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Forgotten Beauty Soniko

Im back!! hehe . . . im changed person. . might characters again but i dont know who xD (ignore last status

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Beautiful and seductive
Name: Soniko
Gender: Female
very shy at times, and quiet. though she cares with all her heart of every living creature. she sees beauty in everything.
she lives in peace and harmony of the forest.
~Scared Of~
Whats there to be scared of?
~Happiest When~
In the forest.

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  • Akeginu

    Me, Myself, and I(朱絹)Beautiful and seductive, Akeginu has a tantalizing power that will lure any man to their death. But men aren't her only target. When the scroll is put into the hands of the Iga clan, by Gennosuke himself, Akeginu has no reservation in deceiving Oboro, her own princess.
    She is also a fierce fighter, who can release clouds of her own blood to blind or mark opponents. She closely looks after Oboro during their journey, and develops feelings for her fellow ninja, Koushiro

    ApperanceA highly attractive woman, Akeginu is representative of the traditional concept of the Kunoichi in her ability to use her sex appeal against members of the opposite sex. She has long, black hair which she ties back loosely, leaving some hair to cover her face. She wears a deep red kimono which she ties with a yellow sash and wears a red skirt underneath, preventing her from being completely naked should she shed her kimono. The kanji forming her name translates to 'red silk' which matches her technique and her manner of dress. Her eyes are normally brown in colour, but change to a shining gold when using her technique. PersonalityAkeginu is a rather caring and compassionate woman, who seems to truly care for her comrades. As the bodyguard and confidant of Princess Oboro, Akeginu is more forgiving of Oboro's lack of ninja skills than the rest of their clan, caring for her almost as an older sister. Regardless, her first loyalty is to the whole of Iga. So when word of the Hattori truce's cancellation reaches her, Akeginu holds no reservations about deceiving Oboro while aiding her comrades in their attempt to assassinate the Kouga ten - including Oboro's lover Gennosuke. Akeginu is not afraid to use her sexuality when it comes to battle, as shown when she lead Jousuke into a false sense of security before striking with her technique. She is best friends with Jingoro Amayo.AbilitesBlood Projection: Akeginu's technique grants her control over her blood; secreting it out of her pores and allowing it to spew out onto an enemy paralyzing them and slowing their movement. Additionally, her blood creates a mist in which Akeginu can hide her location from her opponent. When using her technique she often removes her kimono top, giving her a larger surface area from which the blood can be projected. It is unkown if there is a limit to how much blood Akeginu can produce but in her battle with Jousuke the novel mentions her ability to completely cover her torso to make it appear she has clothes on.
    Swordsmanship: Akeginu's main offensive weapon is a katana, which she is shown to be very efficient with. When Jousuke throws it at her over a great distance she is still able to catch the handle with one hand.
    Kama Wielder: In her battle with Kagerou Akeginu uses one of Koshirou's kama as a way of getting revenge for him. Although it's not her main weapon

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  • Quiz (please take, and be honest)

    Y = Yes N = No M = Maybe
    AM I...
    [_] smart?
    [_] cute?
    [_] funny?
    [_] cool?
    [_] romantic?
    [_] a *freak*?
    [_] gangsta?
    [_] loveable?
    [_] adorable?
    [_] trustworthy
    [_] compassionate?
    [_] great to be with?
    [_] attractive?
    [_] mean?
    [_] well known?
    HAVE Y0U EVER...
    [_] thought about hooking up with me?
    [_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
    [_] wished I were there?
    [_] had a crush on me?
    [_] wanted my number?
    [_] had a dream about me?
    [_] been distracted by me?
    [_] looked at my page more than ten times?
    ARE Y0U...
    [_] happy you know me?
    [_] horny?
    [_] thinking about me? [Obviously doing the quiz.]
    [_] wanting to call me to talk about these things?
    [_] going to repost this?

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  • Goddess

    You are the goddess of water, and control both the waters, onland and out and the animals and creatures in them, you have enough power to control every drop of water on the earth and that's what's so amazing, you are very powerful and also very beautiful. Beautiful and mysterious like the sea and oceans. You could say you are like a mermaid with a mystic beauty, though like a mermaid also you can be both stubborn and revengeful when you want but it is rare that you do. People should or will know in time not to infuriate you, you are extremely loyal so if anyone hurts someone you happen to care about they best heed their warning. Your name would be Ariel, your symbol a drop of water and your favourite time is when the moon is low and the tide is high.

