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-.Keep Smiliing

Treat All Girls ..The Way U Would Want Ur Mother 2 Be .. <3

3/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 65
  • from GreenacrE
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Me, Myself, and I

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Scream: DamIeN

†- 16

†- 2.10.92

†- LibrA

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**-WHO DO I LOVE?-**
rNb .. HiP - H0P .. Oldiez =)
Basketball .. League .. Union .. Boxing .. Athletics =)
Steph was here 1o/o3/o8 =]
with friendship it dOnt matter whO yOu knOwn fOrever
Or whO yOu had the mOst memOries with..
in the end all that matters is whO said
they wOuld be there [&&] prOved it..

yOur tha bestest friend i cOulda asked fOr.. thanks
fOr always bein there thru everything .. yOu nO i always
am there fOr yOu just like yOu are fOr me .. when yOur
a famOus basketball player dOnt fOrget bOut me =] ..
but yOu wOnt have time toO cOz ima be in yOur life fOrever.,
lOve yu damien xOxO

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    #1. leave her cute text messages
    #2. kiss her in front of your friends
    #3. trust her over everyone else
    #4. tell her she looks beautiful
    #5. look her in the eye when you talk to her
    #6. tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh
    #7. let her mess with your hair
    #8. just walk around with her
    #9. include her in pretty much everything you do
    #10. when she cries do whatever to make her smile
    #11. forgive her for her mistakes
    #12. look at her like she’s the only girl you see
    #13. tickle her even if she says stop
    #14. when she starts swearing at you tell her that you love her
    #15. let her fall asleep in your arms
    #16. get her mad, then kiss her
    #17. tease her, and let her tease you back
    #18. stay up with her all night when she’s sick
    #19. never cheat on her
    #20. kiss her forehead
    #21. write her letters
    #22. let her wear your clothes
    #23. comfort her when she’s sad
    #24. let her know she’s important
    #25. let her take all the photos of you as she wants
    #26. surprise her with flowers for no reason
    #27. kiss her in the rain
    #28. and when you fall in love with her, tell her
    #29. and when you do, tell her.. I’ll never let you go

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  • Cassie.

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/2j6vC

  • Konnie'

    hay supp brothaaa yeahh ive been alrite jus got back from tonga last week lol went dere for like 5 months loll how u been brahz..its been a long timee still workin haha laters man hit us back soon yeahh take careeee

  • Yeh Boy
    Yeh Boy

    :O :O :O :O :O OMGG! DAMIENN!! ITS TRISHAAA omg i havent spoken to you in 23423453534 years! how u beeen?! member me?? :P hehehe hows things going? wat u been up to lately..? just passing byy to sayy hii:D hehe mwaaa tc hunz xO

  • Jesse James.
    Jesse James.

    Happy Christmas and Merry new year buddas haha NBA watttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care brotha

  • Kathy

    OMG HEYS LONG TIME NO TALK AND SEEE where gonna have a reunion sometime soon . you better come. anyways ttyl x33kathyy

  • AlwaysnForever

    damien remmeber me?D: apparently you moved schools? whereve you been

  • Carlouuliiee
    luv Carlouuliiee


  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    damiiennn looks like u got ur net back ae?? naww does that mean no more late night booty calls wen ur on the phone with ashley.... with no pants on?? thats cutt :( hahaha hav some love [moon]