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Danah Charlene

Fuck my life :)

10/31/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Sydney
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  • Member since: January 2005
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About Me

I don't 'do' bebo. But i'll give it a try...
Me, Myself, and I
The name is Danah with an H.
&& I'm in love ♥ so don't even bother!
His name is Luke :)

I tend to rebel against a lot of things. I don't 'do' rules. I don't like being told how it is, what it is, when it is, why it is or "I'm right you're wrong" arguments && I don't like being told what to do!

I'm a kid at heart & I will chuck tantrums. Call me immature, call me a child. You're preachin' to the choir brother!

Your girlfriend is most probably jealous of me && is calling me a slut as we speak. And your boyfriend is probably infatuated with me telling all his footy mates that he 'tapped' that.

I'll laugh at inappropriate times about something that happened yesterday. Generally I'll laugh when I'm getting into trouble.

I swear way too much. Im very unlady like & I may burp infront of you. Deal :)

I'm definately a sucker for punishment.
Piercings && tattoo's are delicious!

The music;
Ministry of Sound <3

Beat Freakz. Röyksopp. Deepface. Tonite Only. PNAU. The Presets.
The movies;
Way too many to choose from. But a few of my all time favourites are Poltergeist, Drop Dead Fred, Return to Oz & The Labyrinth :)
The car;
Is a 2005 Holden SV6 :)

You touch it, I kill you.
It's a simple rule. Don't break it && you should be ok.
The loves;
Clubbing clubbing clubbing! Traveling :) going to Thailand soooon! Um i cbf typing all this right now.. Ill fix it up soon
The loathes;
I dont like people. I just dont like them in general. Which means you. Yeah, you. Yeah, I know 'what a bitch' but seriously... People in general piss me the fuck off. Especially fuck wit losers with bad attitudes who have no consideration for others.

Ohh. People hating me for no reason. Yeah; that sucks.
I mean if you have a valid excuse as to why you hate me, then fair enough. By all means keep on hating!

But hating me because your'e extremely bored with your pathetic excuse for a life is not a valid ticket in my books. Sorry chaps, you'll just have to try a bit harder next time. :)

I also hate competiveness.
People should just learn to accept defeat.

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Danah and Kazz being Dicks

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  • Lardedah;

    I hate people who.. Well I just hate people!
    End of blog. =)

    1 Comment 323 weeks

  • Cliche`

    Once again my friends and family have proved right.
    Although it is 'shunned' against to discriminate I had to desperately hold me tongue while in a slight 'comment argument' between two guys.

    I cannot belive that in a desperate attempt to be undefeated my me, a female Australian, they used violnce to get back at me.

    "Im gonna come and hunt you down.."
    Yadda yadda yadda.
    Funny thing is they live in Fairfield.
    Funnier thing still - Luke and his family used to live in Fairfield.
    && apparently know eveyone there.

    0 Comments 351 weeks

  • Jackass comments.

    Obviously my 'new' pics. have moved people.
    && I'm glad.

    But if they do not interest you; then don't comment me.
    Don't ridicule me.
    As said before; if they don't satisfy you -
    Then go and find something else to jack off over.

    Because my pics. arn't up there to satisfy the likes if you random people.
    There there so show that nudity is art.
    && should be seen as art.

    Please and thank you.
    Fuck off.

    0 Comments 351 weeks

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    hey gurlie... tomrz we go b4 1230 buh. we gonna go to banxtown, and bass hill. kk bring a big bag gonna stock up.. kk hunes. luv ya cya tomrz. and leah holla at cha and call u wen she on to urs buh b ready at 9

  • Riki Peacock
    Riki Peacock

    hey, sorry i didnt comment back sooner. I've been lazy. I'm really frustrated actually cuz ur face looks so familiar, but i just cant think how i know u. Oh well, i can meet u all over again. What u been up to? Luv rik,