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.Nomii.Como Estas Bitchs

I would jump in but im just too good at whistling:L :L

4/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
★ W乇レレ H乇レレO TH乇尺乇 ★
✿Currently in Ireland_missing my bkk bitchs..:(
`·.Your the choclate at the end of my cornetto..♥
♥♥ I'll Love You Forever Bangkok ♥♥


The Other Half Of Me
Meg Philpott

Meg Philpott

♥ M & N ♥

I like you....your crazy but i lyiiiikkke uu
o_O caaatface, he's got a big cats face, he's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat, and he flies through the air, because he's got a cat face, cat face! o_O
♫ La la laaaaaaa ♫
if you touch eachother, you will get chlamydia.. and die</>
...i'm bored....i like you.....let's dance...:D
everytime someone says "is this necessary" you respond with "necessary? NECESSARY? is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? NO! but it's sterile, and i like the taste
that is all...................

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  • ~ L.O.V.E ~

    ♥Falling into that beautiful thing called love! ♥

    ♥ridiculous convenient, consuming, cant live without each other♥

    ♥ attraction, flirtation, euphoria, doubt THE TRUTH ♥

    ♥also known as d big whooper doodle or the most important part of this hole sloppy trilling infuriating ,marvelous experience ♥

    ♥ so this is love. ♥

    ♥ as wondrous and scary and fabulous as it can be it may have started with a mere attraction but were its ended up is somewhere deeper and truer and endlessly more filling, ♥

    ♥ despite yourself u will have learned a little something along the way that euphoria doesn’t have to be fleeting. ♥

    That love can survive doubt. that a joyful instinct should never be repressed and so you throw yourself into love heart first never stop falling in love

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  • [x] ---ѕσσσ тяυє ---[x]

    тнιик вσωт ιт.. * 1 ρєяѕσи ιи ℓуf ∂αт ωαѕит ѕυρσѕє 2 ℓєт υ ∂ωи ρяσвѕ ωιℓℓ *υ'ιℓℓ ανє υя нєαят вяσкєи мσяє ∂єи σи¢є(и∂ ιт gєтѕ нαя∂єя єνєяутιмє!) *υ'ℓℓ вяєαкєαятѕ тσ *υ'ℓℓ fιgнт ωιν υя вєѕт м8т*υ'ℓℓ вℓαмє α иєω ℓσνє fσя тнє тнιиgѕ αи σℓ∂ σиє ∂ι∂ *υ'ℓℓ єνєитυαℓℓу ℓσσѕє ѕυмσиє υ ℓσνє<3 ѕσσσ υ ѕнυ∂... тαкє ѕσ мαиу ρι¢тυяєѕ *ℓαf тσσ мυ¢н *&& ℓσνє ℓιкє υ'νє иєνα вєєи нυят вє¢αυѕє... єνєяу 60ѕє¢ѕ υρѕєт ιѕ αиσνα мιи σf нαρριиєѕѕ υ'ℓℓ иєνα gєт вк *fιи∂ α ρєяѕσи ∂αт ¢αℓℓѕ υ вσσтιfυℓℓ ιиѕтєα∂ σf нσт *ωнσ ωιℓℓ ѕтαу αωαкє נυѕт тσ ωαт¢н υ ѕℓєєρ *ωαιт fσя ∂α ρєяѕσи ∂αт кιѕѕєѕ υя fσяєнєα∂ *нυ ωαитѕ 2 ѕнσω υ σff 2 ∂α ωσяℓ∂ ωєи υяιи υя тяα¢кιєѕ *ωнσ нσℓ∂ѕ υя нαи∂ ιиfяσит σf тнєιя м8тѕ *ωαιт fσя ∂α σиє нυ ιѕ ¢σиѕтαитℓу яємιи∂ιи υ нσω мυ¢н тнєу ¢αяє αи∂ нσω ℓυ¢ку тнєу я 2 ανє υ αℓωαуѕ яємємвα... {{ℓινє єνєяу∂αу αѕιf ιтѕ υя ℓαѕт }} αи∂ нєαятѕ αяє σfтєи вяσкєи ву ωσя∂ѕ υиѕρσкєи!! ѕσ... тєℓℓ тнє 1'ѕ υ ℓσνє нσω υ fєєℓ вσυт тнєм ¢υѕ ωαт ιf тσмσяяσωи иєνα ¢υмѕ ..

