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Kabuto Yakushi

Prepare I am back with new allies fate is soon upon you my dear Tsuki

5/18/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♪เ๓๓๏гtคl t๏ tђє єภ๔♪
Me, Myself, and I
♪Im am Kabuto Yakushi of the Konoha's Medical Corp. My loyality lies in the Sound Village serving Lord Orochimaru. My two main concerns at the moment are helping my Lord destroy the Konoha is one. My second concern is healing Lord Orochimaru's hands and I will do so. Don't call me a friend I only serve one and shall do his bidding whenever he requests even if it costs your lives.♪

♪I am also Lord Orochimaru of the Konoha. I always want more power and I obtained it by creating new Jutsu. Once the Konoha found out I was banned from the village, My attack on it with the Suna failed. Now I want Uchiha Sasuke's talents so that this time it won't fail

♪Apprentice♪ Uchiha Ami www.bebo.com/Elite_Ami




♪Kabuto grew up learning medical ninjutsu with his father, over the years he became one of the most skilled medical ninja and helped save many lives. Once Lord Orochimaru found him he no longer stayed with the Konoha. Instead he assisted Orochimaru obtain power and carried out his plans. After the death of the Third and Orochimaru's arms he was more vaulable to everyone in the Otogakure. The offer made to Tsuande had went wrong then Kabuto's true strength showed. He bested one of the legendary Sannin but in the end the battle was match. Orochimaru had a new desire..... Sasuke once he obtained him the training began. Now Kabuto tends to his Lord's arms waiting until his next vessel can be consumed♪
♪Orochimaru grew up during the Great War he was always surrounded by death. He sought to be a shinobi and was trained by the Third Hokage himself. His teammates and what soon to become the legendary Sannin were Jiraiya and Tsunade. As he grew his talents became genius but it wasn't enough for him he sought more. Orochimaru started making his own Jutsu even if the cost was human life. Once the Third found him out he left the village gaining subordinates. His plan was to crush the Konoha to the ground. His first attempt included the assasination of the Kazekage and the aid of the Sand village. His plan had failed and his arms payed the price. He decided Tsuande would heal them but she refused and they fought. Since his arms weren't going to heal he wanted a new power one from the likes of Sasuke Uchiha. He sent the Sound Five to recieve him but in the end they all perished. Orochimaru now trains the young boy only until he can use his body and gain the Sharigan to destroy the Konoha♪
♪ I only will ropeplay with those who are capable. My character's and Kabuto and Orochimaru.♪
♪I train my students at the Otogakure Training Field noone else is allowed♪
♪Both character's Jutsu's can be found on my blog...... read them and understand your never going to defeat me.....♪

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  • Otogakure Training Field

    This Blog is made for my students when they require training.......
    I Kabuto Yakushi will teach you my skills if you request them........
    Make sure you leave a comment so I know you you are ok?.........

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  • Kabuto Jutsu's

    Hiding Camouflage Technique (迷彩隠れの術, Meisaigakure no Jutsu)
    This jutsu renders the user invisible. It also masks the user's scent to some degree, making it more difficult to locate them. While normal people can't see through it, those with abilities such as the Sharingan and the Byakugan can. Additionally, creatures with enhanced senses of smell (insects or dogs) can pick up on the user's reduced scent.

    Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique (土遁・土中映魚の術, Doton: Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu; English "Underground Reflecting Fist Jutsu"
    Using this jutsu, a person can hide underground until they're ready to attack an opponent. By utilizing earth-chakra, the person can stealthily emerge from the ground without disrupting the ground around him.

    Summoning Technique (口寄せの術, Kuchiyose no Jutsu; Viz "Shinobi Conjuration" (Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu")
    This is the basic form of all summoning techniques. It is a space/time type ninjutsu. When summoning an animal it requires a contract, hand seals and the user's blood. The blood is used as a signature to make the contract, which can either be written on a scroll or tattoo to validate it. The hand that is used to make the signature with is used to summon. It should be noted that anyone can summon the animal as long as they have the blood from someone who has made a contract, along with sufficent chakra of their own. Animals are typically summoned from another location, for the toads it is from Myobokuzan‎. The target usually manifests itself after the ninja summoner strikes his hand or hands against any surface, afterwhich the specific summon will appear. As an alternative to the normal hand seals, the same contract that appears on the ground during the summoning can be drawn by hand and activated, producing the same result. The type of animal summoned is determined by the contract. The amount of chakra used to summon the animal is proportional to the size and power of the summoned animal. Once summoned, the animal can perform a task or help the user in battle.

    Senei Jashu/Senei Ta Jashu-Hidden Shadow Snake Hand/Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hand
    This jutsu was utalized by Orochimaru, and now by Kabuto. This jutsu will cause three snakes to come from the opponents sleeve. Kabuto usually uses this jutsu while wearing his cloak or else his arm will become weird and distorted. These snakes can twist and turn to bind or bite the enemy. The user can use three times as more snakes by simply adding Ta between saying the jutsu's name equalling 9 snakes.

