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Andrew Simkiss Enih

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7/15/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from BLƋKӘNƋLL ♥
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  • do this please ♥

    1.Wud you hug me?
    2.Wud you kiss me?
    3.Wud you shag me?
    4.Wud you go out clubbin wiv me?
    5.Wud you be my friend?
    6.Wud you kick my arse?
    7.Wud you go out wiv me if I asked you?
    8.Wud you take a shower wiv me?
    9.Wud you let me take a bath wiv you?
    10.Do you like dance?
    11.Are we friends?
    12.Are we enermys?
    13. Am i hot?:
    14. Am i a flirt?:
    15. Am I sweet?:
    16. Am I crazy?:
    17. Am I loveable?:
    18. Am I funny?:
    19. Am I annoying?:
    20. Am I phsyco?:
    21. Am I daring?:
    22. Am I a good person?:
    23. Am I a good dancer?:
    24. Am I a fun person to be around?:
    25. Am I a good friend?:
    26. Am I always looking for a good time?:
    27. Am I always looking for an adrenalin rush?:
    28. Am I horrible?
    29. Are you going to put this on ut blog to see what i say about you?
    30. Ne thing to say b4 You Go?

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  • hakced

    Buzzzzz. what a ladd aччч? чou alwaчs used to make me LOL when we was out in walsall. robbin чour hat all de tчmm. and when i was walkin round tinkin i was bod cuz i had чour pouch onn LOL! wel чeahh tbhh we had our ups and down but still strong inittt. i love чou buzzчч. Rhiii xx

    1 Comment 194 weeks

  • would чou?

    would чou want to meet andrew?
    would чou ever want to hug him?
    would чou ever want to hold hands with him?
    would чou ever want to kiss kim?

    8 Comments 199 weeks