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  • ღ♡*~x mEmOrIeS x~*♡ღ

    heya bbyz jst want ye 2 leave me memoriz so i can luk ova dem in thailand and member wat a gr8 country ireland iz...hee..so leave a memory ne..kk
    luv ye..xXxXx mmmmmmwah xXxXX

    10 Comments 366 weeks

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  • Naomi West


  • Clódagh X

    loveage :D :*

  • Xo Karen Ox
    Xo Karen Ox

    o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O ~~Naomi!~o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O I only put in the effort coz ur amazing!:P x

  • luv Keenaghan

    Oh rite ur grand dont worry bout it! Da 14th im back, i bose dats the same tym as ye!! Haha ur gonna be following round dem reps so for the first few days....awh the little first years!!! Ya i know a few lads living round der, tis a grand place....we got our house back again nd it being done up too! Oxygen was unreal except for the rain nd the tents being desroyed other den dat twas class....u get upta much dis summer??

  • Greg

    hi frm new zealand

    8/11/09 via Mobile
  • luv Keenaghan

    Good morning to ya havent heard from u in ages!! Going good so far have a job so making money nd its a bank holiday so tis all good.....no holidays tho only went ta oxygen!! how bout u? Oh ya got da same house for next yr too...wats da story wit u for nxt yr for collage?

  • Clodagh O'Connor
    Clodagh O'Connor

    Hey nommmiiiii!! How r ya?? met megan bout 2 weeks ago and got ur number from er but tpyically i lost it like!!! ne news with ya?? wha u up to?? its been waaaay toooo loooong since i chatted to ya!! miss ya!!! ne plans for the weekend? lookin forward to gettin langers? workin away in town, part time but its grand ave a bita money for me self neways!! u workin? give me a shout wen u get the chance, sud meet up for a couple of drinks soon enuf, fill me in on all the scandals u ave goin on, god knows i ave some anyway lol!! talk to ya laters neways xoxoxox

  • .Anna White .
    luv .Anna White .

    heey im back tuesday... had no credit to txt ya back den lost my phone so iv got no phone now...!!! il ring you when i get home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • .Anna White .
    luv .Anna White .

    oh savvagee....:L im HOME,going 2 santa ponsa sat so il see you b4 den ya? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Bekki O Driscollx
    Bekki O Driscollx

    Am soon so hun x x!

    6/25/09 via Mobile
  • Bekki O Driscollx
    luv Bekki O Driscollx

    Heey hunni..it was gud im hme nw sur x x

    6/24/09 via Mobile
  • Jany Baby
    luv Jany Baby

    im overheated.... carry me!!!

  • Cian Harte
    Cian Harte

    Sure am, be doin em again in august i'd imagine. How's things in wherever u are at the moment..?

    6/4/09 via Mobile
  • Just Dave

    Hey babes! How you been keepping? when are ya back in ireland?X

  • Bekki O Driscollx
    Bekki O Driscollx

    Heya bbe soz cudnt tlk da oda day shell was driven nd was havin a hrt attack..so if u can ring me tamo x

    6/1/09 via Mobile
  • Col

    wot u talkin' bout willis??

  • Helena Day
    Helena Day

    tngs r grand...no nws realli ta b hnest..nd npe sure im away 4 all of june nd gna b livin nd wrkin at hme all summer!!!my bed s mine...hahaha..wat u doin nxt year??xxx

  • .Anna White .
    luv .Anna White .

    im sure you have...:( im ok my lc is next week im sooo dead...! how are you? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Just Dave

    Hey hun, Im great in the process of looking for a new house, thats a pain in the Arse, when are u back to lovely ireland :P xx

  • luv Emma Daly

    im not falling for that one again....im sick of ur empty promises..always wit the teasing of the chincilla!!!! :D