    This jutsu was originally Orochimaru's but Sakon and Ukon can use it also. This jutsu summons a powerful gate that can block almost all jutsu, though it can be dented it'll probably still hold. Kabuto can now use this jutsu thanks to the bit of Orochimaru inside of him. It takes a bit of blood on the thumb though, and by blood on both thumbs, Kabuto can summon three gates.

    Equipment Summoning
    Equipment Summoning is a basic ninjutsu to Kabuto. Kabuto simply opens up a scroll, blood summons something, such as a chair, another scroll, basically something he needs. Equipment Summoning is plainly used for not having to store items; but instead summon it when needed. This only takes a small amount of chakra, as Kabuto had inherited this jutsu from his father.

    Shikon no Jutsu (Dead Soul Jutsu)
    A jutsu which causes a dead bodies heart to beat for a few minutes. In this time, the user can move dead bodies, to act as targets or diversions.

    Mugen Sosei Junkan(Infinite Rebirth Cycle)
    Unknown even to Kabuto, the Jutsu allows him to absorb dead beings into him and gain some abilities of the being while their inside him. However, he can only hold in him a maximum of two complete beings, Orochimaru's parts now one with him don't disturb this

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  • Orochimaru's Jutsu

    Curse Seal Technique
    This Jutsu causes the reciever hone immense power. First level of the mark the body shows markings. Second stage of the mark the body changes entirely

    Body Change Jutsu
    The user changes into a body it has obtained. In order for the the user to use the Jutsu the body must be unharmed.

    Earth Clone Technique
    The user creates a clone that arises from the ground.

    Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
    This Jutsu causes a sudden burst of wind knocking the enemy back

    Summoning: Rashomon
    Used for protection this shield was created for Orochimaru's protection

    Triple Rashomon
    Same Jutsu as the original but three appear instead of one

    Five Elements Seal
    Seal that causes the reciever's chakra to stop flowing

    Living Corpse Reincarnation
    Also known as Reanimation the user sacrifices bodies to bring back the dead to fight

    Vanishing Facial Copy Technique
    This Jutsu allows the user to steal another's face and use it another time

    Hidden Shadow Snake Hand
    This Jutsu causes three snakes to crawl from his/her sleeve

    Hidden Shadow Many Snakes Hand
    This Jutsu causes multiple snakes to crawl from his/her sleeve

    Death Foreseeing Technique
    This Jutsu makes the opponent see a fake death leaving them paralyzed

    Kusanagi Sword
    Orochimaru's sword able to pierce almost anything

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    ||The kunoichi smiled a playful glint in her eyes. She stood in front of him, her smile soft and yet with an under meaning no one would understand.|| "I just want to be more powerful than my brother, hes always been the star student..."

    5/18/10 via Mobile
  • luv Ångel

    "You can train me to be stronger than her?...Theres one thing i want in return if i go with you.." ||She walked toward him, a slight smile across her face, a subtle look of hunger in her eyes. Like her uncle sasuke uchiha.||

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    ||She looked at the snakes and jumped back quickly dodging the first attack. SHe slid backwards to a stop. keeping her eyes on him. Her head tilted to the side as she stood up.|| "How would i entertain you...seems like im just a puppet here..well at the moment anyway.."

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    "Oh? Why the hesitation...and what is it that you would require from me..?" ||SHe folded her arms a little pissed off, but a gentle smile across her lips, and no fear from her eyes.||

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    "One wouldn't be wise to give out their name. so why should i tell you if your implying on killing me? Thats not exactly the way to go about it, is it not?" ||She stood from her perch in the tree, watching down at the snakes that were now by the thousand surrounding her. The young kunoichi sighed folding her arms wondering what other ploys he would come up with.||

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    ||She rolled her eyes, then closing them she concentrated a point of chakra on her fingers, touching the tree gently, finding the source after a few moments, saying softly.|| "I know that..." ||SHe opened her eyes as the sharingan, gazing around the area, hearing his laughter.||

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    ||She stopped hearing the sound of footsteps nearby, jumping into a tre, she hid her chakra, nearly perfectly. She then looked down as he passed right beneath her she heard his words and raised an eyebrow slowly, her curiousity taking over her.||

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    ||A young kunoichi wondered along a desert forest path, Her black hair tipped with blonde shining like gold in the sunlight.She looked alot like Ami in some ways, but her eyes were a lighter, more softer brown, than her mothers. SHe was very close to the doors of the sound village, just wondering through the forest, thinking how the hell she got lost in the first place.||

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    Tenzei Toragochi

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    Oh no.....i want you to start for i have done around ten starters today and i am fresh out

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    Tenzei Toragochi

    Kabuto Yakushi ... Am I correct

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    Hey, What have you been upto recently Wondering if you want to do a little Rpf Gotten Rusty

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    "I can disable his sharingan, it will be hard however, and i don't know if either of us would survive." ~She sighed heavily scratching the bakc of her ehad wondering how she would pull it off if she could.

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