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Barry Croffy

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  • Male, Luv 62
  • from Ballinasloe,Pure Town
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About Me

"Mmmmm... I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone... come and see how good I look."
Me, Myself, and I
Wats da story wit ya,i live in b'sloe co.Galway,home of St.Grellans football club....im GRELLANS til i die and dats a fact,pure town..i love goin out for a session it's a MAD laugh wit da bhoy's n town..im in college in NUIG wastin my life away in galway..dats me really,g-luck. ...!!

Oh YA...ADD ME ON MSN AT b.croffy@hotmil.com

What ever people say I am, That's what I'm not!!!

(='.'=) This is Bunny.Put him on your
(")_(") homepage and help him on his
The Other Half Of Me
Jack Reynolds

Jack Reynolds

he likes 2walk down da garvahey road..

i really like music could type for days, bob dylan, radiohead arctic monkeys, the killer's, snow patrol, arcade fire, bloc party, css, oasis, kasier chiefs, razorlight, hard-fi, kasabian, muse, kings of leon, coldplay, republic of loose D.M.B ...director, delorentos, interp
 ol, the twang, editors, you say party we say die, the kooks, calvin harris, supergrass, paddy casey, damien rice, keane, the police..like heavy shit aswel metalica, megadeth, system of a down, rage against the machine..love daft-punk, hardhouse, techno, scot project, lisa lashes, mauro picoto, marco-v, tiesto, prodigy, chemical brothers 2name but a few..id listen 2 any thing really, if its good
Superbad!!!!!!!!300...The wind that shakes the barley, Micheal Collins, Walk the line, Blades of glory.BORAT.Snatch is unreal, vanila sky, all da scary movies, football factory, green street, lock stock and two smoking barrel's, troy, apocailepto, ali g in da house.team america.gladeator.alpha dog, anchorman, zoolander any thing with will ferrell or ben stiller or adam sandler, funny goys!!
GA Football, i dable in some hurling!!!grellans til i die!!!man united 4eva!!!
Scared Of
NOTING!!!Except Donel Fenton!!!he is made of steel!!!and dat jewish guy at oxegen, he was a freak!!!
My Life
porn and the arctic monkeys, they were unreal at malahide castle
oxegen08 i got veary drunk
oxegen07 its all a big blur of wkd music, cans of every thing, tents and walkin round in shite, if u want 2 have a class weekend at oxegen go with jack, jamie and me, i have such a six pack from all da laughin..

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  • St.Grellan

    According to the hagiography The Life of St. Grellan, Grellan lived during the 5th century time of Saint Patrick. Grellan was assigned a site to build a church at Achadh Fionnabhrach, by Duach Gallach, a King of Connacht. Duach Gallach granted Grellan the site to build his church after Grellan brought back to life by baptism Duach Gallach's stillborn son, Eoghan Sriabh.

    Achadh Fionnabhrach has been ever since called Craobh Ghrealláin (Irish for 'the branch of Grellan'), named after the branch which king Duach and St. Patrick presented to St. Grellan, in token of possession. The king also ordered that seven garments should be given from every chieftain's wife as a tribute to the young cleric.

    After this Grellan proceeded to the upper third of Connnacht and continued to traverse the country but he eventually settled and established a church at Cill Cluaine (or Kilclooney, near present-day Ballinasloe) in Magh Seincheineoil, a territory occupied by the Firbolg and led by Cian.

    Intervention in Fir Bolg-Colla da Chrioch battle
    The area was invaded by the Gaelic tribe of Colla da Chrioch from the Kingdom of Oriel, led the semi-legendary figure Maine Mór who was accompanied by his father, Eochaidh Ferdaghiall, and his two sons Breasal and Amlaff (also Amhalgaidh). His battalions descended on the territory and plundered the country. Acting as an intermediary, Grellan negotiated a peace between the parties. To consummate the peace, Cian, of the Firbolg, organised a feast to which Amlaff was invited but subsequently taken hostage.

