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We have people to run fabby!

2/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Financial Advisory Board (Youth)
Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to FABY! We are the Financial Advisory Board (Youth). We work with Young Scot, the national youth information agency for Scotland to make information and resources on money and finance easier to understand and to access.

For more information on the project, leave us a message or email us at faby@youngscot.org. You can also check out Young Scot at www.youngscot.org or you can call us for free on 0808 801 0338.

Be Safe!!

Young Scot is here on Bebo for a couple of reasons. To raise awareness of Young Scot and the services we have on offer. To be able to reach young people with important messages more easily and to let us inform you with what’s going on. So look around, add us as a friend and tell your friends to add us too! Use Bebo sensibly and carefully and please accept our apologies that we can’t be held responsible for anything you may find from links on our friends list. Stay safe!

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  • vodcasting

    Faby by Faby
    Calling all budding actors, actresses, camera people, scriptwriters and behind the scenes folks!

    We'll be making some videos this summer on the subject of money and how to make your financial life simpler.

    If you'd like to be involved then leave us a comment here or email the FABY folk at faby@youngscot.org telling us what you can help out with.

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  • podcasting

    Faby by Faby

    We know most of you have got exams coming up soon, but thought it might be useful to start a wee forum about the podcasting.

    If you've any questions about what you're meant to be doing or how to get started then feel free to post it here. Also, if you come across anything that might be useful for another group then let them know here too.

    As a recap, here's who's working on what:

    Kari and Rachael ----------------------------- Fundraising (How to raise £3000 for a trip of a lifetime!)
    Hannah and Gordon ------------------------- Travel Advice
    Jordan and Leanne -------------------------- Mortgages
    Conor, Gail and Abi -------------------------- Pensions
    Jordan, Leanne, Conor, Gail and Abi --- Planning an Event
    Darren ------------------------------------------- Credit Unions
    Iona ---------------------------------------------- Travel money
    Liam --------------------------------------------- TBD

    We're working on the Money and LTSBS interview podcasts which should be up in the next couple of weeks.

    Check out the Young Scot website to listen to some podcasts if it helps you get some ideas on what they can sound like: http://www.youngscot.org/podcasts/?s...

    We'll hopefully get all the bits and pieces for the podcasts listed above recorded in June, once the exams are over!

    3 Replies 274 weeks

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  • Bebo, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

    Let’s admit it, they are a massive part of our lives. We always put up photos of our latest exploits and story of our adventures on them. Young Scot is doing a little survey on what you, as social networking site users, think about them.

    We want to find out some information about why you use them, what you use them for and what your experience of using these sites are. The survey will only take a couple of minutes for you to complete. You’ll find it by following this link: http://www.youngscot.org/surveys/ind...

    Cheers guys!

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    The 7 hidden threats to your money
    There are enough pressures on the pound in your pocket as it is right now, without being stung by hidden charges as well.
    But while headline interest rates rise on mortgages, food prices jump and fuel bills soar, there are also a number of more sneaky ways companies are taking money from Britons.
    And many of these money-making plans are dressed up as "great deals" for consumers finding it hard to get by or strike when you least expect them to.
    Full article: http://money.uk.msn.com/consumer/art...

    Key US interest rate kept at 2%
    The Federal Reserve has decided to leave a key interest rate unchanged, bringing an end to a string of consecutive rate cuts aimed at keeping the US out of a deep recession.
    Full article: http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?...

    Salmond is accused of litany of worthless pledges
    UP TO 35,000 first-time buyers were told yesterday that the SNP's promise to give each of them a £2,000 grant to help buy a house had been ditched.
    The SNP went into last year's election with a clear pledge to provide the grant to help people get on to the property ladder.
    Full article: http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/late...

    Becks to make a splash with own water?
    David Beckham could be about to shed the gladiator skirt he wears for drink brand Pepsi - abandoning the soft drink giant for his own range of bottled water.
    Insiders claim his mega earner's ten year contract with Pepsi could be placed on the sidelines, with Becks tossing up a move to promote the healthier drink.
    Beckham, 33, is reportedly ready to risk his £2million deal, with some joking he will call it H230, based on the famous number he wears on his football back.
    Full article: http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/article....

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    Poverty blights life of young.
    Teens say being poor ruins their chances of improving.
    Young Scots claim that struggling with poverty is ruining their chance of having a better life.
    A study of more than 500 young people has found that deprivation is their top concern.
    The Hear Our Voice report, published today, puts homelessness as the second highest concern, with lack of leisure and cultural opportunities in third place.
    Other priorities included tackling bullying and reducing crime.
    Youngsters also want to be offered more opportunities in education, employment and training to prepare them for adulthood.
    Children's commissioner Kathleen Marshall said the findings demonstrated a commitment to a better Scotland. Adding that the youngsters, aged 11-17, had laid down the gauntlet to politicians, she said: 'What is different about this survey is that it focuses on what young people think Scottish parliament should do.
    'The fact that tackling poverty and homelessness feature so prominently shows young people's concerns extend beyond their own immediate horizons.
    'We have heard the voices - now we have to act on them.'
    The survey was carried out by charity NHC Scotland andthe Young Scot organisation, which said listening to young people was 'vitally important' to find solutions to the various problems.
    Children's minister Adam Ingram welcomed the findings. He said: ' Engaging with children and young people is key to helping us improve life chances for them and future generations.
    'The Scottish government is committed to intervening early to break cycles of disadvantage like poverty, poor health and crime which can hold children back throughout their lives.
    'This survey shows that our young people share these core principles.'
    Mr Ingram added: 'We must also help to strengthen families while promoting a change in social attitude towards young people and encouraging communities to foster positive opportunities for them and will continue to listen to young people as we develop the best way forward.'
    (by Kirsteen Paterson, Metro, p1, 25 June 2008)

    Water company hit by £15m fraud
    An internal audit at Scottish mineral water company Campsie Spring has uncovered a £15m fraud.
    Full article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/...

