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Simon The Wisher

Never stop till the goal has been won. after piss around and win a few more

10/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23
  • from newton abbot ( kingskerswell )
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 541
  • Member since: November 2007
  • Last active: 9/18/10
  • www.bebo.com/SimonJ168

About Me

Eye Dunno
Me, Myself, and I
Call Me Eyedunno

Londoner in the slow life

Im a fun guy 2 b wid. im kind wid a good heart.

Im always here 2 help cause thats what i do....
from wether its to help u out in a fight where the odds arnt good, To helpin you out with personal problems down to if you look big in certain clothin.

|__NA 66 FAN BUS_|_| __\
|_____AND PLAYER |_| ____|

I dont judge people for what they look like cause were all different. Thats y i got freinds all over the place from young to old n from populaur to just a laugh to be wid. i know lots of gene of people n if ur lost then come 2 me cause i know who n what will work.
DMX, 50 Cent , G-Unit, Eminem n old school rap. etc
Play 4 Newton 66
i am a fitness freek...no really ;)
play almost nething
Football - endurance
Baskect ball - hand eye co-ordination
Rugby - Stance n Strengh
Canoein - Balance
To redo everything i did wrong when it comes to freinds
messed up loads n i feel sorry.
Happiest When
im with my freinds drinking (like every1 says lol)
being wid some1 who cheers you up by just beeing there
Laying of hands (extremly weird thing)
Massaging (hell i do do a good job)
Eyedunno and Idunno ive had it since 1998

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January 11, 2009

The World's Gone Social
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