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wincobank man gimi dat bp bap bap

12/27/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • UnderEstimated

    i fink reons bang on lol -1-

  • Oii My Siize.
    Oii My Siize.

    LISENNNN ALL OV YA... end oo daii yh am frm fukin"S9" bt reliii wtf is the poiint in all this 2 week agu there wo sposed to b this big fight wt every1 wo tlkin bwt n did it appen ermmm no.....1 person ii heard gt hit...n sorri rite iv chilled wiv wincobnk n loadz ov em r safe n ii chill wiv brinny more or less all tym, both need to act ya fukin age..i meen ppl wt fukin strted it all off dint evn turn up...y the fuk int it sorted owt alrediii, ur all js gna carry it on n on n on....like fukin idiotzzz....n btw brinny rnt batty boiiz..coz ladz ther r biggest slagz ii no(NO AFFENCE:L ) so yh grow up the lot of ya Shaniice....x:D

  • M Diddly Dizzle Izzle Squizzle
    M Diddly Dizzle Izzle Squizzle

    shut up u waaste man. cum den. cum t brinsworth rec. den we'll see hus big n ye. ur a boy. u aint no man. so u cum off it waste man

  • Mr.Rude

    Big up S9 N S5 ALL THE TIME

  • M Diddly Dizzle Izzle Squizzle
    M Diddly Dizzle Izzle Squizzle

    hus dis fresh like wrigleys? ow old r u? ar u a girl or wot? ur all full on batty boys. gi or wi ya fuckin batty cru wtc? wincobank twokin cru? wot u twok? muney off ur mum n dad? well alf ov u ant got a mum or dad ne road cos they thru u out cos ur too scruffy

  • Matty.Dot.Feed

    init winckobank fetch sens to brinny rec ye f8 bc der n if u all bad ju smek sure it ya winkobank nt all uva sheff if u so bad ye


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