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Hana Cadbury

new pics when i cba to load them up :L xO

5/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

R.I.P Steven Phillips
Me, Myself, and I
am going to start using this again (:

- 18,
- engaged to the best man in my world,
- studying psychology,
- loving life atm.

The Other Half Of Me
Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips

12/02/05.i love you.X

Daniel Phillips
never going to let you go. been nearly 3 years and i still love you as much as ever. engaged now, and i cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, grow older, have a family together. you mean absoloutely everything to me and we have our ups & downs but have overcome everything and i know you are the one for me ♥
the one girl I can always rely on (:

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  • this girl loves :)

    her boyfriend - (soooo much.), her no.1 girly katie, all her fiit as friends, vogue, her phoneee, contract, orgasms ;) , laughing at jokes that happened ages ago on your own, alcohol, dancing - i do street, pole, ballet n contemporary :D , singing with her hairbrush hahaa, kisses & tight hugs, suuuunshinee!, our holiday homes in turkey, california & london, my mummy and daddy (:, muuusic, good partiess/nights out, laazyy days, drunk singingg :L , messin arouund, fake tan, fake nails, makee-upp - chanel, ysl, benefit, mac, too faced :) , clooothes, goin shoopin, sunglasses, hangbags, shooess!, lush teeth, perfume, italy, new york, manicuress & pedicures =), laptopp, buyin somethin uv wanted for aaages!, old photos, memoriies,good films & books, hollyoaaks, art, painting, photography, smiiling :D , laughing so hard that your belly hurts & your cryin :L , naturally beautiful peoplee, herrr big doubleee bed =D, flowerrs, chocolatee, pestoo mm, stuffin urr face :P , sexx, fatt thunderstorms when your all warm insidee :) , helpin overrr peopless, flirtiin, lotsaa stuff :D X

    0 Comments 283 weeks

  • Friends x

    youu lot without the boxes bitss...i still lurvee youu :D thatss -
    *Danii *Mark *Sam *Amzz *Jadeyy Babyy *Aidan *Kiz *James *Shaynee (: *Emilyy *Alii Babaa :P *Tom *Suuuzeee *Brooke *Beff *Will* & the others...ilyy (:

    This Is A Blog Too All Of My Amaaazing Friends. I Love These Lot 2 Much 4 Words. Theres Alot Of Bitches Around & I Dunno WTF I'd Do Wivout These Lot, They Are Alwaays There 4 Mee And These Lot Im Bout 2 Tlk About Wil Alwaays Have A Truuuly Special Place In My Heaart x

    Daniel Phillips
    I loove this boy too much for words ! I've known him for 7 years, been seeing for for 6 months of them and been going out with him for 3 years of them. He means absoloutely everything to me and I mean that, he really is my woorld. If he's home I always see him at least once a day and if he's away I talk to him some way every single day - I simply can't live without him. :D *

    Katie Smith
    Best frieeends giiirl x This girl is amazing. :) I've known her since the day we I was born and have always loved her. We've always been best mates, and we have some amazing memories from when we were little girls and everything was simple and eaasy :) My life wouldn't be the same without her and I can always rely on her and tell her anything and know she'll support me 100% ! Too many good times with this girl, love her to bits, my daaance buddy - a saya whooo? :L imaa here ta get drunk ya fuuukers...han, whats with the irish accent hahaha !! dont spend as much time together as we used to cos we'r gettin older and goin our seperate ways :( but i still love u to bits darlin :D *

    Emz Brownne
    whaataa sexy fuckeer :L ive known her about 6 years, but shes recently moved up near mee and we'v become closer than everr, she completely gets me and we hav soo many stupid jokes & safee as times 2gevaa haha, such a lushh matee never run away cos il find youuuu! hehee lurve lurve lurvee youuu - butterfly kisses hahaa booom! x :D

    omgg coxxy. I can't even begin to explain. I loove this boy with all my heart. I've been friends with him since we was like 5 and he's always been my best boy mate. He's stuck up for me so many times, and got into shit over me too many times and whenever I try and apologise he just gives me that big grin of his and says thats what friends are for :D Without him I'd probably be some fucked up freak by now, and his smile and hugs are thee best. I will always love this lad I would do anything to support my baby cox :D *

    Alexandra Johnson
    well yehh we have alot of ups and downs...but shel always be a mate and il always b here to help you babe *

    Ella & Saskia
    well - whaa to say about these two !! known these two since the day i was born through our fam's and i luv 'em too bitts !! always there when I need them, spent most of our days as lil kids 2geva making up thee stupidest games havin arguments ova whoo got 2 b the teenager and mummy hehe :L i can always rely on these 2 for a crackin time and now my 2 babes are growing up engaged with a babyy on the way :O lyy *

    Jenn Babes
    whattaa crackin girl :L SUCCHHH a laughh..! Shes my fellow sket buddy :P yepp thats us inii babes..! shes made me laugh til im shakin silently, tears r comin out of my eyes & my belly hurts :L ...we hav theee most amaazin day trips 2 weston...on ghost trains :O hehe ilyyy ! *

    love youu joshyy squashyy :P known this boy since we was bout 6 - yehh i used to run round naked in his garden ...MY FIRST KISSS lmaoo :L aged 7 biiitch yehh true luv ;) lmaoo...i WILL b his best man...just wiv boobs an no cock :D we hav the gayest jokes lol bt i luv uuu ! *

    1 Comment 286 weeks

  • <b>R.I.P X

    Damian Yeh Babe Bless Rest In Peace You Gorgeous Baby Boy. Been About 3 Yrs Buh Yuu Stil Hav A Special Place In Everyones Heart That Knew You And Fink Bout Yu Least Once A Day. Yur Gorgeous Smile. :) My Lil' Soldier. I Love You Damian Babe Amazing Friend Forever. xx

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    Adam Williams

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    luv Alyssa Bonita

    Miss ya (: xx

  • Colette Cronin

    yo Check me out here on cam now live, ill give you a free show if you get on now! my names Jeniffer23 www.quick-camz.com xoxo

    7/5/08 via Mobile
  • Westy

    hiya i liek ur pics :D

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    just jumpn around on da bebo bus

  • Ellababie.X
    luv Ellababie.X

    woo home now haha miss em alredy :( u ok hun wubu2? wb lv ya loads x.x.x..x.x.x.x.x.

  • Alyssa Bonita
    luv Alyssa Bonita

    Hiya! Im back! :) :) You ok? free soon? wb i love you! xXx

  • Ellababie.X
    luv Ellababie.X

    hey babe wen u cumin up? wb luv ya x.x.x.x.x

  • luv Aj X

    dominic misses u. xxxxx

  • luv Aj X

    wtf, han u no that aint true..man like 2 months ago we were so fucking gd m8s jus laufin pisin bout...now iv sed sorry.........xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nics Xo
    luv Nics Xo

    :( xox

  • Nics Xo
    luv Nics Xo

    xD definitaly! miss ya lots xXx