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Led Zeppelin

Happy Birthday Jimmy and John Paul! Jimmy (January 9) is 65 and John Paul (January 3) is 63.

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Atlantic (1968 - 1974), Swan Song (1974 - 1979) Major Label
London UK
The Yardbirds, 13th Floor Elevators, The Who, Small Faces, The Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch,The Rolling Stones, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf
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About Me

Possibly the heaviest, yet most diverse Rock band of all time.
Me, Myself, and I
Jimmy Page. Robert Plant. John Paul Jones. John Bonham. These are the names of four of the greatest musicians of the 20th Century. They've all come together to form one epic supergroup. Together, they go by the collective name, Led Zeppelin.

Their fusion of heavy, driving Rock, raunchy Blues, and enchanting Folk music, as well as touching upon a thousand other forms of music, and experimenting sometimes beyond music makes Led Zeppelin a truly diverse and versatile group.

Led Zeppelin are sometimes coined as the greatest live band of all time. All fans can easily confirm this. Listen/watch any of their available live performances - e.g. Led Zeppelin DVD, How the West Was Won, BBC Sessions or TSRTS live movie to experience the epic live euphoria that is Led Zeppelin.

And so I invite ye, worshippers of Led Zeppelin, to join us on this Bebo page and show your admiration of a truly great band.

Visit our Jimmy Page Bebo site: http://www.bebo.com/page-jimmy

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"Dazed and Confused" (Live) Part1

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  • Song of the Week #34, #35, #36 & #37

    Here is the last four weeks' worth of weekly songs. I have been busy with IRL stuff, therefore neglect of this page (and other things!) has been the inevitable result. Incase you're wondering, yes, my main 2 sources for this are Wikipedia and Songfacts.com. I copy/paste the most interesting things and categorise them into the three categories. I sometimes add some of my own notes that I think are necessary ;)

    Song: Celebration Day
    Album: Led Zepelin III
    Year: 1970
    About the song:


    - The lyrics of Robert Plant refer to his impressions of the city of New York. On Led Zeppelin's 1971 concert tour of the United States, Robert Plant would sometimes introduce it as "The New York Song".

    - Some of the lyrics are speculated to refer to the same woman who was lamented about in "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)"


    - "Celebration Day" is made up of jangling Jimmy Page guitar riffs and a hypnotic, trance-like mood.

    - In an interview he gave to Guitar World magazine in 1993, Page discussed the construction of the song:

    “ There's about three or four riffs going down on that one, isn't there? Half was done with a guitar in standard tuning and the other half was done on slide guitar tuned to an open A, I think. We put that together at Headley Grange. Because we rented the Rolling Stones' mobile recording studio, we could relax and take our time and develop the songs in rehearsals... I do not remember too much about that song other than that and what I told you earlier about the opening being erased. I used to play the whole thing live on my electric 12-string."


    - The track was almost left off the album, due to a studio oversight - an engineer accidentally erased the first few bars of John Bonham's drum track. To disguise it the Moog synthesizer from the end of the previous song on the album, "Friends", was used to composite over the edit. This enabled the track to be salvaged and included on the album.

    - A live version from the band's 1973 U.S. tour was recorded and included on their concert soundtrack The Song Remains the Same.


    Song: Fool in the Rain
    Album: In Through the Out Door
    Year: 1979
    About the song:


    - This song is about a guy who is supposed to meet a woman on a certain corner. When the woman doesn't show up, he thinks he's been stood up. It turns out he was just standing on the WRONG corner, and is now a "Fool in the rain."


    - The song exhibits a Latin feel. Drummer John Bonham plays a half-time shuffle beat similar to the "Purdie shuffle" rhythm attributed to session drummer Bernard Purdie, along with a samba-style breakdown. A master drum track shows that the samba breakdown (2:25) was recorded separately.

    - John Paul Jones and Robert Plant got the idea for the Samba beat from watching the 1978 FIFA World Cup football (soccer) tournament in 1978. Argentina was the host country, and he heard a lot of Samba rhythms while watching.

