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  • App created: November 2007
  • www.bebo.com/vampires2
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Like Zombies. Only hotter. Much hotter.
About This App
Kind of like Zombies. Except that the Vampires are hot. VERY hot.
So bite your friends, drink their blood and become a Vampire God!

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  • Ðemøn Angel
    Ðemøn Angel

    This app as not worked in over 2 years... I don't think it's coming back EVER!

    Feb 19
  • Heavenly Sp Friend
    Heavenly Sp Friend

    Oops, looks like something didn't go exactly as planned. We're still working with the app developers

  • Pete Watson
    Pete Watson

    add me plz

  • Wade Wells

    add me please

  • K A U D Z
    luv K A U D Z

    jah jah

  • 10/26/11
  • Chiinaa D
    luv Chiinaa D

    iiiRealllyyyyy Wannnnnaaaaa Playy!

  • Chiinaa D
    Chiinaa D

    iiWannaaaaaa Playy!

  • Robert Gilchrist
    luv Robert Gilchrist

    woop love this app

  • Ember Blacc
    Ember Blacc

    i love this game! and now i'm getting paid to sit at home and play games like these. http://www.reallysimplehomebusiness....

  • Ðemøn Angel
    Ðemøn Angel

    :L I don't think anything is going to happen Shane... It's been fucked up for a while now and we are down to 2 developers and who knows how long it's been since they where even on bebo... :/ Vampires is a dying breed... Best we can hope for is someone making a new vamp app...

  • 11/15/10
  • Shane Benjamin
    Shane Benjamin

    This application has turned to shit!!

  • Shane Benjamin
    Shane Benjamin

    For fuck sake! Fix your application you low life Dogs! I cant fight or feed or do anything?

  • Ðemøn Angel
    Ðemøn Angel

    Ugh... I think it's about time to give up.. Nothing is happening no one out there is listening and it's fucked up AGAIN! What happened to new quests coming soon... How about some new levels... This use to be like the best Vampire app on bebo!

  • Shane Benjamin
    Shane Benjamin


  • Shane Benjamin
    Shane Benjamin

    ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz WAKE UP!!!!!

  • Ðemøn Angel
    Ðemøn Angel

    So sick of errors... are there any apps that actually work any more?

  • Shane Benjamin
    Shane Benjamin

    Fix the Damn thing would you!!!!!

  • Ðemøn Angel
    Ðemøn Angel

    Is this any use when 3/5 the developers have left bebo... Is anyone out there listening... :(