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Emma Johnstone

So sad everyone is leaving Aberdeen :(

6/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I hate writing these things but I thought it was about time for an update.......

Currently in first year at Aberdeen Uni studying Biomedical Science. Having an awesome time although I do miss all my wonderful people back home!

Had a brilliant gap year last year. Spent ten weeks in Malaysian Borneo doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Saw some amazing places and met some awesome people!
The Other Half Of Me
Elspeth Renfrew

Elspeth Renfrew

I miss you! Love xxx

The Killers, One Republic, Snow Patrol, cant be bothered listing any more.......
Pretty much anything to be honest.........
Hockey, Volleyball, SCUBA diving, watching Rugby, watching ice-hockey
Scared Of
Flying!!!! and also lifts, i will never forget getting stuck in the tiny crappy lift at work!
Happiest When
Im happy most of the time!
CANADA - hockey tour 2005 was awesome!
BORNEO - most amazing 10 weeks of my life!

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  • What I Did In Borneo!!!!!

    Week One: Jungle Camp:

    Basically we spent the week getting used to the heat and learning how to survive in the jungle!

    Phase One: Adventure:

    One week trekking through the jungle
    One week living on a tropical island learning to SCUBA dive
    Four days trail clearing in the Crocker Range
    Two days climbing Mount Kinabalu and watching the sunrise from the top

    Phase Two: Environmental:

    Three weeks living deep in the jungle in a place called Imbak Canyon. We were building the foundations for a bridge that will allow easier access for scientists and therefore help with the conservation projects that are going on in the area.

    Phase Three: Community:

    Three weeks living in a remote little village called Miruru. We completed a gravity water feed system that will allow the village to have a constant supply of fresh water. The locals were amazing and really welcomed us into their community.

    So yeah, all in all a pretty amazing 10 weeks!

    2 Comments 324 weeks

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  • Holly The Fanzel
    luv Holly The Fanzel

    hello my lovley fanzel buddy *waves* nice to see you hehe Holly (showbizgirl)

  • Mary
    luv Mary

    i heart you. greys is back on. i wish i could watch it with you.

  • Blair William Strain
    Blair William Strain

    staying in the new flats in hillhead. so i'll be quite near the uni for studying. whoo hoo. prague sounds good. i've just got back from skopje watching the shittest game ever. cheap beer tough lol. aye sticking with law. not dine myself credit yet

  • Blair William Strain
    Blair William Strain

    not as well as i would have hoped lol. needless to say i've got to resit first year. so mental amount of work needing done. just a bit gutted right now. prob be up on the 20th for freshers i think and because that's when i've to move into my new flat whoo hoo

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams

    Johnstone! It seems that no I don't. But now that I've spoken to you u cant shout at me anymore! :P And where is my love, the share the love thing!! I've only received that once off you :o....appaling!! Yeah thats friendship!! tut tut Hence u aren't getting any love...MMwwahaha!!

  • Alexandra
    luv Alexandra

    haha yeh i swear thats not how i always drive... just occasionally.. when i loose my concentration lol !! yeh mines been good!! although im totally ready to head back to the deen now, i miss our nights out far 2 much!! somehow no matter what, club de mar really doesnt beat a good bit of priory or liquid lol hehe yeh fis long vodkas i miss them! i miss her also, havent heard from fi in what feels like years lol! btw btw wheres your flat for next year? i think i text fi about that a while ago but she didnt text back so i never found out lol ! so when are you planning on heading back up ?? xoxoxoxox

  • Graham Lennie
    Graham Lennie

    aye you should wander round to mine one afternoon/night or something :) we can sort something out :)

  • Alexandra
    luv Alexandra

    heya! lol fancy seein you 2day ??! hehe i duno if u noticed me or not but you walked past me trying to do a reverse round the corner in my driving lesson...was a pretty shit attempt but ah well lol hows things?? you enjoying your holidays so far?? excited about going back to uni?? need to get a few of our good old nights out on the go on freshers!! :D xoxoxoxoxox

  • Graham Lennie
    Graham Lennie

    im not too shabby drink sometime :) ! :P ?

  • Blair William Strain
    Blair William Strain

    i'm not to sure i may be but it all depends on my exams. have you moved into your flat yet or is that later?

  • Laura-Beth Scally
    Laura-Beth Scally

    I'm very jealous. Ross and I went on holiday to France last year with his dad and brother, we bought a jeep full of wine! We've found somewhere in Avoch that we really want. We had it valued on Friday so just waiting for the results so we can work out an offer! It's really pretty, right on the sea front! Where abouts in Aberdeen is your new flat? x

  • Hannah Gobanna
    luv Hannah Gobanna

    heyyy im good thanks! yeh she said shes coming of coarse u can come and think alexandra will come to will b fun hehe......hows was france? where bouts where u? xxxxxxxx

  • Graham Lennie
    Graham Lennie

    hey hows you where u at the now :) what u up2 the day?

  • Laura-Beth Scally
    Laura-Beth Scally

    Hi Emma! How are you? Having a good summer? Have you spent any time at home? I was hearing you were galavanting all over the place! Got any news? I guess my biggest news is Ross and I are looking for a place! Seen a few places but nothing suitable yet! Would be great to hear from you, LB x

  • Mary

    miss you!

  • Hannah Gobanna
    Hannah Gobanna

    heyy hows u? hows ur summer going? u been at club de club recently ? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Graham Lennie
    Graham Lennie

    heyhey what ya been up2 :)

  • Laura Williams
    luv Laura Williams

    :D It was hard to decide which one to use, there r so many good pics of the 3 of us! I love the one of u n a very drunken Fi! U can see the red glowstick we fought over aswell in some of the pics. Fun night! xxx

  • Laurie Miller
    luv Laurie Miller

    Yeah I guess it's a bit of a bummer when your looking for just a temp job over the summer, hardly anyone employs you. When I was at my Jobseeker interview my advisor said that maybe I shouldn't tell them I was going to uni until I got the job. I thought that was a bit harsh though as it's sort of landing them in it. I've quit TSC now, that was short and not sweet at all. Going to an open day at sport direct tomorrow, might be a chance there, as long as I have money to pay mum and Ian dig money then I don't really care. I can't really txt you coz I don't have your number anymore, but the pub quiz night thing does sound good, and it would be nice to see everyone again, so I'm up for that. xx

  • Laurie Miller
    luv Laurie Miller

    Not much. Finished college, passed all my exams and now I'm working for TSC in Kilmarnock, well for just now. Training to be a call centre advisor but I'm planning to quit, well in any time between now and the next week or so. I hate it. I had to go on the phones last week to deal with top ups and registrations, coz we have a contract with Vodafone and all these people kept shouting at me down the phone and I wasn't even meant to be talking to them. So yeah I need to quit, but I need the money coz I'm skint, so I keep going in every night and wondering if I'll go back the next night. Hopefully I'll have quit before I have to take anymore calls, which is Thursday, which is quite soon. So yeah that was a bit long, but I think I put down the gist of it. Kind of want the summer to be over so I can get to uni and then see whether I like it or not. Are you free then to catch up anytime soon?