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Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks takes a break for the summer...Beveridge Park Festival soon...Be prepared for some great young bands from the K'DY area

5/30/10 | me too! | Reply

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Kicking the Music in Fife!
Me, Myself, and I
The Who: We provide nothing but the spiffiest music events to you, the people. Somewhere for you to hang out and listen to your favorite local bands, live on stage!

The Where: If you haven't guessed yet, we are situated at: Kirkcaldy YMCA, Hendry Cresent, Valley Gardens, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

The When: These events will be taking place every fortnight on a Saturday night and will be host of some of fifes freshest new talent or most in-hype bands accompanied by big acts from the big cities of central Scotland and further! Other Saturdays with be host to various nights including; open mic nights, themed nights, dj nights, guitar hero/singstar nights. So if you're looking to catch a cool band before they become the next stars on Radio 1, share a laugh with your mates, even sing

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  • New Classes

    A welcome back to "normal life" with the 1st teenage kicks gig after its summer break!
    Its going to be stupendous!
    Keep tabbed on the line up...set to be a biggie!

    0 Comments 256 weeks

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  • Summer with the YMCA

    K'DY Ymusic Projects by K'DY Ymusic Projects
    Hey all,

    Just to let you know that teenage Kicks will be taking a break this summer... However Beveridge Park Festival is very soon so be prepared for some great young bands from the K'DY area.

    If your band is interested and plays/rehearses at the YMCA's music projects, please speak to shuggy.


    KDY YM
    0 Replies 164 weeks
  • Atrium, James Morgan Experience and Support

    K'DY Ymusic Projects by K'DY Ymusic Projects
    Get down to the Kirkcaldy YMCA this Saturday, to see the local favourites return - Atrium and James Morgan Experience.

    Tickets £2 on the night/£1 pre sale available from band or at the YMCA.


    This will be taking place at The Kirkcaldy YMCA, Henry Cresent, Kirkcaldy.
    0 Replies 167 weeks
  • Saturday 24th of April

    K'DY Ymusic Projects by K'DY Ymusic Projects
    " Be prepared to dance your plimmys off!"

    Stance 14

    This will be taking place at The Kirkcaldy YMCA, Henry Cresent, Kirkcaldy.

    £2 tickets.
    0 Replies 172 weeks

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  • Recovery Monday's
    luv Recovery Monday's

    Awryte guys! Here great gig on the 22nd eh?! cheers for the oppertunity! Brillaint! PLEASE let us know if oyu have any other gigs coming up, im sure we could HAPPILY play them! lol Cheers again, Recovery Mondays xx

  • Seeking Alpha ! !
    Seeking Alpha ! !

    yo! could u let us know for any future gigs coming up we are wanting to get out there asap let us know for futre events email to div-c@live.co.uk cheers

  • Don't Know
    luv Don't Know

    are we defently playing because we have 50 people coming to watch us who are on the guest list , so get in contact with us soon . questions : what time we on about ? what time do we have to be there? how long is our set ? thanks for asking us to play again YMCA IS THE BEST !!!!!

  • Daniel Dollin.

    will be bangn ! In reply to: "Come down to the YM this weekend to seethe Relevants tear it up! Be prepared to dance! Tickets £1 advanced, £2 door!" by Teenage Kicks

  • Don't Know
    luv Don't Know

    if you'll still have us for saturday we can make arrangements to get to the ym for the gig. we've got around 25 people who want to come and see us. if not it's cool:)

  • Don't Know
    luv Don't Know

    orite guys , we are up for playing on saturday be banter, and we will give you the guest list as soon as we get folk thanks for asking up to play see you on saturday :) :D

  • Stance 14
    Stance 14

    any slots in the 22nd gig? or any more gigs coming up soonish?x

  • Don't Know
    Don't Know

    oops sorry guys, half our band is at a party. if yous need a band i'd reccomend the colour red :)

  • Ewan.

    whose headlining??

  • The Colour Red
    The Colour Red

    if theres any gigs coming, give us a shout! x

  • Daniel Dollin.

    how many bands are playing this weekend? x

  • Pandy

    oright got a new band dk wtf its called we want to do alot of gig s so ? jsut talk to david stevens he the leader :L :L

  • Don't Know
    luv Don't Know

    any slots available for the 22nd? cheers:)

  • luv Daniel Dollin.

    hello hows it going? btw.. howcome The Relevants arnt headlining the gig on the 22nd? there bigger than Yoshi by the looks of things..

  • Recovery Monday's
    luv Recovery Monday's

    Awryte laads? Just wondering if you have any gigs coming up soon that we could play? It would honestly mean alot.. Cheers, Recovery Monday's

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy

    Sorry completely ignore that comment, untrustworthy people these days eh :(

  • Stance 14
    luv Stance 14

    Right lads is it ok if we still play this gig on the 24th? because we have found a bassist to replace Bruce. We will be very grateful if we can still play it xxx Sean Murphy

  • Ben Steele
    luv Ben Steele

    i thought you knew we couldnt play iit man, appologies xxx

  • Don't Know
    Don't Know

    hey guys, if any slots become available for any future gigs, we'd be happy to play. cheers! ps - gutted about missing rioteers, sorry :(

  • Stance 14
    luv Stance 14

    It was no problem, it is a pleasure to play at a Teenage Kicks event :) x