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.-X Lozz X

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  • Female, 20, Luv 65
  • from вυяитωσσ∂∂ χ χ
  • I am Single
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About Me

X_ huuummmm...?_X
Me, Myself, and I
◄▬ ∂σηт ℓιкє؟
∂σηт ℓσσк!
∂σєѕ ѕнє ¢αяє؟∂σєѕ ѕнє ƒυ¢к!

тнє вσяιηg вιтѕ
∂σωη тнєяє ↓

тнє єχ¢ιтιηg вιт
←яιgнт тнєяє

иαмєš -- ℓσяєи
вєšтƒяιєи∂s-- annie floyd
¢σℓσυя нαιя -- иαтяυℓу вℓσи∂ вυт иσω вяυиєтт:-)
ℓινєš -- вυяитωσσ∂

● ¢вα αиумσяєє ●

χ_ ¢ℓαяι¢єє _χ
ωнαтт ωυ∂ ι ∂σ ωι∂ συтт ∂ιš ğαℓℓ αууу ι ℓυνν αα тσσ ρєι¢єєšš мαии ℓσσℓ šнє ιš αℓωαуšš ∂єяє ƒσяяя мєнн и єνєяууƒιикк и šнє αšš αℓωαуšš вєєи σи му šι∂є ιƒ ι ανν ƒєℓℓ συтт ωι∂∂ αиу 域 мα м8zz♥

χχχχ ℓуℓ вαувєє χχχχ
χ_ ℓσσиєуу_ χ
ωєℓℓℓ ι ℓσνєє ∂ιšš ğαℓℓ утσσ ρє¢ιєєšš ∂єяš иσт α ℓσт ι ¢αяя šαуу נυš ∂αттт šнє αš вєєи мα м8 šιи¢є ∂αуу 1 ℓσσℓ αℓωαуššš ∂єяє ƒσяя мєнн 22 ℓуℓ вαувєєє :ρ χχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχ♥
Riight beth then, welll all i can sayy is she is a total mad headd, but uu have so got to love herr. Mee n beth have not always got along butt we have always been theree for each otherr. Now since we started yeear 9 we have come closerr. Wee have a laugh noww. Its acee, iloveyou hun xxx bmtte xxx
ωєℓℓ ι ∂ит иσ ... ℓσσℓ ωнαтт ¢αи ι šαуу вσυт ∂ιš ğαℓℓ ∂єи ... ●● ωєℓℓ šнє ιš α šтυииєя ι ℓσνє нєя тσ ρє¢ιєš ℓσσℓ ωє нανє α∂ ℓσα∂š σƒ яσωš вυт αℓωαуš мα∂є υρ ℓσσℓ●●... ℓσσℓ ℓуℓ ввє χχχχ♥
jesssieee, dis gal is the best person i have everr met, like really.! iloveher to pieces we have a riight laugh lool, we are totaly kevin and perry go large biggest fanss. lmaoo jessiee, thats not fairr !!. but yearr thanks for being thereee babee, iloveyou bmttvvvvvve xxx

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  • heyy blog x

    heyyaahhh blogg cn yhuu gett people to write mehh i coment i get bored otherwise byeee x

    1 Comment 298 weeks

  • mehh x

    heyyaahhh blog i am sooo bored at dis very moment 3/11/07 16:47 lool bye x

    1 Comment 298 weeks

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  • Beth
    luv Beth

    heya chic u okaii i look at sum times 4 the cinema and will 7pm be okaii 4 u n dont 4get 2 ask u mum lol wb ilu xx

  • His Soulmate
    luv His Soulmate

    Have Love' wnt it bk tho

  • Looney

    Thanks babe Xxx iloveyouu..x

    6/29/09 via Mobile
  • Looney
    luv Looney

    Heyloo babe x u okayy? Wuu2 ova the wkend then? N av my luv cud i av it bk plz? Write bk. Xxx iloveyouu..xxX

    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • His Soulmate
    luv His Soulmate

    Havee my love bbe x wnt it bk thox

  • Looney
    luv Looney

    Av my luv x

    6/16/09 via Mobile
  • His Soulmate
    luv His Soulmate

    Hve my love uu shexxaiii bitchh z xx

  • Looney

    thnx bbe bt i av ran out sorryy :( u okayy?? wuu2? write bk iloveyouu..x bmfeae xxx

  • His Soulmate
    His Soulmate

    bless yya tyy 4 tha luv i aint gt anyyy left but i will give uu sum 2 mozz xx

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    heya chic howz ur week bin wuu2?? cyahh munday write back av me last love xx

  • Morganjadee.
    luv Morganjadee.

    oi loren. never speak to me anymore "/ x

  • LOveyou
    luv LOveyou

    hellooo m'darlin; earssss urr love bk chick :D iloveuu lots :D xxx

  • Looney

    heyy bbe u okayy?? n wuu2? i av ran out of luv bt cud i av urs lol??..n i wil giv u 1 2morro or nxt week... n thnx 4 the picture comments :D anyways write back iloveyouu..x bmfeae xxx

  • Morganjadee.

    hahaaa (: yeye are youu? x x

  • Morganjadee.
    luv Morganjadee.

    have some love my darlin (: xx

  • His Soulmate
    luv His Soulmate

    thanx 4 my love darlin have sme backk ilove'youlots..x

  • His Soulmate
    luv His Soulmate

    Heyy. u okaii Loren Turner, have my love' its been gr8 u bein wiv us at lunch, ilove'youlots..x

  • Morganjadee.

    heyyy babeee. how did you do at the showw with nikytaa? wb iloveyouu. x

  • Looney

    Hey ok? N wubu2? Write bk x iloveyouu..x bmfeae x

    4/27/09 via Mobile