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James Griffin

Nimble is gay!

9/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 1,062
  • from Rape Alley, Limerick
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
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Graduation: 21st May 2009
Lush on!
Let's consume alcohol outrageously!

Thursday 11 June 2009 :D

<--- Me in New York. What a city! :D

Calvin Klein underwear
€30 but worth every cent

DUBAI 2010 SHAM!!!

Coláiste Mhichíl CBS 2004 - 2009:
It's all over!


Right, I'm James. I'm 17 and I'm in 6th year in CBS. It's alright I suppose. :P
Working in Schuh which is the greatest laugh ever. If you want to know anything just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.
Good luck! :D

Put this on your page in memory
of Rachael Madden R.I.P

IRISH by birth
MUNSTER by the grace of god
LIMERICK by the skin of my teeth

The Other Half Of Me
Jamie Lynch
DANCE!!!, TRANCE!!!, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Dr. Dre, Snow Patrol, ATB, Oakenfold, Thin Lizzy, Arcade Fire, Basement Jaxx, Calvin Harris, Chicane, Keane, Eminem, Rihanna, Nirvana, Timbaland, The Fugees, Robert Miles, Ash, Kanye West, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Muse, The Killers, Gigi D'Agostino, Queen, Daft Punk, Oasis, Outkast, U2, Gorillaz, Kaiser Chiefs, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day...Pretty much every type!
Bruce Almighty, Trainspotting, The Commitments, The Ring, Kill Bill Vol.1 + Vol.2, United 93, Fast and the Furious, Rat Race, Con Air, Million Dollar Baby, Jackie Brown, Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3, Angela's Ashes, The Green Mile, The Omen (Look Damien! This is all for you Damien) Good Times :P
SHAMELESS!!!, COLDCASE!!!, The Simpsons, Top Gear, Skins, Dirty Sanchez (well better than jackass), Family Guy, Futurama, Little Britain, Bo Selecta, The Catherine Tate Show, Father Ted, Criminal Minds and CSI
Scared Of
becoming a heroin addict...scary shit
Happiest When
Not in school, well actually sometimes school can be a laugh! Eating, sleeping, on bebo, with friends, in town, talking to friends, on summer holidays...Did I mention sleeping and eating?
6th Year
Man, what a brilliant year. Out of all my years in CBS, 6th year was definitely the most amazing. For such a tough busy year, it was actually the best year ever. Met a load of new people through school and of course through the brilliant place that is Julie Kilmartins. There was never a dull moment in there. Even up to the days of exams it was still a laugh. Debs and Grads were epic and as years go, 2008/2009 will never be forgotten. We made History :D
I was sitting beside you.

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Fountain at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

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  • Stolen...

    How many people do you know with your name?
    Know 4 well, know of loads.

    What did you do last night?
    I stayed at home. :(

    How old do you think you will be when you have kids?
    Late 30s

    Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
    Warm! Summer FTW

    What's something you really want right now, be honest!
    to be out! :P

    Do you plan out your day before it begins?
    Not at all.

    What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
    Go back to sleep. :D I did.

    How's your heart lately?
    I'm going in for the triple by-pass next week.

    Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste?
    I do indeed.

    Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
    I don't recall ever having any species of Lepidoptera in my J shaped muscular bag. Biology FTW. :P

    Did someone make you mad today?
    Kind of. :P Yeah I suppose.

    What are you doing tomorrow?
    Lying in! Gym, then who knows....PACKING FOR NEW YORK!

    When was the last time you had Starbucks?
    5th December 2008. New York on Monday though. :D

    Where were you at 2:00 this morning?
    Sitting in this very chair. :D

    Ever kissed someone who smokes?
    I have. Tasty ;)

    Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now?
    Brown Thomas. :D

    When is your birthday?
    May 13th

    What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
    Sleeping. :)

    How do you feel about the person who texted you last?
    She's a legend! (Aoidin McCarthy)

    Have you ever been around someone who was high?
    Yeah. :P Most of them were probably "high" though.

