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As LdotY's newly appointed manager its down to me to advertise and spread the word of him. soo visit www.myspace.com/lyricalliam, thankyou

9/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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Is that you bag head !?
Me, Myself, and I

☆┌─┐  ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
The Other Half Of Me
DJ Ken

DJ Ken

Fuckin Piss Funny Lad !! Bma !

Tunes Atm
Im into abit o' True Hardcore, Dubstep, i dont mind abit of Drumb & Bass. or Jungle ;)
The Boyyz!
Kennedy !, Tom J, Rob Mason , Cazza, Rolland, L dot Y, Beard, Jakey H, Sammy D, Watts, Stew, Sherwood, Crewe, Oli, Sherlie, Rosie, Bancroft, Froberg, Peachy, Jack L, Chris, Kyle, Dude, Andy B, Crispy And many more wonderful guyys :)
The Place To Be
ROCKS.. If you aint there then your life must be poop !!, its the place to be these days children, just the right place to get ya sen to SMEGSVILLE !!
Sherwood U.t.d
Sherwood is the team a play for in a saturday league, nearly all of lads who play for us are part of the Friday & Saturday squad ;) , Just got promoted this season, going up into div 1, COME ON GUYS ;) ,
Happy Kid
Get ya sen out and get some ..CIDERRR.. Lol !!
Need a Bird !!
Any offers please leave your name, date of birth, what country you are from, and number within a message :O , Thankyou
1 Last Thing
Peace Peeeps, Ave a good en', and 'Oright Gang !!'

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  • Liam Young
    luv Liam Young

    hi mate here giv me sum luv

  • KatieKins.
    luv KatieKins.

    jackjackjack (L)

  • Rose'
    luv Rose'

    Hello Jack! :) xx

  • H W '
    luv H W '

    Helloo (:,im great tar n you ? Ohh its alryt Hehe :L &+ gdgd lol it wernt that slippy today (: erm notbad thankyou n you ? have my love back :D ,xx

  • Megan Crooks
    Megan Crooks

    err jack, just read ur comment on hollys bebo, shouldnt u be saying sorry to me :o it was me hu got pushed the most! i wa nearly on the floor :L x

  • Victoria
    luv Victoria

    sorry i didn't write back the other day, i didn't realise you had commented back & then i just found it when i clicked on view alll comments! :D anyhow! happy new year lovley:D i heard you was extremely drunk & a little bit sick?! haha:L i tell you jack you've got to learn to handle your beeer!:O i came to see you at toms & the lot & you wasn't there!:O mind you i dont think i got there until like 01.15 lmao!:L party animal mee!;) oh yes jack, i also heard you got a you no what off of you no who!;) haha:L good lad!:P loveyou!(L)

  • Thomas

    you should feel priviledged mark ronson is replying to you ;) haha ye ye newyear and christmas was good a very family one you :) ? mentally challenging games means abuse from you and dave on sidelines dont it :L nice one bravaaa ile take it ;) not playing GOOD that means you wont boot me haha but im sure you will get a MINYON to do it ;) dont know about you but im missing mr gibson :L remember when we get back our subway coupon booklets start ;) loveya bud :)

  • Maisie.
    luv Maisie.

    FATTER ASS!! detention! right now stupid child! yeeee s;all fine as a dandy now. orrr there pure babes a tell yaaa! :D LMAOLMAOLMAO! you fat mo'fuccckkkkaaaaaaa. uuuuurr gonna turn into a turkayy i telll yaaaaaaa. ;D! PAHA?! you skinner than me? NEXT JOKE. you fat bitch. it's gonna take alot alot of time till you lose weight. fat fooook. what did you get for xmas? just foood? ;) have some love back even tho your probably not botherd. but if it was cake. jeeezz another story pal ;) JACK MARSH IS A FAT BASTARD. ye you 'erd. loveyyaaa(L).

  • Narnar
    luv Narnar

    good good im fine thank you :) my bastarding cold is beginning to piss me off though >:( yday i went town with lauraa & met crewe, rob, sherwood, tom james & reidy. then went outtt to garys. what did you doo? :D loveyou;x

  • Narnar

    youuu alright duckkkkkkk(: loveyou;x

  • Narnar

    jack jack jack jack. :]

  • Maisie.
    luv Maisie.

    IYERR FAT MO'FUKKKAAA ;D! erm it was alrightt thankyou!! apart from all my family fell out. aha. my dad wouldn't come to my grandmas for dinner (cos my mum & dad aren't together) & my grandma started crying saying its not nice when people spend xmas by themselves so she rang him & my dad broke down crying on the phone to my gran :( so my mum went to go fetch my dad but he wouldn't come , then my uncle was like im fuckingg of 'ome if this is all going off hahaha ;D! all happy familes in the williamson household i'll tell ya ;) ! i just sat there like :| & just munching on the chocolate profiteroles yummm (: your xmas anygooood? :D did you leave a mince piee out for santa (a)? or did you just eat it instead YOU FAT BITCH. omg! you babe!! ;) i can't wait to read that badboyy! (H) hahha :L i've got your present to yano. tredmill & a ticket to join weightwatchers classes. (Y)! loooollll. have some love back shit head. :D ahloveya!(L).

  • Narnar

    jacckua! :) its late but oh well, merry christmas! :D hope you got everything you wanteed! & had a good day. see you soon (: iloveyou xx

  • Rose'
    luv Rose'

    merry christmas. ily.'#

  • .Claire
    luv .Claire

    Aupp =] :P Why when did you see me?? =s?? Im ok now got few bruises :O ! Lovee backk Clairee..xx