    Amlaff was now the bargaining power the Firbolgs held over the Gaels. While in captivity however, Amlaff managed offend a Firbolg official through a romantic entanglement with his wife. Amlaff was killed, and with him died the Firbolg’s leverage against the Gaels. With the Gaels expecting a truce, Cian decided to catch them off guard with a surprise attack.

    From the door of his church, Grellan became aware of the build-up of the Firbolg's weapons. As he was the guarantee between the two factions, this development put him in a precarious situation. Legend states that he prayed to God, who caused the Firbolgs to be swallowed into the earth at the bog of Magh Liach during battle with the Gaels.

    Grellan subsequently granted the territory to Maine Mór and his people. The area became known as Hy-Many or Uí Maine kingdom, whose people became known as the Uí Maine. The Uí Maine paid tribute to Grellan, who became the patron saint of the clans and families who descended from Maine Mór, including the O Ceallaigh (Kelly), O Madadhan (Madden), O Neachtáin (Naughton),O Crofaigh (Croffy), Ó Domhnalláin (Donnellan), O Mullally (Lally) and O Fallamháin (Fallon) families.

    St. Grellan’s Crozier, or Bachall Grealláin was given to the Uí Maine with the territory, and was thenceforth borne in their standard on the battlefield. This crozier was in existence up to the early 19th century.

    Use of name in modern times
    St Grellan's Gaelic football club is named after Grellan, as
    is St Grellan's Terrace, a public housing estate, in Ballinasloe. St Grellan's Boys' National School, now Scoil an Chroí Naofa, was also named in his honour. Also in Ballinasloe, Grellan's Well is located in the townland of Tobergrellan (meaning Grellan's Well).

    Although rare, Grellan is a boy's first name.


    ST. GRELLAN’S ROLL OF HONOUR: (1913-’19, 1922-’29, 1939, 1944-’45, 1979-’80) - 20 county championships, second only to Tuam Stars.

    BALLINASLOE'S association with Gaelic games can be traced back beyond the inaugural meeting of the G.A.A. which was held in Thurles on November 1st, 1884; on an earlier date in 1884 Killimor and the Dublin metropolitan Hurling team played a hurling challenge in Ballinasloe and included in that Dublin party was Michael Cusack who, later in the same year, was to be a founder member of the Association

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  • g.a.a

    Mantach - missing front teeth eg. Mairtín Staunton is mantach

    Báite - eg "I gave it báite" - I put a fair bit of effort into it

    Stomached - surprised eg. "Jays, when he came up behind me I was awful stomached"

    Bollix - John Denton or Pat Spillane

    Mighty - very good

    Hames - a right mess - eg. "he made a hames of that clearance"

    Timber - intimidation of a hurling opponent

    Welt - swing at

    Lamp - a good thump

    A Crowd – e.g. "that crowd from Ardrahan are a right shower of shites"

    Schkelp - a good thump

    Bullin' - angry. eg. "the centre half back was bullin' after I lamped him"

    Bull thick - very angry

    Joult - a push

    Joshel - a shoulder push

    The Comm-it-eeee - Local GAA bullshitters in general

    Bushted - eg. "Jayz me arm is bushted"

    Bomber - a very popular nickname for a GAA player

    A hang sangwidge - consumed with tay on the sides of roads after matches in Croker or Thurles.

    Citeog - he hit it with his citeog. ie. left handed/footed

    Warp - hit something hard as in "I'll fuckin' warp you"

    Blast - A great amount of anything.

    Rake - Also a great amount of anything, usually pints of Guinness

    A Shamozzle - a group of players shkelpin' one another but not exactly hittin' anyone at the same time!

    Flakin' - usually goes on for a whole game..... eg. "Jayz Paul Cooney gave Pateen Higgins an awful flakin' below in Loughrea on Sunday". To "flake" a lad for a whole game usually starts off with a bit of the aforementioned "joshellin'" and "joultin'" and develops into a bit of "weltin'" and may even result in a good "lampin'" for the victim especially if he gets "bull thick".

    Namajaysus - What was that for, referee?

