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  • Male, 23, Luv 15
  • from Southampton
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: Feb 27
  • www.bebo.com/S7ALA
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:D <$7ALA_Y2k+8> :D
Me, Myself, and I
▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
Min- - - - - - - - - - -●Max
100% ρυяє DRUM 'N' BASS

Sex, drugs, rock n roll spend ur life on da dole (not my words. lol).yes peeps im Matty but m8s call me stala.I luvs drinkin nd smokin nd gettin on it. Im currently at college studyin marine engineer. luvs my gals and cars.so dats a bit bout me. So if u want jus drop a comment or email me stala2008@live.co.uk in a bizzle!

░░▒▓█.....MUSIC IS MY DRUG....█▓▒░░
░░▒▓█ THE DJ IS MY DEALER!! █▓▒░░

hip-hop, garage (old skool), reggae, jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll and anything else wiv a gd beat.lol
Films and programmes
Scarface, how high, friday, godfather, FAMILY GUY (best cartoon ever), american dad, simpsons, futurama, ideal, and anything thats gd action and gt gd comedy and hate to admit it but EASTENDERS (guilty pleasure)
Motor sport, boxing, fishing (nothing physical lol)
Scared Of
Hights and the sea ( oh shit son! what am i doing in a marine industry lol)
Happiest When
Gettin on it on fridays and saturdays and also RAVING oooooooooh ya!
Drinkin nd smokin
all the time with my mates and occationally on my own. lol and i love it
big drum and bass fan
To all DRUM 'N' BASS fans big up and show maximum respect by tuning in, or loggin on to these drum and bass sites for some sick tunes mixed by some heavy soton DJ's and MC's
www.g-rat.co.uk ..................
:P safe to all fans :P ................(Drum and bass fans leave a comment and il get back to you)............

P.S go on my profile on WWW.DONTSTAYIN.COM and search stala to see the events and photos ive been to and leave some comments. :)

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/people/Matty..." title="Matty Stala's Facebook profile" target=_TOP><img src="http://badge.facebook.com/badge/1360..." border=0 alt="Matty Stala's Facebook profile"></a>

peace out :)

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D&BTV: WEEK 28: DJ Steppa & MC Tonn Piper (part 2)

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What Type of Bud Are You?

My result is: White Widow

You are White Widow, one of the most popular strains served in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This strain gets its name because of the high amount of trichomes it produces (the buds are covered in them, making them white). White Widow has won more Cannabis Cups than any other strains, earning White Widow its reputation as one of the most potent stains of marijuana. It smells like chemical berries, and her resin sticks to your fingers like cheese pulling away from a hot pizza. These traits are common phenotypes of the legendary White Widow.

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  • up urs mother fuker


    0 Comments 267 weeks

  • ganja leaf (nice)

    _________________33_______________ ___
    ________________3333______________ ___
    _3_____________333333_____________ 3__
    __33__________33333333__________33 ___
    ___3333______3333333333______3333_ ___
    ____33333___333333333333___33333__ ___
    ____3333333__3333333333__3333333__ ___
    3____3333333__33333333__3333333___ _3_
    33_____3333333_333333_3333333_____ 33_
    _3333_____33333_3333_33333_____333 3__
    __3333333__stala's best friend__33333333 ___
    ___333333333__33_33_33__333333333_ ___
    ______33333333__3333__33333333____ ___
    _________333333333333333333_______ ___
    ____________3333_33_33333_________ ___
    __________33333__33__333333_______ ___
    ________333_____33_______333______ ___
    _______3________33__________3_____ ___
    _________________33_______________ ___

    0 Comments 278 weeks

  • hubbly bubbly (also nice)

    __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO_________ __________OOOOOOO______}__ __________OOOOOOO_____{{__ __________OOOOOOO_____(..)__ __________OOOOOOO_____%___ __________OOOOOOO____%_____ __________OOOOOOO___%______ ________OOOOOOOOOO%_______ _______OOOOOOOOOOOO_______ ______OOOOOOOOOOOOOO______ _____OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO______ _____OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO______ ______OOOOOOOOOOOOOO_______ _______OOOOOOOOOOOO________ ________OOOOOOOOOO_________

    0 Comments 278 weeks

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