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South Pacific Music

sorry am a lil not up to date but wil be updating soon. been busy :( lol :L

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About Me

your coconut music connection...
Me, Myself, and I
South Pacific Music Ltd is an online portal for South Pacific Musicians and South Pacific Music Lovers. Our goal is to keep the diasporic community of the Pacific Islands informed on the latest news of the growing music industry in the South Pacific Region

Our main Website is currently under construction, but we hope to gather enough information on bebo and other social networking sites to help us in creating a better music website. When SPM launches,apart from getting your up to date news and coconut wireless on your favorite artists, you will be able to download all your favorite songs. And if you are an artist yourself you can make you own profile and sell your music on SPM.

Launch date of SouthPacificMusic.com is soon to be announced.

<b>if you have coconut wireless news on any artist please post it up int the forum :D </b>

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  • For Immediate Press Release...

    Neti Taumoepeau by Neti Taumoepeau

    Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga, April 16, 2008. The Tonga Red Cross Society and Miss Neti Taumoepeau (otherwise known in the music realm as 676) are happy to announce their joint venture in the production of her upcoming Tongan album which will be sold for the beneficiary of the Tonga Red Cross Society. 676 has agreed to a production of 500 limited edition CDs which will be sold to the general public with all proceeds to be donated to the Tonga Red Cross Society.

    The Tonga Red Cross Society is hereby requesting the assistance of the people of Tonga and all Tongan communities worldwide to participate in this effort as a way to acknowledge and support the services of the Tonga Red Cross Society and promote local Tongan music artists. We encourage you to show your support by purchasing a copy of 676’s Tongan album. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

    Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any further information


    Sione Taumoefolau
    National Office

    676’s TONGAN ALBUM featuring the Kolokakala Band will be available for online purchase on May 12, 2008. Check back on www.planet-tonga.com for more details!!!


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  • south pacific musicians list

    Fijimahn by Fijimahn
    if you would like to add an artist or correct any information, please leave a comment and we will edit the list.


    Black Rose Fiji
    Boi Akih Maluku Traditional ,Jazz ,Contemporary
    Danny Costello Fiji
    Dianne Pole'o Tonga
    DJ Geronimo Refualu Maluku Breakbeat ,Jungle ,Garage etc.
    DJ Lady Bee Maluku Club ,Funk ,Contemporary
    DJ Manga Maluku Funk ,Disco ,HipHop
    Estate Maluku Latin,Jazz
    Fiji Fiji Hawaii Reggae, Hip-hop, R&B
    Foco Maluku Traditional ,Contemporary
    Hausboi Papua New Guinea Islander
    Karuna Gopalan Fiji
    Laisa Vulakoro Fiji Wainadoi, Fiji Vude (contemporary Fiji Dance Music) Jazz/Blues
    Memehusa Papua new Guinea Islander
    Memrox Maluku Jazz,Rock,Fusion
    Michelle Rounds Fiji Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Reggae, World Music
    Moar Maluku Traditional
    Naio Vanuatu Heavy Reggae
    Noqu Lewa Fiji
    O-Shen Papua New Guinea Hawaii Reggae
    Papa Yanni Solomon Islands Contemporary music
    Pati Potts Doi Papua New Guinea Islander
    Seru Serevi Fiji
    Silent Edge Maluku Rock ,Metal
    Soul Harmony Papua New Guinea RnB Gospel
    Stevie J Fiji New Zealand Pacific Reggae, World Music, Jazz, Contemporary
    The Freelancers Fiji
    Tifa Moriale Maluku Traditional
    Vanessa Quai Vanuatu Gospel/Inspirational
    Waktu Tuhan Maluku Gospel ,Traditional


    Jesse Bais Guam Island Music
    John R. Borja Guam Temecula, California USA Island Style
    Ruby Aquiningoc Santos Guam Gallery Island Style Music
    1st Issue Guam Island Reggae/Cultural
    3rd World Guam
    859z Chuuk Kentucky Reggae/Chuukese
    Aki Chuuk Hawaii Trance/Freestyle/Dance
    Alfonsa aka Dawn Palau Island Reggae
    Arnold Kaipat Guam Island Reggae
    bayside boys polowat texas rap,rock,reggae,n island
    Ben Lamlam Guam Chamoru
    Blackroses Chuuk Chuukese Reggae
    Blue Horizon Guam Island Reggae
    Brandon Babao Cruz Guåhan(Guam) Guåhan(Guam) Island/Chamoru
    Candy Man Guam Island Music
    Castro Boyz Guam Island Reggae/Cultural
    Chris Kaipat Sa'ipan, Northern Mariana Islands Island Reggae/Cultural
    Chuukiloz Chuuk Hilo
    Cultural Disorder Guam, Tonga, Samoa, Phillipeans Everything
    D-AL Palau Island Reggae
    Dan Pokaigue Guam Chamoru Music
    Date St. Boyz Various Micronesian Hawaii Reggae
    Dean Ray Kenata Guam English/Island Music
    Derri Chuuk
    DeSha Guam Island Music
    Fade128 Featuring Walter Manglona Saipan Island Reggae/Cultural
    Familian Pokaigue Guam Island Music
    Flora Baza Quan Guam Island Music
    FSM Styles Chon Fan,Chuuk Cleveland,Ohio Chuukese,Reggae
    Gary Suka Chuuk, FSM California reggae/christian
    Guma' Palu Li'e' Guahan(Guam) Traditional/Cultural
    island kokonutz chuuk reggae
    Island Trybe Saipan Hip-Hop/Chamorro
    Jemai Chuuk Island Reggae
    Jesse and Ruby Guam Worldwide Website Island Style Music
    John Palau Guam/Palau Island Music
    Johnny B Palau Oldies
    Kayo Bedasto Palau Island Reggae
    Kesol Palau Reggae
    Like Like Boyz Guam Island Music
    Mountain Boyz Chuuk 930 reggae, chuukese
    Mr.D chuuk saipan reggae
    Ozeky Chuuk Seattle Reggae/Chuukese
    Pa'a Taotao Tano Guam Traditional Chants & Dance
    Pat Martinez Chuuk chuukese reggae
    Rambo FeFan
    ReChuuk (R.I.P) Chuuk Island Reggae/Traditional
    Relinda Kansou Chuuk Reggae/Chuukese/Christian
    S.k. Chuuk Idaho Reggae/Chuukese/
    Sekenan Chuuk Island Reggae
    Soke Malua'fiti Guam/Samoa Island Music
    Sunset Boyz Chuuk reggae
    Ti Napu Sa'ipan Reggae/Island Music
    tmc boyz chuuk guam male
    Toni Ketagua Guam Island Musi
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  • New Zealand hip hop

