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Micken Mills

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7/28/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 87
  • from Inchinnan, Renfrewshire
  • I am Single
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About Me

A True RocknRolla
Me, Myself, and I
I'm a Sound & Lighting technician working at Concerts and in Theater. The job is pretty cool but the hours can be long and you could be working in a muddy field being rained upon or inside a building after a rave...being rained upon. Wouldn't reccomend it if flashing lights aren't your thing, you dislike heights in any little way and hate loud music like your parents, as it really wouldn't be your cuppa tea.

I'm sure you all know that I'm also a Pro-Wrestler traveling up and down the UK. Being doing that for 6 years, come see me sometime. Any questions, just ask.

Sendon12@hotmail.com- Add me to MSN
Pendulum...cause they are awesome. I listen to all sorts from Dance to Rock and everything in between...although I'm not found of Classical or Opera music.
Die Hard series, Training Day, American History X all the teen ones (American Pie, Road Trip, Old School ect..) plus the more popular like Shawshank, Green Mile, Trainspotting ect..
I love Prison movies for some reason...although that doesnt mean I want to goto one, and Adam Sandler is king!
Wrestling Companies
3 Count Wrestling,
British Championship Wrestling,
Combat Championship Wrestling,
Five Star Wrestling,
Insane Championship Wrestling,
Kingdom Wrestling Alliance,
Maries Charity Wrestling,
Midlands Pro Wrestling,
National Wrestling Alliance UK-Hammerlock,
Night of Wrestling,
Power Trip Wrestling,
Premier British Wrestling,
Scottish Championship Wrestling,
Scottish School of Wrestling,
Scottish Wrestling Alliance,
Spinner MacKenzie Promotions,
Triple Team Promotions,
World Wide Wrestling League
Titles Fought For
SCW/3CW Young Lions Title, NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title, PTW Heavyweight Title, CCW Heavyweight Title, W3L Tag titles, PBW Tag Titles
Titles Held
T-Division Trophey
SWA Tag Title

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  • Hammerlock Camp: Once in a Lifetime

    Wrestling school Area 52 will once again be host to one of the revered Hammerlock-style weekend camps with two international stars in the world of British and Japanese wrestling.

    The weekend training seminar will be hosted by NJPW star Prince Devitt, known in the UK as Fergal Devitt, a former NWA Commonwealth and IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team champion as well as SWA regular, the powerhouse and inaugural and most successful NWA-UK Champion Johnny Moss.

    Seen as a wrestling camp for wrestlers, the weekend seminars help to add to and perfect previously learned skills. By learning a wealth of knowledge over a weekend of extensive training, the weekend seminar's have been a launching pad for several young stars by teaching them more in a weekend than they could learn in a year, helping them advance quickly in their careers and with such high profile and experienced trainers on hand who have hectic schedules, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from some of the best the UK has produced.

    The camp takes place Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of December and will be hosted at the Area 52 facility in Linwood and is priced at £70 for the weekend.

    The Once in a Lifetime training weekend has limited spaces and will be accepting experienced wrestlers to take part. To book a place now, email camps@scottishwrestling.co.uk

    Currently contracted by New Japan Pro Wrestling, Fergal Devitt has had an incredibly successful carer in the last decade launching from NWA-UK Hammerlock, to co-founding NWA Ireland and it's training facility to working for several NWA affiliated promotions across the world as well as other well known promotions such as PWG. The wealth of experience he's gained working across the world, including many televised matches, has given him a wealth of knowledge un-matched by most British talent.

    A name familiar to Scottish audiences, Johnny Moss has been a regular in SWA and beyond. Having been a dedicated Hammerlock talent until it's end, Moss has also had a varied international career having worked across the UK, US and Canada and has appeared at several NWA Anniversary events representing his home turf as NWA-UK Champion. A true powerhouse, Moss has grown bigger both physically and in star power over the past few years and having had a hand in training many popular British talents and having hosted the camp in previous years at Area 52, is a true value to the Once in a Lifetime Camp.

