this queen take it slow cuz
I'm her dream date, she wonders how my home made cream tastes

I've got an ounce of pollen walkin' past cops with a briefcase
high on freebase, so lookin' in this fiends face, you'll see
my eyes reflectin images of deep space, a dream
State, to distract you as i drive over lean wights in V8's

I'll grind a bag of weed on my Album CD case,
For every stoner who sends me mushrooms picked from a tree's base,
How does a sick MC taste? I'd rather lick a breakdancin chick out
And feel like I eat plaice, rewind rock music and paint a green face

on my hand as i eat chinese baste and chicken fried rice on each plate
I wrote this verse when I was high that's why its on this PC mate,
I like teenage girls, M.i.l.fs and anything in between,
shake a tambourine and your ass on a trampoline, girl

It'll be gggrrreeeaat
you cant even post links in the fuckin page but father jack has new ish out google fatherjack never for it
Happiest When
having sex, if you really love something you'll do it for free

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  • sick jokes!

    truck driver picks up a woman hitch hiker on the side o the road.

    He pulls over on the side of the road a few blocks down and the woman asks him what he is doing? He asks her if she wants to have sex? She says "I can't I'm on my period."

    He says "That doesn't matter."

    So they get in the back of the cab and he is eating her out.

    A police officer drives by and sees the truck rocking.

    So he gets out and knocks on the door of the truck.

    The truck driver opens the door and asks if he can help the officer.

    The officer asks him what he is doing? He says liking his fingers "Eating Pizza!"
    There was a little girl and her mother walking through the park one day and they saw two teenagers having sex on a bench.

    The little girl says, "Mummy, what are they doing?" The mother hesitates then quickly replies, "Ummm they are making cakes."

    The next day they are at a zoo and the little girl sees two monkeys having sex. Again she asks her mother what they are doing and her mother replies with the same response, "Making cakes."

    The next day the girl says to her mother, "Mummy, you and Daddy were making cakes in the lounge last night, eh?" Shocked, the mother asks, "How do you know?"

    She says, "Because I licked the icing off the sofa."
    A Leper goes into a bar on the Hottest Day of The Year. Everybody has their shirts off due to the heat, and the Leper takes off his shirt too. Now, it's so hot, the Leper is kinda chunking up, and getting kinda squishy, but he goes to the bar anyway and orders a beer. As he's sipping, he looks at a guy on a stool next to him, who is sneaking furtive glances in the Leper's direction. After getting a quick, strong look, the guy throws up on the bar... The Leper gets insulted, and says: "Excuse me, sorry I gross you out"... "No, no," the guy protests, it's not your fault"... The Leper gets even more pissed: "Well, if if it's not my fault, whose is it"? The guy on the stool swallows his sputum and gurgles: "It's the drunk guy behind you dipping potato chips in your back"...
    What's the first thing you do after you've just raped a deaf, dumb and blind kid?
    Cut it's fingers off so it can't tell it's mum!
    What's funnier than a dead baby?
    A dead baby in a clown costume!

    What's funnier than a dead baby?
    A dead baby sitting next to a kid with down syndrome.

    How do you know when a baby is a dead baby?
    The dog plays with it more.

    What's more fun than feeling up a dead baby?
    Feeling up a dead baby with three nipples

    How do you make a dead baby float?
    Take your foot off of it's head.

    What's the difference between a dead baby and a trampoline?
    When you jump on a trampoline, you take your boots off.

    Why are test tube babies the most beautiful ones?
    Because they're hand made.

    What's brown and gurgles?
    A baby in a casserole.

    What's blue and flies around the room at high speeds?
    A baby with a punctured lung.

    What do you call a dead baby with no arms and no legs in the middle of the ocean?

    How do you stop a baby crawling round in circles ?
    Nail its other hand to the floor.

    What do you call a dead baby with no arms and no legs hanging on your wall?

    What do you call a dead baby, a rat, 6 week old bread and a gherkin?
    A B*g Mac.

    What do you call a dead baby with no arms and no legs in a swimming pool?

