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- Rhyce Armstrong, I Love You :].

4/13/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from C'Dergg (:
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

- The Picture Would Be Of Myself and Rhyce Going To The County Dinner [:
28.O1.2O11 :].


→ Tasha Young [[ : Fifteen . O5.O1.96 E207 Taken Woman Atm, By Rhyce Noel Armstrong andd+ Loving' It ;; 29.11.2O1O ♥ E105 Attending Castlederg High School. Theee Kip:L . Love The Oul Rugby E42B Hannah Margret Diane Oldman, I Love You To Bit's : ) (L). My Family Mean The Absolute World To Me E418. Counrty Music, Is The Way Of The Future :L .
E04A S U M M E R 2 O1 O' - Has Been One To Remember Forever : ). 31.O7.2O1O ;; What a Night, Be One I'll Rememberr For The Rest Of My Life : ).

Take 'Er Handy (y).

The Other Half Of Me
Hannah Oldman

Hannah Oldman

- Bestest Big Sister Ever :].<3.

Alllryyyt Misss E056 YOu have been Hackked by thee wan nd onlii Hannah Oldman E105Yeee Muckker HOod E05A
E415 Well now wah can i sayy bOuu yee yaa Headerr E106Simple ass LOve yee like a sister from another misterrE32D + E409 Were jus pure Farmers witch aree tight on Money E12F" Like a ducks arse :L E523 yehoooo :L

E303Hannah was here E057 And now shes goneE056
She left her name to turrn you Onn E405 E418
♥LOvee yOuu SaaaE022

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  • - Such a Stupid Question :L.

    - I Was Asked,
    'Why Do You Love Him .?'

    That's Easy To Answer (y).
    How Could I Not Love Him .? He Treat's Me Like Royality :O . I Love The Way He Let's Me Curl Up In His Arm's To Sleep and Kisses My Forehead So Gently Just Before I Dose Off :)) . I Love The Way He Randomly Hug's Me From Behind, I Love How We Dance In The Dark Way Country Music Belting From The Car, I Love How He Take's Me To Stand Outside and Stand's Behind Me and Put's His Arm's Around Me and Tell's Me About The Star's, I Love How I Can Just Lying Up On The Sofa Way Him and Talk About Anything, I Love How He Protect's Me, I Love That He Take's Me Anywhere, I Love Our We Drive's, I Love How Cival He Is, I Love How Well We Click Togeather, I Love Our Hieght Difference, I Love His Massey Coat ;]., I Love How He Alway's Bring's Me Something When He Come's Down, I Could Go On Forever But Basicially I Just Love Him With All My Heart <3.

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  • - 27.12.2O1O :].

    - Oh What a Night :O . Suprise :) .
    Wee Drive To Petigo With Rhyce For Fuel, Chinese Then [Stupid Blonde Bitch Didn't Give Us Plastic Fork's :O ], Went For a Run To Mucrus, I Got My Suprise ;; Seeing My Big Sister For The First Time In Month's :DD . Driving Round Hannah Half Hanging Me, Then I Get Into The Back ;], Boy's We Made The Focus Rock :L ., Curting In The Back Seat :P ., Me Being 'Forced' Into The Mayfly Way Me Massey Coat On ;]., I Got Some Look :L ., Then Heading To Rhyce's, Getting The Tour Of The 'Ranch' :L . Got To See The Most Adorable Wee Cocker Spaniel Puppy :'), Then Going To The Farm To See The Muff Headed Ewe :L . and It Bucketing Down On Us and Us To Still Claaing About In It :L ., Park Up Then and Just Sit In The Car, Chatting and Listen To The Good Oul Country Music ;]., I Near Fell Asleep I Was That Comfy :Z :L . Back To The House Then and Lay Up :DD . Wish He Coulda Stayed Though.!! I Loved My Wee Night <3. Bring It On Again :].

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  • You have been burgeld :L