    Area 52 is located at:
    Unit 1
    Mossedge Industrial Estate
    Linwood, Renfrewshire
    PA3 3DN

    For more information on the facility, head to http://scottishwrestling.co.uk or email training@scottishwrestling.co.uk

    0 Comments 195 weeks

  • Upcoming Dates

    Currently Unavaliable for bookings

    0 Comments 260 weeks

  • Match History

    Sadly I've never kept a match history...but I'm bored so I'm gonna use the power of the internet and old calanders to try and work out what matches I've done....problem is my phone is my calander and I've had 4 new phones since wrestling...1 of which I only got last month!...so here goes nothing

    Currently missing;
    2x 3CW dates, one was a 8 man tag an another a Royal Rumble.
    Missing a NWA UK Hammerlock show, it was a battle royal
    Also missing a date for an MPW
    Some matches/oppenents with ???
    Missing alot of matches in 2006
    Missing around 35 matches in 2007, most of which I suspect are gala days and camp shows.
    I think theres some 2008 ones missing as well


    July 19th 2003 (SCW) - 7 Man Battle Royal
    - Eliminated by Pete O'Niel & C4

    November 15th 2003 (SCW) - Royal Rumble
    - Eliminated by Conscience

    February 14th 2004 (SCW) - vs. C4 vs. CJ Hunter vs. Aidan Corrigan [Fly the Flag Ladder Match for Young Lions Title]
    - Won by CJ Hunter

    April 17th 2004 (SCW) - vs. Billy Grange [No Count Out]
    - Draw due to interferance

    May 22nd 2004 (MPW)- w/Falcon (Soaring High) Vs Total Annihilation
    - Falcon lost via pinfall

    June 6th 2004 (SWA) - vs. CJ Hunter vs. Grant Dunbar [Friends & Family]
    - Grant Dunbar lost to CJ Hunter via pinfall

    July 16th 2004 (SWA) - vs Grant Dunbar [Friends & Family]
    - Lost via pinfall [Interferanced from Glen Dunbar]

    July 17th 2004 (SWA) - w/Falcon (Soaring High) Vs The Lowlanders
    - Won via pinfall [after a top rope elbow from Flacon]

    Some point here there was a MPW show where I got injured in a Royal Rumble, Eliminated by Conscience

    October 29th 2004 (SWA) - w/Flacon (Soaring High) vs. Gothica [Friends & Family]
    - Lost via pinfall

    November 6th 2004 (SWA) - vs. Falcon [Loser leaves town]
    - Lost by pinfall (Pushed off the top rope)


    November 7th 2004 (3CW) - w/Five Star Flash, Falcon, Edgar Stryfe, someon Vs Chris Charizma, Hatred, Chris Cannon, Billy Grange, someone [10 man elimination tag]
    - Lost [walked out during the match]

    January 25th 2005 (SWA) - w/Jonny Milla, GC Mac & David Russel CJ Hunter, Falcon, Raging Bull & Jamie Walker [Clan Wars Match]
    - Eliminated Raging Bull by pinfall

    April 1st 2005 (Spinner MacKenzie Promotions)- Battle Royal
    -Eliminated by Eric Canyon & Aidan Corrigan

    June 18th 2005 (SWA) - vs. CJ Hunter [Bishopton Day]
    - Won by pinfall (Reverse Pedigree)

    June 18th 2005 (SWA)- w/Dejin Vs KG Tyler & Falcon [Bishoton Day]
    - Won by pinfall

    June 18th 2005 (SWA) - Battle Royal Match [Bishopton Day]
    - Eliminated by ???