    What's blue and thrashes about on the floor?
    A baby playing in a plastic bag.

    How do you make a man pregnant?
    Stick a dead baby up his ass!

    How do you stop a baby falling down a manhole?
    Stick a javelin through it's head.

    How many babies does it take to paint a house?
    Depends how hard you throw them.

    What's purple, covered in pus and squeals?

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  • bebo cancer

    Rite ok before you start to read this you will more than likely get bored of reading after about 8-9 lines, thats because blogs are boring as fuck and usually have no meaning.. but no, NOT ON BEBO. Blogs on bebo are sooo interesting. People on bebo have blogs with lists of questions on them????? Like what is that all about?? You actually spend your time writing out these questions for other people to fill in or if you dont write it you copy and paste it from someone elses blog??? Blogs on bebo also have these random letters stringed together to make a picture?? only on bebo this behaviour could happen. And right about now your thinking to yourself "Why the fuck am i reading this blog"

    First of all does anyone know what bebo stands for???? Because if you do i would really like to kno!!!! Its got to be some random word that one of the creators has said when they were airlocked. The story would go something like:
    Philip was airlocked and and sitting with the rest of his fellow creators of bebo (as it is now called) and were thinking of a name for their new exciting website they had created... After a long night at around 4 in the morning Philip got up and walked to the kitchen to heat up his left over chinese from earlier that day when suddenly he slipped on a noodle on the floor from a previous chinese landing on his cock shouting "SHIT THAT HURT MY BEBO!!!"
    Strongly doubt that would be the story but just a possibility. Or Maybe it stands for the names of 4 creators (thats if there is 4) like Ben Eugene Barry Oscar the same thing as that band ABBA. Another possibility could be that the creator was German or from some foreign land with his name being Samuel W J Bebo or George Bebo. Fuck knows why and who cares???

    Moving onto the Main top section of your bebo homepage (The part where you write a load of crap about yourself to try and make yourself out to be really cool or smart) or not. A lot of peoples homepages start off with something like "Welcome to my bebo page. I am called Jim. I got to St Taylors JHS. If you like what you see please leave me a comment or add me as a friend"
    <<<<<< like come on how fucking boring and stupid does that sound?? Notice the keywords in that qoute (Jim & Please) Which therefore creates a formula of, Jim + Please = Desperate + Sad Jim would also be the type of guy to have his homepage photo as somthing like himself in his bedroom flexing his 6 pac. What is that all about?? Is this the new fad?? Beforehand the fad was to have videos of yourself or you and your mates mimicing a song that sounds like its being played in fast forward and now its stupid guys flexing there disco muscles all over the internet.. I say bring back the videos!!!! even if there annoying as hell there a lot better than pics of guys pacs, but none of them homemade videos with like a slideshow saying shit like "To all my mates I LOVE YOU" with some shite beats behind it with pics of their mates . I am not only having a go at the fellas a lot of girls do it aswell... show off there bellybutton and tight boob tubes on there homepage picture or if they are ugly they will take a picture of themselves at an awkward camera angle, put it on the computer and modify it with moving snow flakes....

    So what exactly do you do when browsing the bebo world??? YES YOU!!!! Ill tell you what most of youse do... Browse around for hot people of the opposite sex spending meaningless time looking at their pics and all the rest of that shit then go wank over them!!! You people disgust me!!! Also spending a lot of time browsing peoples pages may they be friends or what not looking at all their comments reading into their lives which in turn means that people can not have a private life on this site... Another thing is taking meaningless photos of nights out especially formals, that seems to be the big thing at the minute. Put up shite pics of your latest formal.. Who gives a shit like no offence but if your going to put up pics on beb