    Rataa Bou yee Big Balls thought id burgel yee backk (Y)eeenooo on the 28.10.2010 At 11:23 ;) Welll now were do i start about Miss Tashaa YOung :DD Welll here it gose.... She just simply the bestt cant ask for any better . I love the way we met it was commical and so typically random :/ God nos i thought you wer guna turn out to be a 60 year old Kiddy Fiddler :L :P OJaaay but i was lukki enuf youuu wer normal :/ Welll near enufff :L Our 1st night in kesh was actuli Halairr loved it we became so close :D Just after one night :L The Pedooo cubs and then Jons Fanny belli :L and+ Kyles penis hand :L Had us two in stitches:L Coz (y)eenoo wer Kwell 8) And after that the memories just went On :L And weve became even closer now your not onliii my bestfriend but your my Babeii Sister and i would do anything for you cause i love youu soo much And my mum can goo Suck on me Wond >:( Letsss have a wee flashbackk on memory Lane shall weee , There was our 1st night, then there was the Skin Show werr i was attacked by your phone :/ and i was mortified " will you go with hannah" and i was bou to kick the shit out of the bull and You no whoo[moon] Then there was the comeing home and going to kesh and you meeting Grahame long & buyinh us drinks thee wee ledge and Blackki givin me a free shot and the Pedoo boys Again :L Then it was the Tractor run in kesh me half fucked coz of the 12th aug the night before :L :O Ryce the hurre bouncing bou in the tracter :L then meeting youuu and you haveing a wee crushh on Ryce :O and us sliding down the bank like a pair a wollies :L and u an Ryce have rapeing eachother :L A then it was the Tug of War :O and we met ryce and His fitt scotish friend Alan awwh he was mint ;o Me thinkin he ownd the white car and to my disapointment he didnt :( then going to Mucross and going for a walk in the woods :L Chatin this cub bou Crabs :L Funni shit. Then there was the day you came to mine and then a couple hours later i was headin home to yours to stay wit the sleep suit on :O And we climbed out the winda stayed up to near 6am eating shit and being fat :L then there was The perade in castlederg and seeing the Pedoos :O near shiting ourselfs :L .Then there was Black saturday :O we will say no more :L Then are random wee day going for a walk meeting Gordan and flashing at them was soo funni :L Are day in Skin shopping :O and are wee nyt in at yours in are pjs you makeing me run out infront of Olive and Jonny :O Mortified :L and Jonny taking up the seat and all us piled on on top of him :L was commical and then the airaplane :L are wee day at church :L and then are day at skin and the mount a drink and Karen the header nd u running after the cubs :L aww i near wet meself and them thinkin we had been drinkin from earli morning :L then comeing home and haveing our wee gossip and drinking :L aww funni and walking up the road in are jammies :O and then mum fucked tah up :O :( Uuugh >:( then are wee day in kesh i loved it sooo much leaping on eachother and being like normal :O it felt like nothing had changed :( Welll i just wana say i loves you sooo much from ur head ryt down to ur toes ;)

    well u can proply guess hu it is by now

    Hannah ur big Sis :DD

    Love youu babe F + A


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  • luv Heather

    love :) xoxoxo

  • luv Aiimee -

    Slagg Somee Lovee.. :) Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' iiLoveeYouu

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    Slaggggg i love youuu :* Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    Guesss who's back in action :D Gawn give it a good oul guessss :L OK OK ill tell u its onli the most coolest amazeing fabulous divine bestest big sister in the hole wide world yess it would have to be ur truely Hannah :) Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove youuu ass licker ;)

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    600th love whos the dadddy ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    I want you in the backk the focus ;) If shes emptyyyyy Give er plentyyyy ;) Yehoooooooooo 0800 Get er fucked :L Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you big tities ;) :L :L :L Mwaaaah

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    :/ hee my bad forgot the love

  • Hannah Oldman
    Hannah Oldman

    Fuckk i want you soooo bad Boom Boom Boom Boom i wana have sex on the beach you can touch my tra la la my ding ding dong coz im horny so horny horny horny , Gummy gummy gummy bear Pop :L o_O ^^^DJ Hanzii in the mix 2011 ket me hear it Ooo aaah just a little bit ooh a lil bit more , Heeey heyyy babey i wana nooo oo oooh oooh if ul be my girl :L Random muchh :L :L :L Love you long time big time all u r just me fuckk buddy :) Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    SOme LOve FOr Me SEXY Bitch ;) Rawwer you make me orgasim ;) o_O Aww we have the best curtin techniques ever ;) Get er bucked in the back the focus :L Whoop Whoop Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you

  • Hannah Oldman
    Hannah Oldman

    Why thank you for that compliment :L And hello to you too Sleeeg :L Awk ano i cudnt resist ;) I just Love to Rape :L I bet they do , Gettin a comment from me gives you more xcitement than ryce can ever give yee ;) ;) Ill hold you to that myt frape yee later on the nyt :L Yee thank u i be bobbing away too it :L whipping me hair roun the joint near takin me eye out :L Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxLove youu Baber'ss

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    Some lubba loveing from yee no the most coolest person livin ;) Yesss have no fear hannah's here :L Naw i joke every1 shit urself now :L Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x:*

  • Charlenee 12/11/10
  • Charlenee 12/11/10
  • Charlenee 12/11/10
  • Charlenee 12/11/10
  • Charlenee 12/11/10
  • Charlenee

    awhh samee justt onn diiss n watchn tv :Z nooonee can wriitee on myy wall nn i dunoo whyy :/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx iiLoveeYouu

  • Charlenee
    luv Charlenee

    Tashaa :) Watss Thee Craiicc Todayy ;) Aa Wee Lovee Ferr Yee Biitchh ;o xxxxxxxxxxxxx iiLoveeeYouuu :*

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    LOls yea and wah happend after 21:2O ;) lols Aww went to the bazzar :O was a absaloute boarrre nojoke me andd sarah near died :O Nod hada leave us home which i wasnt impressed with :L but sure aww well and now at home bored :L Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLove youuuu :*

  • Hannah Oldman
    luv Hannah Oldman

    Awwwk sure ano i need the sympathy lol emm i dont actulii no yee noo :L was thinking of the bazzar then i think there a social nd then i might stay at home watch X-factor or go to sleep :L so im a bit confused was i shud do yee no :L WAh bou youu? Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLove youu :*


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E242         E243  
E244         E245  
E23E         E24B  
E24A         E249  
E248         E247  
E246         E204  
E14A         E206  
E13A         E208  
E14F         E20A  
E434         E309  
E22A         E22B  
E226         E227  
E22C         E22D  
E215         E216  
E217         E309  
E218         E30D  
E229         E251  
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