    Serpent goddess You are pure evil, you are manipulative and suck the life out of people like a snake. Your name is mortisha, your symbol a snake and your favourite time is blazing hot days when you can call upon them. The snakes are what you control,they do your bidding and your dirty work. You have no special gifts nor power nor wisdom, except you do master in trickery and manipulation, you use people now and always have done. You will never change. You have fallen from grace and everything in your world has fallen apart, it is hard to find a tint of goodness in you, the moment you seem to have become a better person you prove us all wrong yet again, perhaps you are just meant to be this selfish and heartless person, and im sad to say so. The goddessess have to spend their time saving those that you have hurt and there is not more i can say about you but that.

    Goddess of the moon~ You are incharge of the moon and the moon only. Unlike the goddess of the planets-who is higher in rank to you-you have a special duty to keep one planet safe and remaining beautiful, it is because of you that earth has night when the moon is bright, and it is because of you that the moon is so bright and so beautiful. So never forget that you are important just like everyone else. You govern over the moonlings who live on the moon and are incharge of all the living things on the moon. Your character is kind, loving and also very independant, you make a very good leader and are never bossy but just right for someone who has such a duty to the heavens. You are also fun loving and attractive and people are drawn to you because of it. Your name would be Moona, your symbol obviously the moon and your favourite time is night when the moon is at it's brightest and your mysterious beauty can be seen.

    Warrior goddess~ Some might call you evil but your not. You are a strong minded, strong and loyal person, you fight for what is right and your gift is to protect, you protect people from what is bad and what is wrong and fight off their demons. You are prayed to for guidance and help and are a good person to seek for advise, though sometimes you tend to give off the more violant or forward salution rather than the most wise, but nevertheless you are there to protect and do your job well. Your name would be Xena, your symbol a sword, loyal and adjile, and your favourite time is when you can protect and FIGHT! You are never ever afraid for a battle you are extremely strong willed and will never give up on what you believe in. You would rather die with honour than see yourself manipulated into something you do not agree with. You are courageous and brave through out. I salute you!

    Goddess of dreams~ You are the goddess of dreams, you send dreams to people as a lesson, something they can learn from, you yourself are a quiet and happy person, you are friendly but sometimes alittle niave to the truth about things or people. You are though very intelligent and are good at clearing things orderly even when your mind is in a mess. sometimes you can seem abit confusing and sometimes you are very confused but after time your thoughts arrange and things become clear. Your name is Hope, and your symbol is a clou

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  • Enis Bardhi

    Let us roleplay ;)

    May 12
  • Lord Curse
    Lord Curse

    Roleplay? -Or are you not interested?

    May 4
  • Zeyzera Hayabusa
    luv Zeyzera Hayabusa

    lol thanks

    Mar 10 via Mobile
  • Lord Curse
    Lord Curse

    I meant carry on with the original roleplay, if you wanted to, but if you want to start a new one instead then by all means - I would have to think of something

    Mar 10
  • Lord Curse
    Lord Curse

    Well if you want to carry on do so.

    Mar 8
  • Theodoric MacTavish

    im your master

    Feb 1
  • Lord Curse
    Lord Curse

    did you want to roleplay, or are you no longer interested?

    Jan 29
  • Lord Curse
    luv Lord Curse

    and here we are.
    my apologies again for that late reply.

    Jan 26
  • Lord Curse
    Lord Curse

    My apologies for getting back to you so late, though I shall explain why.
    I do not roleplay on this account, it is simply a second one used to store an old character and some old pictures/videos.

    I am actually on www.bebo.com/apocalypse_rage

    This is why I have not answered your comments until now.

    Jan 25
  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø
    luv Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø

    I know how you felt..

    Don't give up that feeling I know you will find somebody.

    You have a kind heart, :)

    You shall find somebody soon. :D

  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø 1/13/13
  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø
    Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø

    Don't give up..

    I have been on that path for many time's.

    I got married twice and been with so many.

    And now I didn't hear from my half for over a month now..

  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø
    Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø

    There is always a person out there for you. Especially a beautiful person like yourself. :) In reply to: "I have realised that all the good guys are either taken . . or gay. . IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE FOR ME!! :( " by Forgotten Beauty

  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø 1/13/13
  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø
    luv Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø

    "A mail person then? Likewise my dear. I prefer mail." ^w^

    "You're welcome! And it is my honor to accept such a kind hearted friend."

  • Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø
    luv Ø Ülqîµørrã Ø

    "Thank you for the add my dear." :)

  • luv ɢσᴅs ᴀмσɴɢ υs

    I wanna come up with a storyline if that okay with you?

  • Jason Splinter 1/2/13
  • Ðensetsu Hiei

    Maybe If you role-played a decent character and act all slutly. .you wouldn't have to be sick of being single. /:

    1/2/13 via Mobile
  • Lil Psycho
    Lil Psycho

    How are you? (:

    1/1/13 via Mobile