    4 Comments 329 weeks

  • irish hip hop is all good now

    Just In The Knick Of Rhymes

    Dublin Duo Messiah J & The Expert
    By Joe Kavanagh

    Aside from a few reasonably notable exceptions there are few styles of music that have eluded the skills of Irish musicians and songwriters so comprehensively as hip hop. For some reason Irish hip hop - like the UK scene until the advent of garage and grime - has always been caught between striving to create its own variant of the genre or simply aping their US counterparts, right down to ridiculous cultivated American accents that utterly undermine their efforts, irrespective of how good their beats and rhymes might be. Yes, there have been some near misses, most notably Marxman and Scary Eire in the early 90s but they were over a decade ago and the fact that they never broke out beyond their native shores probably says much about where they stood in comparison to the hip hop being created in the US or even countries like France. Others would also point to the early naughties band, Third Eye Surfers, where collaborators Lisa Dee and Glen Brady briefly offered hope with their critically lauded Filthy Folklore album before deciding to call it a day, although both of them are due for a return to the fray later this year. The sad truth of the matter has been that whether it's been the lack of a genuine world class hip hop producer, the fact that the Irish accent sounds somewhat lost in the genre or the matter of rhymes about a weekend out on the mean streets of Castlebar sounding a little contrived; Irish hip hop has always been looked at as a little more than a joke. Until now.

    Thanks to the emergence of a highly talented coterie of Irish rappers dedicated to their craft, it appears that Irish hip hop might finally have stepped out from the shadows. Examples such as Wexford's Rob Kelly, whose superb rapping has seen him collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business - including Jay-Z - offers a shining beacon of hope to those pasty faced Irish youngsters determined to follow in the steps of their idols. The scene has also been invigorated by the influx of immigrants into Ireland in recent times, opening up the native hip hop fraternity to a host of new styles that are slowly but surely fusing into a technique that has a distinctly Irish slant on it, offering genuine hope for the future. At the moment however, there is no bigger or more talented act in the world of Irish hip hop than Dublin duo Messiah J and The Expert (MJTEX) and although they did not win it; their album's nomination for the Irish Choice Music Award last month is genuine proof that Irish hip hop has finally been welcomed into the fold in the national music scene.

    For the group's origins, one has to travel back to 1999 when three rap fanatics, enigmatically named Messiah J, The Expert and Mayhem, met at an in-store gig by UK hip hop/ big beat collective, Scratch Perverts. Instantly hitting it off with each other, the trio agreed to work together on a musical project, with Messiah J taking the rapping duties, The Expert assuming production responsibilities and Mayhem using his turntable skills as the band's DJ. Initially called Creative Controle, they used early 90s American hip hop as their main influence because they viewed it as the music's golden age, before it was almost entirely hijacked by the gangsta rap strain that virtually rules the genre today. Looking beyond their immediate contemporaries, they also listened to artists like the Bjork, Bowie and even the Kinks, in order to add distinctiveness and texture to their sonic palate, as they attempted to create something that was not simply another cheap variant of what had come before.

    It is testament to their work ethic and commitment that they were being hailed as one of the most exciting live acts in the country within months.

    Creative Console made their presence known in 2002 with a pair of EPs titled, Bloodrush and Check The Vision, which drew an overwhelmingly positive response from cr

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  • wats funnier

    1. "im the teenage girl you jerked off with in the chatroom"
    3. URINE


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    wat u at lad any crac

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    haha your not serious are u strazz said 2 say hello awh fuck wouldn mind goin do u want 2 go 2 amsterdam in october or do something awh dosin about was desinated driver last night gud oul crack were u now

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    awh da senioritas ha u mad cunt wat have u been at last i heard u wer in rehab ha hows da weather over der

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    Aw cul hope u enjoy it :) its pure nice in ireland :D no phone tut tut :O :D ;)

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    yes lad wat da crac wat u at

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    Aw thanks lol i lik urs

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  • Níiámheeée - XÓ
    Níiámheeée - XÓ

    ***Invitation*** The Laurentic , Thee Parish Buncrana , 10th April , Around 9 ! Good Liveely Band , Irish Music , Food , Good Craic & Everyonee Welcomee ! Bus Will Be Organised From Carn To Thee Party , Bring A Friend Or 2 :) ! Out After :D ! Hopee To See You There :) ! ** Il Do Your Hair Again & We'l Havee It Looking Well :D :L ! ***