    - Jimmy Page used regular distortion on this song, as well as an obscure effect called a called a blue box, which is a fuzz/octave pedal. This fuzzes (or distorts) the guitar, then drops it down two whole octaves. James Taylor's bassist has used this effect.


    - This song was never performed live at Led Zeppelin concerts, as the song was heavily studio-based. The piano was quite necessary in the song, but with John Paul Jones on piano, there could be no bass. There is also a twelve-string guitar line at one point in the song and the guitar solo that has to be pulled off.


    Song: Poor Tom
    Album: CODA
    Year: 1982
    About the song:


    - Although the lyrics can be difficult to decipher, the song appears to be about a labourer named Tom who murders his unfaithful wife.

    - Tom may also be psychic, as the lines "Poor Tom, seventh son/Always knew what was goin' on" can be interpreted as a reference to the folk belief that seventh sons of

    0 Comments 231 weeks

  • Song of the Week #33

    Song: Sick Again
    Album: Physical Graffiti
    Year: 1975
    Description: N/A
    About the song:


    - This song was written by Robert Plant about teenage groupies, or as he called them, the "L.A. Queens", with whom the band were acquainted on their 1973 US Tour.

    - He took pity upon these girls who would flock to the hotel rooms of the band to offer them favors. In an interview he gave in 1975, he provided an explanation of the lyrics:

    “ If you listen to "Sick Again," a track from Physical Graffiti, the words show
    I feel a bit sorry for [the girls]. "Clutchin pages from your teenage dream in the lobby of the Hotel Paradise/Through the circus of the L.A. Queen how fast you learn the downhill slide." One minute she's 12 and the next minute she's 13 and over the top. Such a shame. They haven't got the style that they had in the old days... way back in '68.


    - The song's musical structure alternates between a bluesy E minor motif in the verse section as the vocals are called, followed by a thunderous E minor pentatonic chord sequence in response. A riff in A major is introduced in the chorus, resolved by a bluesy B7 "goodbye chord" arpeggio as an interlude to the verse and bridge.

    - Of particular note is the relentless pounding of drummer John Bonham's bass drum and triplet fills during the open chords of the song's interludes, almost as if to punctuate that this is the heavy section.

    - The very last sound of the very last song on Physical Graffiti is that of Jimmy Page's backward echo-processed slide guitar, followed by a pick scrape to close out the song, although shortly afterwards a cough from drummer John Bonham can be heard very faintly.

    - Robert Plant seems to sneer his way through the lyrics of this song.


    - At the end of this number, a suitably sickly cough arises from John Bonham, whose health was not always in best shape after "A night on the tiles."

    - Led Zeppelin performed this live on their 1975 and 1977 tour dates, and for fun, dressed up in drag one night to perform it.

    - This is the closest Zeppelin got to Glam Rock.

    0 Comments 236 weeks

  • Song of the Week #32

    Song: For Your Life
    Album: Presence
    Year: 1976
    Description: N/A
    About the song:


    - The lyrics, written by Robert Plant, express his discontent with the rock lifestyle. Plant has also indicated that one part of the song also had to do with a friend of his who got sucked into the Los Angeles drug scene, to whom he wags a finger and says "watch it."


    - Page used his 1962 Fender Stratocaster for the first time on this.

    - In an interview he gave to rock journalist Cameron Crowe, Page commented on the spontaneous nature of the song's construction, saying that it "was made up in the studio, right on the spot".

    - Presence saw a notable change in Robert Plant's voice. In the time that he had spent recovering from a car accident in Greece, his voice had gone from high and sensual to what seemed like rather strained.


    - Plant was convalescing from a car accident during recording. He sang this from a wheelchair.

    - Led Zeppelin never played this live until the Led Zeppelin Tribute To Ahmet Ertegun benefit concert.

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    To everyone who does the quiz!!!!! On the question 'What do Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page have in common' the answer is - They both had the same band member, Eric Clapton!!!!! I know this is a mistake Eric Clapton was never a band member of Hendrix he was just a very good friend.. And another mistake, Zeppelin broke up in 1980, I only put 1979 becuz at the time I thought they disbanded in 1979 cuz thats when their last album was released..