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Best Summer In The Fucking World- Patrick-Laura-Chloe-Swimming Pool-Libori-Bula Bula Party-Parties =]-Park To Many Memories

8/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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Blonde Barbie-Banana Face-Homie ly Summer 09
netball, hockey, runnin, horse riding, athletics
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Party Times,
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  • Elfriede K
    Elfriede K

    I just racked $989 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTKh Remember who hooked you up!

  • Abbiee.
    luv Abbiee.


  • Laurie.

    Nigga♥ I miss u sooo. hows skl? Apple face more then 23dais:/ cnt wait i cn ask ur mummy if i can wit her to the airport or? ily xxxxxxBrown Barbie

  • Belly

    coooool man loveyou oxoxooxoxoxxx

  • Belly

    goin 4 a rave with my cuzens this weekend its well fun we always like die r hair and pirce r ears and through stuff at hoouses lol!!! u???? ahha sounds gooowd mannn ly xoxoxoxooox

  • Belly

    okkkys sounds gooowd man..... omg im well excited 4 skl! even though im achilly gunna have to work this year coz if i dnt i will b retakeing the year!!! but n e who... should b gooowd i got a sexualy new hippi bag!!! wooooop!!! and u HAVE to come back to mine for a weekend again!! fake tanage!!!! jokesss how r things with that guy u like???? xoxooxoxox

  • Belly

    naaa im doin art drama and rs lol aha they go bk well early!!!! yer im doin goood to but i is sooooo tired i was up till 6 in the morin last night at party... and we burnt a slug!!! lol wubu2? lyl xoxoxooxxx

  • Laurie.
    luv Laurie.

    olla brown barbie xx yer on saturday woop wooop hehe i cnt come to ur house todai:/ too much homework i hate skl:/ u must ring me todai plzz. yer skl is boring too hehe ily nigga

  • Belly

    hey mannn i agree ben and jerrys and jack wills r 2 of the best things in life!!! lol so how b u??????? u doin hhistory gcse????? ly xoxoxooxoxxx

  • Belly

    hows the holls goin?????? im doin so much revision *coughs* lol iloveyou oxoxoxoxoxooxox

  • Chloee.

    helloo my lovely i'm on msn to you right now summerrrr is guna be a raveee! ly xxx

  • Belly

    oxoxoxooxxoooxoxo i luuv u more my gawjus lezbo! oxoxxoxo

  • Belly

    im off skiing early in the morgin so just sayin bye bye i love you nessa xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo

  • Belly

    heyheyhey same i got no monny left naw! lol c u at skl love u oxoxoxoxoox

  • Belly

    hey nessayy grooooovy skin man!!!!! hows ya holls goin? omg im goin skiing on friday c u at school i love you oxooxxoox

  • Laurie.
    luv Laurie.

    miss u:( see u soon x.x.x

  • Belly

    oi nessa put me higher!

  • Belly

    ok wells im outa creddit so wen i wake up moz i shell run down 2 shop in ma p.js and et some but i nneeed ur no! hows about we meet at 1? xxxx

  • Belly

    yepidedoodar my darlin i can meet u in town at 1! is that ok?