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Mandy Smith

Ok so the whole world is not against me, just 55% of it! FUCKERS!

9/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 49, Luv 32
  • from Dunfermline
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 556
  • Last active: 11/13/09
  • www.bebo.com/MandyS187
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  • Rach
    luv Rach

    hiya! just thought id give you some love for the day! :D xx

  • John Souter
    John Souter

    Hi Mandy. How are you. I have just finished my work. What can I do for you

  • Rach
    luv Rach

    :D i really am loving it here with him, hes just so nice to me, so i wont be letting him go easy lol :D just cant think what to do for tea tonight, want to do something nice for him :D xx

  • Rach
    luv Rach

    Hi! how are you? :D and have some of my love :D

  • Shaz
    luv Shaz

    Hey mrs! am on f/b tae! I will have a wee search for ya and add u to ma friends list... 1.40am and am still up tut tut lol off to bed soon though, got a BIG BIG weekend ahead!! Be great to have a catch up hen, been loads happenin. Spk soon xx

  • Shaz
    luv Shaz

    Hey stranger how u doin? It's been a while! Shaz x

  • Vanessa Martin
    Vanessa Martin

    hey i just read the message from u. ill send it to u, thats no problem xxx

  • Julie S

    Thanks :) Sorry for stealing your son on mothers day x

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    hello stranger!! how the hell are you and thank you xxx

  • Jen
    luv Jen

    Thanks Mandy, I cant believe he's 3 already. See u sat.xxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    Hey xx everything okay wi you ??? get in touch soon That bar lunch n few drinks are calling us\!!! xxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    Hey mrs, soz not been in touch for a while. It's been kinda mad at my end. Hope you had a great Christmas and lookingforward to a brilliant New year. I,m of up dunfy tonight for few hours then heading back to my local. catch up in new year take care xxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    hey mrs xxx god i cant remember Louise Paterson but Mandy i can. Thats good your getting intouch with folk. defo not lose touch and defo meet up for a chat n a coffee / drink. im of out to lunch today with pals i havent seen ina while, catchup with them,just up to dumpyfermline lol. Thing shere diddling on. No wonder your heads all over the place with that happeningm. is he just doing the six month tour? Any way need to get on, catch up one Saturday for lunch??? Maggie xx

  • Julie S

    Thanks so much for the message Mandy. It meant a lot to me. Its been rough but i'm sure it will get better. Hugs Juls

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    aww thanks mrs, was thinking we should meet up for a cuppa n a blether soon. The wedding was perfect from start to finish, What you up to this weekend? im on a quiet one , got weekend away next weekend so cannae keep this partying up lol . speak soon xxx

  • Shaz
    luv Shaz

    Hello mrs !! Jst had a wee peek at ur pics and OMG they are ALL fab! I love the pics of the wee ones and congrats on becoming a granny before me...PHEW! lol naw am kiddin....am at the stage noo where am really lookin forward to being a granny...so am a wee bit jealous lol. Bloody hell Mandy...doesny seem that long ago we were at school and now am lookin forward to being a gran !!!!! Is this the 1st stage of Alzheimers d u think...?? senile dementia...?? (nae offence btw) haha Speak soon ok Luv Shaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    Hiya mrs xxx everyone seems to have been to Cyprus this year!! glad you had a good time. My wee holiday was wet n wild LOL, thought it was October , had few days in Berwick upon Tweed beautiful in the sunny weather but rubbish when its like its been. A week on Saturday too the wedding, cant believe its so soon!!, off tomorrow and away to Edinburgh for the final bridesmaid dress fitting. Jade came up this morning, cant wait to see her tomorrow. Dene is up this Saturday coming. Marc moved out on Friday , into a flat with his pal, god its scary, i didnt think he would move out so soon. I will miss him. Got the hen night on Saturday, just going for a meal to Jock Stein Suite at Eastend as Jade obv not up for a heavy night LOL, although i am going into town after. Getting my cards read on Sunday. Have you been and had a look at the new Debenhams then? lots of gorgeous stuff, hope they get a lot more good shops though. write back soon xxxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    hiya mrs xx hows tricks? Well i have got my outfit, cant believe it. went over to Edinburgh at 9am and we were having lunch at 12'30 not bad going eh . all i need is a shawl thingy ma boad lol. I am taking the first week in Aug of my work, so looking forward to having the rest. anyway hope to hear from you soon xxx

  • Maggie Scullion
    luv Maggie Scullion

    Pam Ayres ??!? she still alive lol, Im sitting here freezing, where is the summer, i need sun on ma bones. Sent an email as well , some news for you xxx