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Ouran HighSchool Host Club

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Me, Myself, and I
Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at Ouran High School located in Bunkyō, Tokyo. Because the cost of uniforms are so high Haruhi sticks to wearing long slacks, polo shirts and a vest. Combined with her large glasses and tousled short hair the host club and anyone else can accidently mistake her for a boy. So when she was looking for a quiet place to study. the host club was what she found instead by accidently stumbling into them in the third music room where the host club took place. The host club involves 6 attractive men Tamaki, Mori, Hunni, Kyouya, Hikaru, and Kaoru. They all spend their time charming young women. During their first meeting, Haruhi accidentally knocks over a vase valued at ¥8,000,000, estimated to be $80,000.
In order to pay off the large debt, Haruhi is employed as the club's "dog" and constantly ordered to do menial tasks like serving food or cleaning up. The Club president, without knowing she is really a girl, promotes Haruhi to "host"

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  • Ouran Episode one: From now on, you're a host!. thanks to Memento Which was where i got this from :D

    The episode opens with a guy called Fujioka Haruhi looking dejected after he realises that the library is full of students talking to one another instead of studying. Because of this he decides to look for another room where he can study peacefully. Unfortunately for Haru, he ends up entering a room that is occupied by school boys that belong to a group called 'Host Club'. To make things worse, it seems the club members actually know Haruhi's name due to his status as a scholarship student. These guys also think that Haru is into men and proceeds to ask him about the kind of man that he likes. Haru denies everything and tells the club leader, Suoh Tamaki that he's simply looking for a room to study quietly. In an attempt to stop Tamaki from molesting him, Haruhi reflexively moves backward and pushes a vase from a table.

    The host members claim that the vase cost 8 million yen (around 80,000 dollar) and since Haru can't pay for it, they tell him that he'll have to pay with his body by becoming the host club's 'dog'. The term 'dog' simply means that he gets to do everyone's errand while the other club members entertain the girls who visit their club. On one occassion, Haru is ordered to buy a coffee but because of his poor background, he ends up buying an instant coffee, Hescafe. Everyone is immediately intrigued by it because as rich kids, they never get to taste instant coffee. Haru becomes annoyed by this and tells them that he'll buy something more expensive for them if they don't want it. Much to his surprise, however, Tamaki tells everyone that he's going to try it instead. So Haru is forced to show Tamaki how to make an instant coffee. In another corner, the twin brothers, Kaoru and Hikaru, milk out all of their twincest vibe for their fangirls.

    While that happens, another club members, the Shota-looking Haninozuka Mitsukuni uses his loli charm to make the girls squeal over him. This makes Haru wonder if Hani really is a 3rd year student. Upon hearing this, another member of the club, Ohtori Kyoya, tells Haru that the truth is, Hani is the most intelligent member of the club. Hani then approaches Haru asking him if he wants to play with his stuffed rabbit, Usa-chan. Upon seeing the rabbit, Haru can't help but saying outloud that the stuffed animal is cute. Hani suddenly realises that There's something about Haru. After Hani left, Kyoya explains to Haru that every member has something that makes them special. Except for Haru, which is why he has to handle basic chores for a while. Kyoya also warns Haru not to run away because he'll send private police to go after him. If he does want to try, Kyoya tells Haru that he better owns a passport.

    In contrast to these superficial guys, Haru has a rather interesting point of view about life. He thinks that sex or appearance does not matter. What is important for human is what is on the inside. Tamaki thinks that Haru is just jealous that God bestows perfection only to some and not to others. Haru becomes irritated upon hearing this and tells Tamaki that he's obnoxious, causing the other guy to become depressed. Tamaki, however, becomes cheerful again when he realises that Haru is actually a bishonen whose potential is yet to be discovered. Because of this, he orders the twins to get Haruhi to a change room, Kyoya to get a hair designer, Mori to get Haru some contact lens, and Hani to go eat his cake. LOL. After Kyoya gets a new uniform for Haru, the twins insist on helping him change his clothes but Haru proceeds to kick the two out of the change room. Once this happens, the twins realise that There is something about Haru.

    The new look Haru turns out to be a hit for the club members so Tamaki tells Haru that if he can get 100 customers, his debt will be forgotten. Much to everyone's surprise, Haru proves to be a hit with the girls due to his sincerity. At one point he reveals that because his mother has passed away, he tends to do household chores like cooking all by h

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Ouran Host Club Episode 1 Part 3 of 3

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