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  • Female, Luv 8
  • from cheshire
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 5/16/09
  • www.bebo.com/sammyfriend
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Me, Myself, and I

♥ MY NAM3 :: ℓεӘh ♥

♥ ii AM :: 14 ♥

♥ MY HOM3 TOWN iiS :: HЧ∂ε ♥

♥ ii AM CUR3NTLY :: TӘkεи ♥

♥ MY FAV3 COLOUR iiS :: gяεεи & Чεℓℓow Әt thε momεиt ♥

♥ ii AM iiN Y3AR :: 10 ♥

♥ ii LiiV3 WiiTH :: MЧ Mum & ∂a∂ & Sis ♥

♥ ii LOV3 :: Bεiиg With MЧ Fяiεи∂s & BoЧFяiεи∂ ♥

║║╔☆╦╦╦═ ║╚╝╠☆╦╦╗
║╚╣║║ ║║╩ ╚╗╔╣║║║ ║

♥ i ℓovε ∂j music и ℓoӘds moяε ♥
♥ i ℓovε titӘиtic ♥
♥ the Ә bit of sports i ℓove swimmiи ♥
Scared Of
♥ i ∂oиt иo wot i'm scӘяε∂ of i'm a bit scӘяε∂ of spi∂εяs ♥
Happiest When
♥ i'm out with my m8s и wεяε Әℓℓ toghtεя Әvin a ℓӘugh n ∂яinkiи ♥
Wot i look 4 in a lad
♥ Thεy Әvε 2 Әve spikЧ haiя, tяεaӘt mε яight, Әиd Әvε a g∂ figεя♥
my fav animals
♥ ∂oℓphiиs i wud ℓovε 2 swim with thεm. i ℓovε cӘts thεЧ я cutε n i ℓovε ∂ogs ♥

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You'll die at forty because of alcohol.
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What Type of Kisser Are You?
What Type of Heart Do You Have?
Are You Sexy, Flirty, or a Slut?
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  • Shelliie Tayylor
    Shelliie Tayylor

    I scored $385 in my spare time doing simple tasks! I went to - http://x.co/KTCq Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Gabby Ox
    Gabby Ox

    Hey Leahh Omg I Had A Well Good Day Today ! ! ! Hope You Had A Good Christmas And Got Everything That You Want Love Youuu ox

  • Kirkee Annee
    luv Kirkee Annee

    heyahh u ok ermm just fought i wud leave ya a message nd sum luv Kirkee xx

  • Audra Whitson

    sup! I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names amarillonupk@hotmail.com byes :]

    10/14/08 via Mobile
  • Hayley C
    luv Hayley C

    Hey Hunii Is tht (small) dik freak stiill goin on wt da hell lol hes mad aint he lol and i av prove tht hes hassling me he aint got any prove tht iv been hassling him lol n he jus tlk a load ov bullshit lol hes stiill lying every1 can see it lol lol i aint jus me n u leah lol x wotta ass hole x goin on bwt a kid yea ryt lol nd tht he cheated on me wen he wz wiv me i dnt believe tht 4 a second + 1 ov his m8s at ma skl sed hes jus doin it to wind me up nd i kno he is he finks it bovering me lmfao x like he wud bova me lol i got otha fings on ma mind nw lol x callin me a slag hahaha woteva !!! pmsl !!! ryt bk hunii lvya xxxx if u can lol x

  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth

    i ave nt got no kid ma ex iz aveing a kid nd it a gal i cheated wiv wen i was wiv hayley nd every 1 sez it mine nd u cn tel that slag ov a m8 shje hassling me so tel her to get her fucked up mardas head rite xxxxxxxxxxxx 10 4 owt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hayley C
    luv Hayley C

    wtf thts bullshit xx iiyyaaa huniii u k ?? wubu2?? ow stupid aye lol they cant jus leave me alone can they x they alwayz say its meee thts hasseling thm mur like its them hasseling meee lol x luv ya xxxxxx

  • Alex Power
    Alex Power

    jony better of wiv owt hayley coz he gt a kid to think bwt nw but she al way texting im ask to met im she ned to getit in head slag ov a as head it OVER

  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth

    me n hayley r better off wiv owt each other coz she tried takeing over ov am life nd i cunt be arsed wiv that anyway ma life 100 times better nw so good ridens

  • Hayley C
    luv Hayley C

    iiyyaa bbe yea im owt 2nyt x nd yea I kno Im beta off wivowt him I got sum1 beta nw :D lol x lvya xxxxxx

  • Kirkee Annee
    luv Kirkee Annee

    Hey Leah How your hols so far? wubu2? And seriously wt iz tht finga thing all about at the top of yaa page???? You lyk lads to have a good finga whatever floats ya boat kiddo haha tap bck kirkee

  • Tom S
    luv Tom S

    hi sexy wubu2 how are u u got msn wb loveya

  • Tom S
    Tom S

    hi leah wubu2 how are u wb love ya

  • Alex Power
    Alex Power

    yes yes leah how r u nd wuu2 nd i jst gt bk frm hoilday

  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth

    hello how r u nd seen u in time how r things btw diz nt jonny diz alex cuming all the way frm camarocko

  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth

    holla how did the singing go

  • Hayley C
    Hayley C

    iya i kno we dnt tlk bt its stupid nt to tlk coz i av nown u all ma lyf nearly but its you choice and u av made it. WB

  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth


  • JOnny Fruhwirth
    JOnny Fruhwirth

    rite diz iz the end nw no mre sed about it