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can i ask a qestion do i look like a vampire my friend sed i do... its the first pic i normaly look like this

7/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

...........Toxic Blist............. E>A broken hart <3
Me, Myself, and I
Dark mist kisses 2 alll..............im *Starlyn*.... whose 1<3

Things I LOVE My best gurl friend Friends,_
sum of my fam_M U S I C_ thts an <OBVIOUS> lol MY_Dear_ Sk8bored..........I like 2 drawl.....and
write songs...play & wanta gutair...:P .... The things I hate the most bing bored.....And al0ne at times I (Im crazy).....I prittey much stand alone... s00 loved but so much pain <3E>...... Dragonflys.....snakes_Lizards
 ...FLAMINgos..... I adore........................
 .........hot topic is my fav shop place othir thn Koelse lol :D
I think .....thts bout it wellcome 2 My Toxic Dream xxxx Add me 2 msn if u want?? avengedsevenfold14@hotmail.co

♥X. sTANDS aT: 5'5"
♥X. fELL fROM hEAVEN: oCT. 21, 1994
♥X. bRUSHES THROUGH: bleach blond play boyhair
♥X. gOES tO sCHOOL aT: rMS
love.. love... love it.... cnt live without it... AVENGED SEVENFOLD love them!!!! The othir ones I lov Stevie Nicks, Skillet, Bullet for my valentines, linkin park, Hawthorn Heights, Silverstein, Scarey kids scareing kids, Billey Talent, slipnot, Underoath, children of bodom, Nirvana, Seather, Shine down, Disturbed, static-x, Saliva, Godsmack, Metillca, Apocalyptica, Ozzy, LynardSkynard, Led zepellin, Fleat would mac, , Robzombie, whight zombie, Him My chemical romance, green day , Six A.m, Thursday, Adien, Afi, Paramore, Hinder, Three days grace, Staind, guns n roses, three doors down, Tokieo Hotels, Motley Crew, Savage Garden, blink 182, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, Life- house, american rejects, Match box 120 Sheryll_Crow, Nine inch nails, Night wish, Corn, Marlyn Manson, Jewl.Kittey, Fly leaf, Tegan and sarah, sum 41, Puddle of Mudd, Dope, Rise Against, evenescence, Train, almost, Pod. Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Kid Rock Atreyu, All tht remains, bowling for soup, Ashes Divide, good charlott
alll kindsa films.. lets make this esey...ask me.....but heres a lil bit of my taste :P .....save the last dance...The 40 year old vigin...Holes..Titanic...all Scary Movies series lol :) ....Transformers...underworl
 d 1 and 2...Qeen of the danm....Ginger snaps all three movies...the cave...Children of the corn 2....Star dust..Inuasha...lost boys the original... Devils Rejects...all American pies...thirs much more
ummmmm.. skate boarding , and any thing with a thrill othir thn naping(:P )
Scared Of
Im realy scared the crap of porcelyn DOlls I think they can be pocessed.............Its true!!!!!!!!!!!! pepoule seem 2 look at me crazy......

E>the one I love 2 hurt me more<3

SCHOOLs nott scary butt I go crazy in it!!!! LOL BLAME ME FINE!!??
Happiest When
Sum family...My kats Kobra...My Bestfriend Dakota hes realy Awsome think of him dearly.being round him is mostly Awsome othir thn he broke my hart <3....with friends.... and having a great! time...like when partying or just chilling out........<I lov 2 PARTY> and jst leting go of all the crap in my life......, what can I say im nott a GoODY good girl........its more like with me good girl gone bad someware in life!!!! hehe

Im Half Angel/Bitch
_______♥♥_♥♥_____ _______♥♥__♥♥____if you love music _______♥♥___♥♥_♥_put this on your _______♥♥____♥♥__Profile _______♥♥________ ____♥♥♥♥♥________ ___♥♥♥♥♥♥________ ____♥♥♥♥_________ANY more things u like 2 kno send me a mesage or CHAt ............who kno some things could b simple BUTT if i dont get back unlile a few weeks then im was prob grouned or sumthing......Butt im trying 2 b good BUTT...........who nose wat ive done or will happen with ME!!!!!!!!!! and lets jst say schools not a bad or a GOOD subject with me I jst happy when im noTT in it......who is....if u r UR crazyer then.........me, it may jst B me thinking that bUTT it can B a waste of time at times.....so amMMmmmmNNnnnn....YEA THATS ME 4 U...................GET IT GOTT IT IF GOOD :D
TLK 2 u when ever.........................
 ..........Im also on MSN messenger and Espinthebottel!!!!!!!!!!!oh and yahoo i think idk..........ummm and if u r a preditter (BACK OFF) or well let me put it this "this girl notT nice wen it comes 2 tht" 2 all creaps like tht..........l0l I HATE PEPOULE LIKE THT !!!!!! ( ILL b waching u!!)

I HATE LOVE I HATE LOVE I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) / :( well tlk 2 u around ppl lol

92% of teens have moved onto rap if u are one of the 8% still loyal to rock put dis up

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    We miss you..

  • Twie

    nm bord chilln u

  • Matt

    hey Twie nm u?

  • Akai.

    yeah i know..

  • Akai.

    lol i know i know and nice!! hope you guys stick! and i dont have any more love to give! im sorry D: but here you can has a heart!!! <3

  • Akai.

    fuck killing myself, im in love! seriously though. i am i am. mannn star he's so amazing! id show you him but he's not on here... god i love him so much.. but how are you? lol xx

  • Akai.
    luv Akai.

    yes, yes it does >.>"

  • Akai.

    i dunno lol mannn my head hurts!!

  • Akai.
    luv Akai.

    hey i miss you too dude nothing really... just been messing around haha

  • Akai.
    luv Akai.

    HELLZ YEAH! dude, chick, you'll be hotter than hot haha.... sis, i miss you so much lol come see meh some time =] i loves you >.> like a sister of couse (:

  • AJ

    hey ,, sorry hoo is this? xx

  • Akai.
    luv Akai.

    dude, sis, im missing you!! when you gonna see me??? its boring here without you, lol love you like a sis... (;


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