    Have you ever drank with your number one?
    I have indeed. G'wan the Toolmeister.

    Are you a jealous person?
    Yeah and for stupid reasons. :P

    Are you tired right now?
    A bit.

    Do you chew on your straws?
    I don't.

    Is your hair curly?
    It is not.

    Who was at your house last?
    My Aunt.

    Are you able to climb a chain link fence?
    Oh yes! Good times. :D

    Who's car were you in last?
    My parents' one.

    Are you ashamed of your past?
    Nah, I'm not.

    Will you kiss the last person you kissed again?
    Yes. :D

    Are you texting right now?
    I am indeed. Great situation going on. :L

    Do you trust people?
    You can't trust anyone. Thrust on the other hand :P

    Have you ever cried from being so mad?
    Never. :L

    Have you ever played a Wii?
    I thought that said WW1. Yes, I have. They're not that great.

    What woke you up this morning?
    My phone alarm. Bell Tower. :P

    When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?
    All the time. Snooze FTW

    Where are your siblings right now?
    Indonesia, or Abu Dhabi...I'm not sure. Possibly on a plane :L

    Do you wear a name tag at work?

    Last place you ordered food from?
    Burger King.

    What high school did/do you attend?
    Coláiste Mhichil, Sráid Seasnáin.....okay, CBS :P

    What are you excited for?
    New York, Resultttts.

    Last song you sang?
    "When love takes over" by David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland.

    If you could change your eye color what would it be?

    What color are your eyes?

    Whats the longest you have talked on the phone to someone?
    About 2 hours.

    How many 20 dollar bills do you have on you right now?
    None. But I have 20 $50 bills RIGHT NEXT TO ME! :P

    Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more?

    Anything hurt on your body right now?

    When was the last time you laughed?
    Like ten minutes ago. Like I said, funny situation happening. Cue Benny Hill music.

    Have you ever been stalked?
    Not properly...yet *cough* Grace O'Brien.

    What are you drinking?
    Nothing. :(

    Name something that's on your mind right now?
    This blog :P

    When was the last time you sang out loud?
    Singing right now. :P

    Who do you really want to see right now?
    Anyone I know.

    What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?
    Bit of both.

    Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
    Debbie Murphy :L

    Where was your default picture taken?

    What are you currently listening to?
    For An

    1 Comment 211 weeks

  • Father Ted Quote

    Mrs Doyle: Are you sure you wouldn't like a little cake, Father?

    Ted: No, thanks.
    Mrs Doyle: Aye, you will. Just a tiny little cake; you won't even feel it go in - you won't even know you're eating it.

    Ted: I will know I'm eating it, Mrs Doyle.

    Mrs Doyle: No, you won't. It's not even a cake.It's a micro-cake. It's got raisins and cinnamon...

    Ted: Cinnamon? Oh, actually I love cinnamon. What the heck. I'll have one.

    Mrs Doyle: No. I'm forcing you.

    Ted: You're not!

    Mrs Doyle: Just say no! It's a lovely word the lord gave us to use when we don't want any cake. I'm going to go and have these destroyed.

    Ted: I want cake!

    Mrs Doyle: Well you can't have any!

    5 Comments 229 weeks

  • Question Time!

