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You can find me on www.Otaku-Streamers.com. My user name is triniman15

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About Me

Boss of the Underworld Mafia
Me, Myself, and I

Name: 白蘭, Byakuran

Age: 20

Famiglia: Millefiore Famiglia

Box Animal: White Dragon
Black Dragon

Flame: Sky

Title: Millefiore Boss

Bloodtype: AB

Wears his Sky Ring on his right ring finger.

Sakura ((サクラ))

My Affiliation
Six Funeral Wreaths
My Wife
Sakura, you my breath and blood. I remember the first time i laid my eyes on you, you took my breath away. I love you, everyday and every single night. Yes girl this is love we feeling together.

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  • Type of Jutsus (Don't Copy it )

    Kokuangyo no jutsu (Bringer-of-darkness technique)-Genjutsu:
    Name: Kokuangyo no Jutsu, literally "Bringer of Darkness Technique"
    Type: A-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
    Users: Shodai Hokage
    This jutsu creates an area of complete darkness around the victim, enabling the user to attack without being seen.

    Magen: Kyoten chiten (Demonic illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth change)
    Name: Magen: Kyoten Chiten, literally "Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change"
    Type: Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    Users: Uchiha Itachi
    Utilising the copy and counter abilities of the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan member can reverse the Genjutsu cast on them and use it against the original user.

    Bunshin Daibakuha (Clone Great Explosion)
    Name: Bunshin Daibakuha, literally "Clone Great Explosion"
    Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    Users: Uchiha Itachi
    This jutsu works in combination with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Replication Technique), and basically creates a Shadow Replication that will also explode on command, potentially killing or injuring those caught in the blast.

    Chidori (One Thousand Birds)
    Name: Chidori, literally "One Thousand Birds" (see also "Raikiri")
    Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    Users: Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi
    A very powerful technique that requires a huge amount of chakra, which becomes visible around the user's hand. Once the hand has been charged, it is then thrust straight through the target. Due to the direct and obvious path the user of the technique must take to achieve an effective strike, a user of Chidori is left highly vulnerable to counterattacks and dodges. The technique can only be safely attempted by a ninja with the Sharingan or a similar countermeasure to defenses and attacks. Chidori is said to be one of the few original techniques of Hatake Kakashi, who is also one of only two known users, the other being Uchiha Sasuke. Uchiha Itachi is theoretically also capable of performing the Chidori, as he was watching Uchiha Sasuke with his Sharingan activated when Sasuke failed to kill him with the technique.

    Shoten no Jutsu (Shapeshifting Technique)
    Name: Shouten no Jutsu, literally "Shapeshifting Technique"
    Type: Unknown, probably: S-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
    Users: Akatsuki Leader
    This technique creates a duplicate of a person using a sacrifice. This duplicate's abilities are proportionate to, and limited by, the amount of chakra given to it by the duplicated person. This jutsu can't be seen through by the Sharingan or Byakugan. It seems to be unable to duplicate Kekkei genkai.
    Note: This resembles the ability of the Agents from The Matrix

    Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
    Name: Shunshin no Jutsu, literally "Body Flicker Technique"
    Type: D-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Gaara, Hatake Kakashi, Haku, Itachi Uchiha
    This jutsu allows the users to appear and disappear in an instant. This is very useful when trying to escape or attack suddenly. The users often uses nearby elements, like mist, sand or leaves, to mask their disappearance or appearance.
    Uchiha Shisui, one of the most talented Uchiha, was feared as Shunshin no Shisui (Shisui of the Body Flicker). This is probably a reference to this jutsu.

    Gofu Kekkai (Five Seal Barrier)
    Name: Gofu Kekkai, literally "Five Seal Barrier"
    Type: Unknown
    Users: Akatsuki

    Fuin Jutsu: Genryu Kyu Fujin (Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals)
    Name: Fuin Jutsu: Genryu Kyu Fujin, literally "Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals"
    Type: Unknown, probably: No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    Users: Akatsuki Leader
    A jutsu performed by the Akatsuki leader, requiring several Akatsuki members and three days to complete. It is used to forcibly drain the spirit and chakra of the Biju from their hosts, for some unknown purpose (presumably to harness the power

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