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can all members please encourage family and friends to join there is strength in numbers together. we can make a difference.

8/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Iams is a pet food company there brand is one of the most expensive brands on the market. They are responsible for shocking cruelty neglect and killing animals in the name of research. You can help by boycotting all iams pet food products untill they clean up there act. IF YOU LOVE CATS AND DOGS DON`T BUY IAMS

If you wish to contact iams the address is

TEL. 0808 100 7010

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  • Rattled IAMS Play Dirty

    The IAMS/Eukanuba pet food company has enlisted the support of the American Kennel Club (AKC) in its propaganda war to discredit revelations of cruel and lethal animal tests that it has carried out in research for its products.

    A statement (see below) issued by the AKC on behalf of IAMS smears Uncaged Campaigns, an avowedly law-abiding and peaceful campaign group, as "extremist" and calls the Sunday Express articles "unsubstantiated".

    The articles are, in fact, entirely true and are based on 24 papers published in scientific journals describing vivisection studies funded or part-funded by IAMS and participated in by IAMS researchers (see www.uncaged.co.uk/iams.htm).

    The AKC receives sponsorship money from IAMS. (See details of the AKC/Eukanuba American Dog Classic, December 12, 2001 in Orlando, Florida - www.akc.org/dic/classic/classic.cfm. IAMS have a representative - Keith Kort - on the show committee). The UK Kennel Club is currently considering its position following a constructive meeting with Uncaged Campaign at Crufts.

    The Iams Company was bought by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in September 1999. The news arrives on the day that Gary Cunningham, P&G's Director of UK Corporate Affairs, telephoned Uncaged Campaigns out of the blue to try to broker a deal to stop the campaign against IAMS. Mr Cunningham asked Dan Lyons, Uncaged Campaigns' Director, what actions IAMS could take in order to resolve the dispute. Mr Lyons replied that our position, as stated on our website (www.uncaged.co.uk/iams.htm) was clear - while IAMS continues to perform painful and harmful experiments on animals we would continue informing the public about this fact and leave it up to them to vote with their purses. Mr Cunningham replied that this was "a long way" from IAMS current position and practice, and that he was searching for a way around the "impasse". We restated our position that we are merely conveying the facts to the public. If IAMS wants to regain some credibility and respect it simply has to stop the practices that the public find abhorrent - i.e. it's cruelty to animals. Mr Cunningham didn't appear confident that IAMS were prepared to do this.

    Obviously, this telephone call is highly significant both in terms of
    revealing how worried IAMS & P&G are, as well as re-confirming our central objection that IAMS has dishonestly tried to deny - that they have conducted cruel experiments on animals. Mr Lyons also objected in unequivocal terms to the dishonest, unfair and defamatory public statements made by IAMS and the American Kennel Club regarding Uncaged Campaigns and the Sunday Express articles. He urged Mr Cunningham to ensure, as a matter of basic decency, that IAMS should stick to the truth in its statements. We await a response.

    AKC Statement Regarding the IAMS Company
    Statement from Alfred Cheauré, President and CEO, The American Kennel Club

    On May 27, a British tabloid paper ran an article making inflammatory and disparaging allegations against the Iams Company. The unsubstantiated piece was apparently sparked by a British animal extremist group that in the past has promoted boycotts against Procter and Gamble, Iams parent company. AKC accepts the Iams Company response to these allegations posted on their web site and we support the Iams Company. Throughout our association with Iams we have found them to be committed to the betterment of dogs and responsible dog ownership, two goals the AKC shares.

    The American Kennel Club, founded in 1884, has dedicated itself to the advancement of dogs. Since that time, revolutionary advances have been made in veterinary medicine and canine nutrition. We know that many of these life-saving, life-enhancing and life-lengthening advances occurred as a direct result of research using animals. Had such research not been conducted, many of the vaccines, antibiotics, surgical procedures and common treatments available today would not have been developed and many of our dogs might stil

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  • Iams response

    On monday 29 of october i phoned Iams to inform them that i was seting up this web site BOYCOTT IAMS after i seen sick images of there cruelty on youtube.

    They denied all allegations of cruelty claiming that the video images are misleading there web site is www.iamstruth.com/.

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  • A few examples of iams cruelty

    Iams dogs dumped on a cold concrete floor after haveing huge chunks of muscle cut out of their thighs.

    Dogs and cats gone stir crazy from comfinement to windowiess, dungeon-like buildings.

    Cruel studies done by iams involving forcing tubes down dogs throats to make them ingest vegetable oil.

    Coworkers who tail about a live kitten who had been washed down a drain

    Coworkers who talk about how they had had to go home because the ammonia fumes in the animal trailers were so overpowering that it made their eyes burn (try being one of the animals in those cages!)
    For more information go to www.iamscruelty.com

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  • Claire
    luv Claire

    this is sick i went to iamscruelty,com to read more about it then i went to the iams web site they have a survey that poped up told them what i realy think of them!!

  • Mr.Magic

    Sick !!! People Should Get The Bullet !!

  • Justin Cider
    Justin Cider

    Never knew about their cruelty, but their food made my animals throw up anyway. Animals hate IAMS!!

  • Mick .
    Mick .

    Sorry I see you have already put a link in for uncaged.

  • Anti-cruelty2animals
    luv Anti-cruelty2animals

    Please check out my group. and click the link to "uncaged". there some info on P & G, amd iams. It sick what they do to animals.

  • Alana.

    God i had no idea about the cruelty. I dont buy iams anyway coz its stupidly expensive and i personly dont like it but omg what bastids they are for testing and that on animals. aw what a shame mann :( x


    Hi there Thank you for the kind comment!! I think you will find that I am a member of your group, and I am in full support of Boycott Iams..infact I did write about your group in my Blog!! Will bring it forward onto my Profile Page again. If any of your members are interested..would love to see them become members of Danedreamers..don't have to be owned by a Dane!! Link http://www.bebo.com/danedreamers Everyone is very welcome!! Love Sherley

  • Claree.

    i wrote a letter to iams once about them being sick bastards... didnt get a reply.

  • luv - 'Catee

    I just watched the video thats been posted on here entitled IAMS UNDERCOVER - and im actually crying. Im absolutely appalled by what they do to animals. And for what? To make 'food' for other 'animals'. Im disgusted to live in such a shit world where everyone is selfish enough to mis-treat animals. This world is such a cruel horrible place and I would do anything to get out of it all and escape the terror that people have created. I am disgusted

  • Doggywuubers x 8/15/09
  • Stopping Animal Cruelty For Life.
    Stopping Animal Cruelty For Life.

    Advertising back:) But feel free to advertise again :D JOIN HEREE + SUPPORT US! xxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Abbiee

    Animal testing is wrong! I hatee whoever is responsible!!!!

  • V For Veggie
    luv V For Veggie

    i hate animal testing and i hate iams its horrible the way people think we can just use anmals for anything as if they ain't living beings have some love xxx

  • Kernimal
    luv Kernimal

    I hate animal testing!, It's horrible, unnessisary and inhumane. Test on people if you want something that bad!

  • Shawtiee

    WTF ok this is the weirdest thing i have heard in ages... but you have my support lol x

  • Johnny The Milk Man
    Johnny The Milk Man

    down wi iam's and oder cat relted cat thingys :L :L

  • 4/7/09
  • Shonaa .
    luv Shonaa .

    GUYS LISTEN! Proctor and Gamble own Iams and heapppps more so make sure you read the back andif it says Proctor and Gamble burn it.

  • Bullfighting

    Please join my group, its against the evil sport that is bull fighting! Around 40,000 bulls are murdered each year! http://www.bebo.com/banthebullshit4gd thanks.