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12/1/07 | me too! | Reply

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7 luv

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About Me

dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty Xx
Me, Myself, and I
This site is for all the chick-a-dees that go to morag alexander skool of dance Xx
the dancers at the skool are cleary the bestest X and we all know how to shake it, until we get it right Xx and when we do lets just say we are fucking sexy Xx

anyway leave comments and love
and check out the pictures fromt he shows Xx

love all the dancers Xx who work their asses off to perfection Xx
Aidie Xx

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  • Mermories Xx

    hey all you bloggers
    if you have an amazin mermorie of the dancing or just with the people from it write it in so we can all read and share the bantful time with you Xx

    2 Comments 295 weeks

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  • Claire
    luv Claire

    morag alexander school of dance is the best and it always will be i luv it

  • luv Lindsaay.

    Morag Alexander Academy of Dance-Clearly the best dance school of them all!

  • Flora Grecian.
    Flora Grecian.

    Love morag Alexander I wish I didn't have to leave xxxxx

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Flora Grecian.
    Flora Grecian.

    Love moray Alexan

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Louise

    Could someone delete this please and make one thats not so tacky... please? Its the first thing that comes up if you google the Morag Alexander SCHOOL of dance. Which is a disgrace as katy so succinctly put it. frankly. Love that school its very high quality training given it's not exclusive to those going into the profession. Not that you would know it from this site. Chickadees xxx

  • Claireey

    Nice show btw :D Seen it tonight ! well done to carrie lol (i'm just one of the former hockey players of east lothian) you all put on a good show :D x

  • PutaDonkonit.
    luv PutaDonkonit.

    Heey x Just giving love ;) Morag Alexander 4 evaaa :D x

  • luv Lindsaay.

    OMG! im glad i came across this! MoragAlexanderForever!!! omg u shude upload more pics n videos, go on to moragalexander.co.uk or .com i cany remember!! theres videos on there! heres luv! xx

  • luv Katie Ellie X

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE DELTE THIS SITE. its A DISGRACE. altho here some luv as it has had only 1 love:( x x x x

  • KiKi

    Hey I was wondering if you know...... What is the youngest age morag aleaxander starts lessons for? thanks kierian x

  • PutaDonkonit.
    luv PutaDonkonit.

    omg !!! i cant wait till dancin stars again lolz show waz da bombxxxx

  • AimePaterson Ox
    AimePaterson Ox

    :O ii miss ballet so much:( wanna come back but scared:L :L .xO., <3

  • Alex Fairhead

    Hey girls hope the dancing is all going great. just a wee word to remind you all that it ain't just girls who go/went to Morag Alexanders lol

  • Xx Yaz Xx
    Xx Yaz Xx

    hey everyone!! hope ur all still working hard at dancing!! good luck in whatever u all do! love yaz xxx

  • Craig Bellshaw
    Craig Bellshaw

    oh aye whats all this? howz life treating u all?

  • Lauren Lyall.
    Lauren Lyall.

    miss everyone lots and lots :P xx

  • Mel

    God we are sooo HOT in the pictures :D MORAG ALEXANDER SKOOL OG DANCING CREW!!! smell xx


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