    June 25th 2005 (SWA) - vs. Falcon vs. CJ Hunter vs. Raging Bull [T-Division #1 Contender Ladder Match]
    - Lost by dropping case to Raging Bull while fighting on ladder with CJ Hunter

    August 20th 2005 (SWA)- Battlezone 1 [steel cage royal rumble]
    -Eliminated by Jamie Walker

    October 1st 2005 (SWA)- w/CJ Hunter Vs Jamie Walker
    -Lost via tapout

    October 17th 2005 (NWA Hammerlock)- Royal Rumble
    -Eliminated by ???(as Flight)
    -Eliminated by John Ryan (as Micken)

    January 14th 2006 (SWA)- vs Raging Bull [T-Division Trophy]
    -Won via tap out

    February 11th 2006 (SWA)- Vs Darren Lewis [T-Division Trophy]
    -Draw (Both our shoulders were on the mat for 3)

    March 25th 2006 (SWA)- Vs Darren Lewis [T-Division Trophy]
    -Lost via pinfall (had feet on the ropes!)

    March 25th 2006 (SWA)- w/CJ Hunter, Grant Dunbar, Glen Dunbar & White Tiger Vs Falcon, Wolfgang, Darkside, KY Tyle & Johnny Darko (wrestled as Flight)
    -Lost via pinfall (I lay down for Falcon after revealing Flight was Micken and joined the A-List)

    May 13th 2006 (SWA)- Vs White Tiger Vs Eric Canyon [NWA Scottish Heavyweight title]
    -Lost (Eric Canyon pinned White Tiger)

    July 15th 2006 (SWA)- Vs Conscience [#1 Contendership to the NWA Scottish Championship]
    -Won via pinfall

    August 5th 2006 (SWA) -Vs Eric Canyon [NWA Scottish Heavywieght Tite]
    -Lost via pinfall

    September 16th 2006 (SWA)- Battlezone 2 [Deal or No D

    2 Comments 260 weeks

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    Hya hun hws u x

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    Joe Gilfillan

    i have a sexy as hell hand print on my chest now, maybe next time you can sign under it so i have something to remmeber you by ! :) man dropkicked in the balls THREE times in a row lol

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    Happy bday x

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    hey mate, just passing by to say i hope alls well! Take care!

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    No idea if/when you'll reply to this ut thought I'd ask anyway. How's things going with you?

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    Hows the travelin goin

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  • Mark Sweeney
    Mark Sweeney

    Yeah mate not getting down as much as I would like but gonna get that sorted as soon as I can get my license. Being doing some show's though. Spittall was amazing. How's life treating u? U missing me?

  • .AndrewRenwick.

    June...... well its gonna be a while bro. Who has stole your shit ? ...... say goodbye to your facewhash and senton.lol Ive been good man what about you ? alot of nxt .....I mean SOURCE shows so I cant ask for much more. I wrestled billy,Booty in singles matches which were both awsome. see ya soon .x

  • Mark Sweeney
    Mark Sweeney

    U blanking me ya big Fanny?

  • .AndrewRenwick.

    How you doing bud. Where are you now ? and when you coming back..Its been a while now. lol Keep in touch, Andy

  • luv Booty Gunn

    hey bro :) hows things ? enjoyin the job, gutted theres no cunt 2 smack around with kendo sticks and ladders u will be glad 2 cum bk and do that tae me lol.... yep match of the year bro we did it, get back soon so we can do it again :) lol xx

  • That Lavender Blonde X.
    That Lavender Blonde X.

    Ye know I think I missed u 2day :L

    1/28/10 via Mobile
  • luv Dickie Divers

    you know damn well fine you would be invited, problem is your in another continent and i doubt my little hoose will be as good as good ol MIA ;)

  • Adam Shame
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    hey bro hows life treatin you, ud better be living it up and making the most of it or im gonna be disapointed in ya ha ha, yup still the triple x champion....champion of the award winning no 1 british promotion ha ha! Im doin ok and Liza only has 4 weeks left so will keep you up to date on Shame Jnr, missin you 2 gaydo!x

  • Lionheart

    Trying man, trying. How the fuck are you anyways? Miss me? x

  • .AndrewRenwick.

    unfortunately not :( ........ Is that an offer ? BTW......were abouts are you now ?