    Fijimahn by Fijimahn
    Hip hop is originally an African American cultural movement, composed of four parts: rapping, DJing, graffiti art and breakdancing. The first element of hip hop to reach New Zealand was breakdancing, which gained notoriety after the release of the 1979 gangster movie The Warriors. The first hip hop hit single, "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang became a hit in New Zealand when it was released there, in 1980, a year after it was released in the United States. By the middle of the 1980s, breakdancing and graffiti art were established in urban areas like Wellington and Christchurch. By the Early 1990s Hip Hop became apart of mainstream New Zealand culture.

    Many of New Zealand's biggest hip hop stars are Māori or Pacific Islander. These include Dalvanius Prime, whose "Poi E" was the first New Zealand hip hop hit, Dean Hapeta, and Upper Hutt Posse, whose 1988 E Tu was the first album of pure hip hop. Primative Morbid a more underground yet powerful group with many hits . Some rappers, such as the members of Upper Hutt Posse, became known for politicized lyrics in support of tino rangatiratanga (Maori sovereignty). Despite the style's burgeoning popularity, many New Zealanders hated hip hop, and some radio stations implemented a so-called "no rap, no crap" policy. It was Upper Hutt Posse's DJ, DLT, that helped lay the groundwork for a local scene in Auckland, from which arose Joint Force, Che Fu and Dam Native. DLT also began the influential radio show True Skool Hip Hop Show, which joined Wellington's Wednesday Night Jam in promoting hip hop. Wellington's underground scene was vibrant in the late '80s, from whence arose the local supergroup Rough Opinion and a wave of performers like The Wanderers, Temple Jones and Hamofide. In the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, Maori and Polynesian hip hop musicians grew steadily more popular, resulting in a style called Urban Pasifika. Artists from this period included Savage, Korza, Che Fu, Nesian Mystik and Scribe, who became the first to top both the single and album charts at the same time in 2004, and also the most famous acts associated with the biggest record producer in the field, P-Money.

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  • Oceania & Music

    While the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean encompasses more than 25,000 islands (not to mention the island continent of Australia), the cultures and musics of the region are surprisingly coherent and maintain deep connections across vast distances.

    There are three main island groups in the Pacific: Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Melanesia includes some of the Pacific's larger islands, including New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu. Micronesia contains some of the smallest islands: Wake Island, Palau, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, etc. While the Polynesian islands range from Hawaii in the North to New Zealand in the South, and Easter Island in the far East, off the Western coast of South America. These groupings are more cultural than geographic and correspond to the different waves of migration that first populated the region. Because of the cultural similarities of these far-flung groupings, the indigenous music of the Pacific can be divided into three categories as well.

    Polynesian music is the most well known by far. It includes everything from the Hawaiian hula and steel-guitar traditions to joyful, polyphonic choral music of Tahiti. Though traditional instruments such as slit-gongs and nose-flutes can be found throughout the region, the voice has long been the most important instrument among Polynesian peoples. Whether singing Christian hymns imported by missionaries or traditional songs such as the lakalaka of Tonga that date back generations, their choral music is unsurpassed. Also important in Polynesian musical culture is dance, both to accompany "action songs" such as the hula and the 'aparima of Tahiti, or in the signature seated-dance styles such as Western Samoa's ma'ulu'ulu. Polynesia also offers the unique music of New Zealand's Maori people, whose legendary hakka dance can still send shivers down an onlooker's spine.

    Melanesian music is less famous than Polynesian music but it's no less diverse. It includes the myriad of tribal styles found in New Guinea, the Polynesian-influenced music of Fiji, and even the unique music of the Australian aborigines, who are culturally related to the Melanesian peoples. The instrumentation varies from the Australian didgeridoo to the musical bows and bullroarers of New Guinea. But the common characteristics that bind these diverse traditions together are the reliance on ritual, dream states and even spirit possession. While sung polyphonies and group vocal music plays an important role in Micronesian music—especially the singsings of Papua New Guinea—it rarely achieves the same heights as Polynesian choral music.

    Micronesian music is even more dependent on vocals, with a much more limited range of instruments. One of the main forms of musical expression is the stick dance, which varies across islands but generally tells the stories of the peoples: genealogies, histories and migrations. Polyphonic singing is also prominent in Micronesia, as are speech-singing and Christian hymns.

    Europeans brought more than just Christian music, to the region, though. And the biggest impact were the many stringed instruments—from guitars to ukuleles—that Westerners left in their wake. Throughout the entire region "stringbands"—groups of guitar, ukulele or steel-guitar players—still remain intensely popular, especially in Hawaii and New Guinea. Of course, the biggest European impact on the Pacific took place in Australia and New Zealand, two former British colonies with well-developed Western pop, folk and even country styles all their own

    -Tom Pryor-National Geographic.

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