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We Sound Unsure

And the line up is: Sidetracked (Nu)Michigan We Sound Unsure The Calibre This Dark Room Pocket Change and Orangutwang!

5/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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Minge Records Self Published
Millstreet Ireland
Lemon Jelly, Daft Punk, The Beatles, Monty Python, ELO, Coldplay, Pixies, Don Davis, Juno Reactor, Rob Dougan, Metallica, The Divine Comedy, Murray Gold, Biffy Clyro, Blink182 and much more
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About Me

EP ONLINE!!! Have a Sconce, you faggits.
Me, Myself, and I
We Sound Unsure! Still! After all this time.
We've been a band for just over a year now and its been a bumpy ride but we're still here!
We hail from the tiny hamlet of Millstreet and we're like the best band here. Seriously.

Jamie Hooper attempts to sing and play keyboard to the happiness of his sometimes massive crowds.
Martin Murphy keeps us all in time, never hesitating to use physical force to keep us that way...and play the drums.
Timmy Keane feels the vibrating frequencies of his bass in the depths of his soul, caressing the deep notes like a lover.
And Conor Hooper...plays guitar.

Last September we recorded some Choons in Tralee. Check it out, bi.
They're 5 of our originals but by fuck we've got a rake o' orginals we didn't have time to record. And they're all quare good, like.

We also organise the entirely alcohol-free Goth Milk events

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WE SOUND UNSURE: When Cosmic Marmalade Men Strike!

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    We recently had a great time thanks to our friends in "Hammered" and the other organizy types at the University of Limerick and were back in time to do our homework...ish.
    The crowd wasn't the thickest but we'd a good time...definitely worth it mind.

    To paraphrase a colloquialism "Lovely Gig".

    0 Comments 224 weeks

  • The Marmalade Men Invade Moscow!

    Hello all,
    We're all very excited that a radio station in Russia called Radio Ultra, in Moscow, is set to play crowd favourite "When Marmalade Men Strike" this Saturday. This will be our very first radio airplay and it's in Russia of all places which makes this even more special to us. If anyone wants to tune in saturday night do.You can stream the station live from their website www.radioultra.ru . Who knows maybe the Marmalade Men will invade the airwaves near you real soon,fingers crossed.

    Fucking Russia, man.

    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • Last fm

    Last fm
    we have been recently been added to a site called Last fm,by Paddy O'Connor a We Sound Unsure faithful.:) . For those of you who don't know what Last fm is here's some information:

    Last.fm is a music service that learns what you love...

    Every track you play will tell your Last.fm profile something about what you like. It can connect you to other people who like what you like - and recommend songs from their music collections and yours too.

    …and as you use Last.fm, you make it better for you and everyone else.

    When you recommend some music to a friend, or you tag it, or you write about it - even just listening to it - you shift the song's importance on the site. It'll be recommended to different people, because you've listened to it. It'll move up our music charts and maybe more people will hear it because you thought it was good.
    So ya it's a pretty nifty site,so here's the link and get LISTENING!!!!!!!,

    0 Comments 230 weeks

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  • Funky Fish Youth Cafe
    Funky Fish Youth Cafe

    Hey guys, just wondering if you are looking for gigs these days? We've been taking a break from gigs, but are planning to restart with a gig on August 20th. If that goes well we would hope to have a about 1 gig per month. Interested??

  • Funky Fish Youth Cafe
    luv Funky Fish Youth Cafe

    Hey lads, i think you asked for a gig one time? Well this is short notice but I have a cancellation this Wednesday which is up for grabs to the first band to get back to me :) It is heat 2 of our song competition but even if a band wants to play without competing that would be fine too. Gig starts at 8pm. You would be playing with The Forsaken and Publicity Stunt.

  • That Guy Productions
    That Guy Productions

    That was fucking amazing.. You've made us proud

  • Claire Pigott

    GO WE SOUND UNSURE WOOHOO YE ROCK!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TylvU...

  • Funky Fish Youth Cafe
    Funky Fish Youth Cafe

    ***** FUNKY FISH SONG COMPETITON 09 ***** Have you a song you are proud of? It could win you a full day recording session at The Surgery Recording Studio, Clonakilty. Heat 1: July 8th Heat 2: August 5th Final: August 19th €20 entry fee. Song writer/performers must all be aged 13 - 18 (i.e. 18 is ok, 19 is too old) Interested??? Check out our blog for more information ....and SPREAD THE WORD :) ..

  • Conor Hooper

    I am so so glad you cleared that up for me Lukas. It was tormenting me, like a splinter at the back of skull for weeks and I just couldn't put my finger on it. Hurrah for Hermitry!

  • The Non-Gay Conor OLeary

    in super mario 3, thew "king of the desert" was a mariop sprite with black skin.

  • Michigan

    Hey you!! ;) We'll be seeing YOU at GMIII!!! G'luck with the aul exams!!

  • Conor Hooper

    HI SIMON!!!!!!!!!1 Goth Milk has been renamed (our superiors felt this was an exclusatory and discriminative title) so now its "Streets Ahead" (geddit?) Page can be accessed from any of our profiles methinks! Happy Calibrating!

  • Driftwood Recordings

    Driftwood Recordings. EPs, Demos & Albums. Now Taking Bookings for May For more information contact: driftwoodrecordings@yahoo.com www.myspace.com/driftwoodrecordings

  • Simon
    luv Simon

    Win tickets to see The Calibre :L Compliments to the brilliant soul with the photoshop skills. Any Goth Milk this year? I got a text about Martins mom and how it might not go ahead :( Hope your keeping dandy!

  • Lydia Face
    luv Lydia Face

    You guys were really awesome last night! I'm sorry about your shitty amps. =D xxx

  • The Non-Gay Conor OLeary

    i bet that bellow is video of a dude eating his own penis

  • Michigan

    Hey! We left a link to your bebo on our website! Check it out: www.michigan-band.co.cc !

    luv HAMMERED

    much love

  • Timmy Keane
    Timmy Keane

    Lovely Gig, Epic Sucess

  • Andre McGowan
    Andre McGowan

    a music gig what ya think lik:P ye just get little slot to fill lik nothin too major ill see if the lads lik ye and get back to ye think its 3 weeks away

  • Andre McGowan
    luv Andre McGowan

    ill get back to ye k it be in bout 4 weeks

  • Paddy Padman
    luv Paddy Padman

    Yep, I did, just had some time to kill so I put ye up there!!

  • Paddy Padman 2/17/09

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