    15. Last Beverage - Milk..."them bones, them bones..."

    14. Last Phone Call - Debbie Murphy wanting me to go to town.

    13. Last Text Message Received - Debbie Murphy

    12. Last Song Played - INFINITY 2008!!!

    11.Last Bubble Bath - London 2004 haha

    10. Last Time You Cried - I don't remember.

    9. Last Proper Meal - Just finished my dinner there. Fillet Steak...Sexy

    8. Have You Ever Dated Someone Twice - Not dated no.

    7. Have You Ever Been Cheated On Or Cheated On Someone - Yes. :(

    6. Have You Ever Bought Condoms - Yes, yes I have. Such a rip off. :L

    5. Have You Ever Kissed Someone And Regreted It - Never!

    4. Have You Ever Fallen In Love - Definitely! :D

    3. Has Any Guy Ever Stole A Girl From You - Not really no.

    2. Have You Ever Been Depressed - Yes, I have. Worst feeling in the world.

    1. Have You Ever Drank So Much That You Don't Know Where You Are - Funnily enough, no.

    Things You Did In The Past Three Days

    1. Went To College - Nope

    2. Went To Work - No, on holidays :)

    3. Coloured - I have not...which is weird.

    4. Stripped - Yes actually haha

    5. Been Drunk - NO :(

    6. Slept - Midterm!!! Of course!

    7. Been Out At Night - No :(

    List 3 Favourite Colours

    1. Blue
    2. Red
    3. Orange

    List 2 Things You'd Do Anything For

    1. To be Rich :D
    2. Friends

    So far in 2009...

    1. Been To School - Indeed!

    2. Made A New Friend - Yeah man!

    3. Bitched - It's impossible for anyone to go a day without doing it.

    4. Fallen Out Of Love - No way, José!

    5. Done Something You Swore Never To Do - Not yet anyway :P

    6. Punched Someone - Nope.

    7. Laughed Until You Cried - Yes! The Knacker in Spar. :L :L :L

    8. Went Behind Your Parents Back - Nah, I'm too good. :P

    9. Met Someone You REALLY Liked But Was Taken From You By Someone Else - This is similar to the other question above.

    10. Made A Wish - Oh yeah!

    11. Gotten Close To Someone - Not yet, getting there though ;)

    12. Talked To God - I am God!

    13. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are – I know who they are

    Random Info

    1. Do You Miss Someone Right Now - Yeah I do. :(

    2. What Base Are You At Now - 0 :(

    3. Straight/Gay/Bi - Straight

    4. Do You Have A Crush - Man, I do.

    5. Who Is The Best Hugger You Know - Ava Brazier...I agree with Barbara...:P

    6. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight - Yeah, actually.

    7. Is There Something You Want To Tell Someone Right Now - Definitely.

    8. What Brand Of T-Shirt Are You Wearing Right Now - Carhartt

    9. Would You Kiss Anyone In Your Top 16 - I'd kiss anyone when I'm langers.

    10. Do You Have Any Sort Of Fetish - I do... I'm not going any further though. :P

    11. How Many People In Your Top 16 Do You Trust 100% - Can you trust anyone these days?

    12. How Many Kids Do You Want In The Future - 2?

    13. Do You Have A Good Relationship With Your Parents - A really good one. :)

    14. What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday - Went to the park...it was sunny...for a change.

    15. What Time Did You Wake Up At Today - Like 2pm...oh yeahhhh.

    16. What Were You Doing At Midnight Lastnight - Talking on msn...

    17. Name Something That You Just HAVE To Do - Succeed in life.

    18. Last Time You Saw Your Mom - Like 10 minutes ago, she's in the next room.

    19. Is There Someone Who You'd Do ANYTHING Just To Call 'Your Own' - Not anything...but alot.

    20. Which Hand Do You Like Best - Someone elses ;) .

    21. Explain Your URL Name - It's my name...just with a z. Exciting!!!

    22. Favourite Food - Steak, well done. :D

    23. Do You Love Life - Most of the time yeah. Right now, it's savage.

    5 Comments 233 weeks

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You detest all things High School Musical. Your puns are a bit O.T.T.

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  • :O

    Love it for me, I dont have long left! Ok that sounds like I'm dying but you get me! ;)

    Barbara 0 Replies
  • Phish!

    "Just keep swimming just keep swimming...what do we do we swim swim swim..."

    Dearbhla O'Connor 0 Replies
  • =)

    I just remembered the day we saw the polish guard *points down* and I said I'd make all your whiteboards by me....!!
    So here we go...Theres another on it's way :P

    Dearbhla O'Connor 0 Replies

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