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You are wrong, fucked, and overrated!

2/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 123
  • I am Single
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About Me

卐It creeps up and takes control卐
Me, Myself, and I
Im Tony if youd like to get to know me ask for my msn (y)
The specials, dexys midnight runners, madness, supertramp, So
 ftcell.the selecter, rammestein, coal chamber, CKY, cradle of filth, KoRn, slipknot, chimaria, system of a down, cannibal corpse, Nirvana, Fear factory, bullet for my valentine, Dimmu borgir, Avenged sevenfold, Dr.acula, Deathstars.
big trouble in littel china, alien vs preadator, Romper stomper, This is england, pulpfiction, viva la bam not a film but you know
skateboaridng thats it really im not very sporty =] (even though my board is a pile of shite)
Angst vor
Im extremely scared of pie (the food and also the maths formula)
glücklichsten, wenn
on msnnn
Fuck your misery
I don’t wana feel this
Lies deceit, I don’t even want you
Get the fuck away from me
I don’t owe you
Or your misery
I won’t be your shoulder to cry on
I won’t pity you, or your lies
I won’t waste my time with you
But now you’re gone you feel the pain deep inside of you
It lingers on your mind
That sinking feeling in your head
Creeps up and takes control
Like a hand to your throat
The despair you’re drowning in
And no ones there to save you
I won’t be your shoulder to cry on
I won’t pity you, or your lies
I won’t waste my time with you
Its time to end these continued lies
Go and be the top of someone else’s pride

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  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Lovee for tonyy :) xxxxx

  • Leah
    luv Leah

    well im back now ... obviously.. i didnt really tell no1....so its cool. it was ace. and hot and not like it is here haha....yhh rly enjoyed it thanks. x

  • Smirf.

    Heya tony havent spoken to you in time! You Ok? Ox.

  • Blah

    hey tonyy, you okay? no love sorry x

  • Leah
    luv Leah

    ok iv reaslised i didnt have your myspace.....it was bebo. soo im on here....for once in a loooong time. ok so have my love...mayaswell. oo err i used to love bebo x

  • Blah
    luv Blah

    ttly stole ur skin. fit or wut. loveage x

  • Hoey'Chloe
    luv Hoey'Chloe

    lovee your you kahh we find it incredibly hard to hate eachother :L i cant believe that only lasted 18hrs ! how lame are we ,, fucking lol loveageeee ----->

  • FuuckFacce

    Get YOur Arse On Msn IOIs

  • Smirf.

    Mr Tony WE LOVE YOU ♥ o_O Ox.