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  • App created: November 2007
  • www.bebo.com/Warbook
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About This App
Welcome to Warbook! Here you'll find an extraordinary, original world of high fantasy, epic conflict, and exciting gameplay.

Warbook is a medieval combat game - control a kingdom, build an army, and conquer your friends. Join over a million players in one of the most engaging social games on the web!

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  • Phil Davison
    Phil Davison

    Is anyone there?

  • Shane Ferren 12/30/09
  • Mark Harper
    Mark Harper

    my warbook wont open again it says some kind of error asking me to contact some admin person.i'm not that clued up and have encountered problems with warbook before.it never gets sorted until my man has been thouroughly raped.have now had enough of this game and decided its no longer for me.if it is sorted soon i may consider playing on but to be honest i dont think it will so i will retire from the game tomorrow

  • Evan Thomas

    If you're sick of Warbook, try the following link. Free app and much better than warbook; http://www.fallensword.com/?ref=3246684

  • Gram Little

    Alliance: Tyrell Corporation Tag: Ŧ€ We are now recruiting, so if you like to have fun then appy to join our brand new alliance today! .................................. ................ . . . we are blade runner units .................................. ................ . . . we search and hunt down replicants .................................. ................ . . .

  • Shane Ferren
    Shane Ferren

    Mana wont be fixed on this server. There is an alternate server with your old kingdoms(by old i mean pre-crash kingdom) I posted a topic on the discussion board of how you can access your kingdom and use your mana.

  • Yvette Van Der Colf

    hellooooo!!! when will the mana be fixed??? This is seriously affecting me as i can't get ANY cash in. Please people

  • Zach

    hey i cant use my mana y cant i

  • Teresa Ho

    why is my bebo warbook account AngelSweet blocked? I would like to appeal the decision. thanks.

  • Petrus

    Im 25 on the leaderboard

  • luv Devon

    I need help I'm being attacked 5+ times by several members of an alliance. I'm not in one. Nor do I choose to be. I'm looking for help for other non alliance members. I've asked admins from this particular alliance to lay off, so far I've been told, too bad, were at war with your alliance, yet I'm not in one, any suggestions would be helpful!!!

  • Sammy

    What the Hell is this APP!!!!!!!!

  • -

    how the hell do you level up?

  • Ruairi C
    Ruairi C


  • Liam Daniels
    luv Liam Daniels

    Read forum. Its important!!!

  • Liam Daniels
    luv Liam Daniels

    Everyone get facebook and play it :P works a dearm lol

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    There is a problem with bebo kingdoms not being able to connect to warbook. Is there anyone working on a fix, if so when will it be working again. I have checked with bebo and they say the problem is at your end. Thank you for helping. Warbook Fan

  • Nicky Dargan
    Nicky Dargan

    is it okay for users to use proximity detecters to try and find some1s post code if not how do i get them banned

  • The Big Bad Wolf

    Join the Legion of Single and we can kick some randomer's ass! Just look up Holy Single as he is god!

  • Liam Daniels
    Liam Daniels

    ~۩ ΜΔĢĚŞ۩~ Looking for magicans, mongers, generals and necros. If you join Mage~ alliance I will personally send you 1bil gold plus whatever the other members send you. I only ask that you are active and are willing to fight! Forum Link: http://mageoraclealliance.heavenforu... 1. Apply to the Mage Oracle Alliance. 2. Sign up with your IGN at the forum. 3. After we receive this information, you will receive an alliance tag. any questions ask me on my IGN name Zunele