    Credit crunch has 'mixed' effect
    The global credit crunch has had a mixed effect on the Scottish economy, according to a new report.
    Full article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/...

    Relatives to the rescue
    Very often, the financial responsibility of looking after elderly relatives falls to their children or grandchildren.
    According to Engage Mutual, more than half of retirees struggle with their finances.
    Full article: http://www.metro.co.uk/money/article...

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FABY - Money and Young People

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  • Faby

    WE NEED YOU!! Would you be interested in interviewing some experts to help us make a 'faby' podcast? If the answer is yes then please let us know. Interviews would take place in mid April. Let us know if you fancy yourself as the next Parkinson! Danielle

  • Faby

    Young Scot Hello FABY members, I hope you guys are all well and are keen to get involved in some projects! We were hoping to get a meeting arranged with all the board members really soon. Would the end of April or the beginning May suit best? If you could let me know then that would be great! I look forward to hearing from you soon :-) Danielle

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only

    yaaaaaaaaaay!! :D needing a trip to edinburgh likeeee!! :D xxxx

  • Faby

    Hi guys, I would just like to introduce myself and reassure you that FABY has not been forgotten about! My name is Danielle and I have recently joined the Young Scot team, along with my colleague Lynsey. We are both looking forward to working with FABY in the near future to help make money and finance even easier to understand. There will be a meeting soon to catch up with the members of the board and discuss new projects to get stuck into! Check back soon for an update. Thanks Danielle :-)

  • Young Scot

    Hi guys, I would just like to introduce myself and reassure you that FABY has not been forgotten about! My name is Danielle and I have recently joined the Young Scot team, along with my colleague Lynsey. We are both looking forward to working with FABY in the near future to help make money and finance even easier to understand. There will be a meeting soon to catch up with the members of the board and discuss new projects to get stuck into! Check back soon for an update. Thanks Danielle :-)

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only

    has faby died!! :( xxxx

  • Hannah Tennant

    Hey (I agree with the comment below!) What's the latest on the FABY front? xx

  • The One And Only
    The One And Only

    What's Happened To FABY!! :( Nothing Happens Anymore!! :( This Upsets Me!! :( Xxxx

  • luv Faby

    Hi Guys Just to let you know that I (Kirsten) am moving on from Young Scot so won't be involved in FABY anymore. We are still really keen for you to stay involved in FABY so in the next few months we will be back in touch through the bebo page with a new contact for you and more opportunities to get involved with Young Scot and Lloyds TSB Scotland. It was lovely to meet you all and please keep FABY going strong! Cheers Kirsten

  • luv Faby

    Hi guys, It's my last day today, so if you've any FABY/podcast questions please leave comments on the Bebo pages or get in touch with Kirsten. Have a great summer! Lucy.

  • Faby

    Hi everyone, The scripts for the two podcasts soon to go up on the Young Scot site (and here!) are in the blog section. Cheers.

  • Jordernn

    Added a video of the pod cast. I know the picture is awful in quality and i think it cuts out towards the end, so go onto the young scot website to see the end!

  • Faby

    Check out the FSA's new website for young people: http://www.whataboutmoney.info/ It's described as a ";o ne-stop shop" for information about money, aiming to give guidance about obtaining, saving and spending money.

  • Faby

    Moneysense, the site for adults and schools, from NatWest is a useful site recommended by the FSA and Citizens Advice Bureau: http://www.natwestf2f.com/natwest/de... There's a section for different age groups (11-14, 14-16, 16-18) which covers lots of different topics: http://www.natwestf2f.com/natwest/sc... and if you're over 18 check out this part: http://www.natwestf2f.com/natwest/ad...

  • Faby

    The first ever FABY podcast is now live! Check it out on http://www.youngscot.org/podcasts/?n... Thanks to everyone involved. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Faby

    Budgeting on your mobile: http://www.creditaction.org.uk/spend...

  • Faby

    Find out what money personality you are, how much you know about student money issues or take some of the other quizzes here: http://www.creditaction.org.uk/chall...

  • Glasgow Cathcart Msyps
    luv Glasgow Cathcart Msyps

    hi lucy great night on thursday could you please send me the photos so i can put them on my bebo please thanks and could you send me info on the podcast sruff because i am very intrersted in that kind of stuff cheers darren

  • Glasgow Cathcart Msyps
    luv Glasgow Cathcart Msyps

    hi faby i just want to say thanks for a great night last night i had so much fun and well met some famous people lol thanks again darren