    Ya-bollix-ya - Corner back's formal recognition of a score by his opponent

    Leh-it-in-ta-fuck-would-ya - Full forward's appeal to a midfielder for a more timely delivery of the pass

    Mullocker - untidy or awkward players

    Horsed - bout of rough play or intimidatory tactics as in “we horsed them out of it

    Horse - untidy or rough player. There's one in every club

    Row - Fight involving four or more players swinging hurleys like lunatics

    Massive Row - Row involving both team,substitutes and supporters jumping fences

    Running Row - A massive row that continues out in the parking area and/or dressing room areas

    ** Here's a few more you'd hear around South Galway **:

    "Come up ta Fuck"- A corner back back trying to rise the ball in bad conditions

    "Lord Lantern Jaysus.." - "The next time you do that I'll fuckin kill ya"

    "a hape" - A big quantity (Heap)

    "in the paw" - To catch the ball.

    "a Brawl" - A collection of bodies in disagreement with each other.

    "a Dinger" - Usually a fast wing forward who can leave his opponent "for Dust".

    "a right Cunt" - The Ref was a bit biased towards the other team.

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  • DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats your Name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. would u fuk me?
    7. Describe me in 3 words?
    8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    9. What was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11.. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13. How well do u know me?
    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Could you ever love me?
    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?

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  • Mollie O' Donnell
    luv Mollie O' Donnell

    Hey Bar. How are you? Long time no chat? Any chance of getting in your top 16? chat soon xxx

  • Babz Aka Quentonio Lynch
    Babz Aka Quentonio Lynch

    hey this siite is screwin up rite now and sendingg out ipaaaads 2 to every1 for frreee, i got mine deliverred today!!! hurry look http://apps.facebook.com/listofprodd...

    6/6/11 via Mobile
  • Emmet C

    dont ever cum on my page aegain

  • Declan Bennett
    Declan Bennett

    Listen croffy boy anytime ya need a hand gettin home or anythin its no bother lik carryin ya up all dem stairs is no hassle lik! :L p.s only actin tough incase da boys read dis thanks a million , i owe you a can of vodca when ya hit limerick again:L :L :D !

  • Emma Keller
    Emma Keller

    Hey Bar! just an invite to my 21st on saturday 29th of august in gullanes! hope u can make it! Emma :)

  • Aisling Brannelly
    Aisling Brannelly

    Hey bazzzzzz:D Just invitin you to mine, Adrains and Linda O’ Briens 21st in Hayden's Hotel next Saturday the 15th of Aug Kickin off at about 9pm… hope u can make it! Much luv Ash Bran:D Xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Ciara Smyth
    Ciara Smyth

    ul c me at the table quiz eh? .....hmmm...were u hiding under a table perhaps?! u owe me muny slut :P liam will kill u....

  • Alan Naughton
    Alan Naughton

    well croff if ur out sat week call in... My 21st Saturday 30th Bank holiday weekend in Downeys…Line up yet 2 be confirmed…After party yet 2 be confirmed … Free shots -Confirmed… !!! Get in early ….. Hope to see ya then!!!

  • Eddie Nolan
    Eddie Nolan

    leaving before i said hello,bad form croffy!:L

  • Helen Kenny
    luv Helen Kenny

    Barry Croffy take those stupid cup's or what ever ye lik to call them in th TOWN..out of my face. xxxx

  • Davie Mc
    luv Davie Mc

    till i die croff! has luke been tellin ya stories?dnt believe a word of it!

  • Emma Renehan
    Emma Renehan

    Gimme a bed!! Im homeless for RAG week!!!:( Im gonna wreck ur gaf tho!!!:D :D wooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Aidan O'Grady
    luv Aidan O'Grady

    wat a guy

  • John K
    John K

    hey!my 18th is on friday the 13th of feb rnd 9 o clock in downeys!bring hu ya want!hope 2 c ya der!!,,.

  • Orla.A

    two words........... ...apology accepted!

  • MD

    How was athenry?? Haha hilarious!

  • Jamie Kelly
    luv Jamie Kelly

    Barry I love you!!

  • Jamie Kelly
    Jamie Kelly

    Ohn noff noff, Galway thursday???