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Sea Wars

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  • App created: December 2007
  • www.bebo.com/BEBO_5085435723
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Sink the enemy commander!
About This App
Play Sea Wars! Find and destroy your enemy’s ships in this live, two player game. The game features great sounds, animation and live chat as you wipe out your opponents fleet. Challenge a friend to an old classic with a new twist.

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  • John Murdoch by John Murdoch bebo usher
  • Sean K by Sean K hi
  • Soko Tikosaya by Soko Tikosaya MAJOR
  • HayleyOwnz by HayleyOwnz yes
  • San-Yah Nd Jun-Yah by San-Yah Nd Jun-Yah awsum....
  • by SHane thank you
  • Alex Davis by Alex Davis woop it class
  • Graham Glen by Graham Glen IT DOSENT WORK ITS NOT WORKED FOR AGES WHATS GOIN ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • X.Charlene.X by X.Charlene.X it doesnt even work
  • Lugnut by Lugnut add this game : ) its a browser game new round every week plus mini rounds everybody has a chance at winning cash prize for supporters ... http://mafiaceo.com/signup.php?step=1428
  • Gretal Matangi by Gretal Matangi LOVE
  • Alexander by Alexander ok
  • by James D kool
  • Mesut Tek by Mesut Tek for you
  • Its Eli Bay Bee by Its Eli Bay Bee cool
  • LisaMarie R by LisaMarie R Coolio
  • Derek Klengenberg by Derek Klengenberg hi
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  • Dalton N by Dalton N OK
  • Mr.Rea by Mr.Rea

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  • Stvenmac Donald
    Stvenmac Donald

    this is failure DIE

  • Amy'Bieber

    FIX IT """

  • Kiddarkness

    would u guys fix ths game already

  • Isaac Knights
    Isaac Knights

    WORKS 4 ME SHAME 2 BITCHZ THAT IT DOESNT WORK 4.------------------------------------------

  • U Wish Pal
    U Wish Pal

    its broken!!!!!

  • LoLa

    omg its not working D=

  • Bobby Cool
    Bobby Cool

    you have to try it again,with feeling! LOL

  • Brandon

    sea wars works 4 me

  • Etamtam

    what happeand teh sea war

  • Jay Loves Pat
    Jay Loves Pat

    why isn't sea wars working???

  • L.K

    theres a good thing and a bad thing the good thing is that its a good game. :) and the bad thing is that it dosent even work wich is crap!! :( so............ please try to get it working

  • Danielle

    please try and get the game working.. i luv tis game its really gud ..

  • Craig Maclachlan
    luv Craig Maclachlan

    plz get it working havevt played it for years

  • Lugnut

    add this game : ) its a browser game new round every week plus mini rounds everybody has a chance at winning cash prize for supporters .... http://mafiaceo.com/signup.php?step=1428

  • Lisa

    GIRLZ & GUYS YA NO WAT 2 DO lisajonez@live.com add us on msn i have cam lisajonez@live.com i love you xx xx xx

  • DD

    y is it not working :( sick of it

  • Mike King

    why isnt this game working ?

  • Poly-Swaag

    ae its not working any more get it fix oi

  • Darryl-john H

    get the bludy game shut down it aint work

  • Mark Mc Taggart
    Mark Mc Taggart

    y dose it not work no more: use 2 love it lol