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kath'n'kim fans

Happy New Year

12/31/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Look at moiye
Me, Myself, and I
Kath and Kim Fans HELLO. This is a Kath and Kim fan club where you can come and chat with other Kath and Kim fanatics. Love'em or loath'em Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig nee Day are two foxy morons from Fountain Lakes who always have a perfect line for any situation! Jane Turner and Gina Riley the creative geniuses behind the Logie Award-winning Australian television comedy series. Hitting the nail on the head with the dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship that is Kath and Kim.

Come do the polls.
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Soak up the wonderful Kath and Kim words of wisdom.

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  • What are Kath and Kim more likely to do

    1. Start their own fashion label
    2. Take up a strange religion
    3. Move to New Zealand (LOL I wish)
    4. Open a day care
    5. Write a dictionary

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  • Fav. quotes

    1. Kath "A dyke! on a bike... if you like..."
    2. Sharon "Thats not fair Kim... I think!!! I think too much"
    3. Kim "De facto, night facto, the fact that they're facto-ing at all I find repulsive in the extre
    4. Kel " I'm going to prove to you I'm all the man you need. Now wheres my man-bag?"
    5. Other (please state)


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  • Da Kath & Kim website

    If you love kath and kim then have a look at the link below.
    You can do cool things like...
    Join the club
    Learn to talk like Prue and Trude
    Learn to talk like Kath and Kim
    Shop online
    ...and so much more! Have a look :)


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  • Kath and Kim A-Z

    A, Aww give it a bone
    B, Baby cheesus
    C, Connubials
    D, Dippity Bits
    E, Effluent
    F, Foxy Moroon
    G, Get up my goat
    H, Hornbag
    I, Isssuuues
    J, Jaravina Coffee
    K, Kimmoyee
    L, Look at moi
    M, MYOB
    N, No way Josay
    O, O-Zone diet
    P, P and Q
    q, Quanta cosa
    R, Ravishing
    S, Stew-pid
    T, Tootsuite
    U, Unusual
    V, Valcro dots
    W, Wine times a fine time
    X, X-rated Kath and Kels connubials
    Y, Yhumour
    Z, Zip ya lip MIND IT........

    Thanks Donna :)

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Kath and Kim on Sunrise

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  • Jimmy Clifford
    Jimmy Clifford

    I want a statue of little Baby Cheesus!!

  • Shelbz Giirl
    luv Shelbz Giirl

    i love this show

    9/7/09 via Mobile
  • Xxx Jenny Xxx

    sooo funny i luv this show

  • Raachel

    Mi faveourite show!

  • Tinai John
    luv Tinai John

    look at moiye i luv this program!

  • Phoebe

    JOIN THIS GROUP: -Kath-and-Kim- Here is our yearly Christmas celebration of Kath and Kim (If you want to be part of this you have to be part of our group!) If you would like to be apart of this you can.. No sign up, No NOTHING! - Except for signing up in our group! All you have to do is do a Lovely!! - whiteboard. It has to be a christmas tradition, It can be a picture of a turkey/ham or a christmas tree or present ANYTHING! You need to name the picture Kath and Kim competition 2008 and describe why you did it. The winner will be announced on the 28/12/08. The prize will be... Somebody can have the chance to be moderator for up to 2 weeks, they can put videos, pictures, blogs and anything, If they do any thing bad to the group they will be stopped and because I made this whole chat site (BEBO) I will be able to delete your bebo depending on what you do. If there is a tie you will have 1 week each... Have fun! and Merry Christmas Ho!Ho!Ho

  • Kathryn.
    luv Kathryn.

    I'm going to be a total brand nazi- if it's not dotti or witchery dont talk to moi

  • 9/15/08
  • Kathryn.
    luv Kathryn.

    "ur godmother status is still up in the air!!!"