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Feuna McIntosh

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  • from Campbeltown
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Me, Myself, and I

im feuna! where to start? my initials spell out film, which is pretty cool! absolutely buzzing for turning 18 in april! although ive just shit myself at how close it is! scary! i dont want to grow up! haha. last year of school, and at that point where i want to leave right now. wishful thinking. i must spend too much time with my dad, because all i do on the internet is look at boats and cars, saddo. boat porn. i over-use the words crackin, unfortunate, creepy, cheeky and sad ;) blame abbii ;) im going to see Bon Jovi's tour 'Because We Can' in July in Hampden!! Then a wee cheeky pub crawl in Rutherglen :) crackin! i have the bestest friends- Morbheinn, Abbie and Amy!

Leave comments and love ;)


Just please don't say you love me cause I might not say it back! Doesn't mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that! <3

x x x
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  • im here without you baby, but your still with me in my dreams :) x

    Have you ever in anyway, been betrayed by someone you trust?

    Do you believe couples can stay together forever?
    who knows?!

    Do you say sorry first?
    most of the time. i always feel guilty whether im right or wrong!

    Do you like waking up in the morning to find that you have new texts?
    yeah, it makes me happy :D

    Are you wearing rings?

    What would your last name be if you married the last person you hugged?
    Semple i think haha!

    Are you happy with your life at the moment?

    What is something you disliked about your day?
    the water was off :(

    What are you doing today?
    todays nearly over. im chilling! :)

    Do you have any career ideas yet?
    not sure to be honest.

    Are you okay with abortion?
    i dont know. if the situation/timing isnt right then its for the best yeah?

    Are you ever sarcastic?
    haha, all the time

    Do you like to have fun?
    yes, not too much fun though! ;) lol

    Do you get 8 hours of sleep every day?

    What's most stressing you right now?

    do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
    probably not

    Where is your cell phone?

    How many people have you hugged today?

    Who is the last person of the opposite sex that you talked to in person?
    my dad

    Do you know anyone who is pregnant?
    a absolute hoora folk!

    Who slept in the same bed as you last night?
    nobody. just me!

    Have you said to someone "I love you but Im not in love with you"?

    Have you ever kissed someone with braces?

    How old will you be in sixteen months?
    like 19,, fuck thats scary!

    Do you like to make the first move?
    depends who to!

    Who was your last text from?

    Who are 3 girls you trust most?
    amy, abbie and morbheinn <3

    Where do you draw the line when it comes to forgiving/not forgiving?
    i will always forgive but never forget.

    Who was that last person you had a phone call longer than 7 minutes?
    no one ever phones me! :( haha loser!

    Who was the last person you fell asleep on or rested on?
    i have nooo idea it was probably that fucking long ago!

    Do you think the only reason girls say I love you is so guys won't cheat?
    naah, if he's a playaa then he'll cheat! i love you is just words, it can mean nothing.

    What was the last lyrics you heard?
    in the back of a car with you i stare into the suuun!

    Three days from now will you be in a relationship?

    When was the last time you said 'love you too'? To who?
    cant even remember. probably my mum or dad.

    How did you meet the last person you kissed?

    What's the initial of the person(s) that knows your biggest secret?
    no cunt knows nothing!

    Are you a really understanding person?
    i can be

    What is the last digit in your phone number?

    Does anyone owe you more than 30 dollars/pounds?

    How many texts have been sent from your current phone?
    dont know.

    Currently, is anything on your body hurting?
    my neck :(

    Who is your celebrity crush?
    oh my god! Alejandro Manzano from Boyce Avenue. marry me?

    What are you currently looking forward to?
    christmas! im buzzing for my sexy iPhone5

    Who knows the most about you?
    No one.

    Lastly, what do you hate the most?
    being replaced! thanks bitch.

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  • what are clouds made of?

    who done up your bebo?
    i did.

    what colour are your nails?

    what annoys you the most?

    have you ever acted up by accident in class?
    yes. haha.

    what makes you laugh?
    that wee dog thats like 'yeaaah, yeaaah, and then what? nooooo!' haha. childish.

    what kind of phone do you have?
    samsung galaxy s2. its a hoora size.

    what are you doing tomorrow?
    not a lot.

    how old are you?

    any pets?
    1 dog and like 4 fish haha.

    what is your email?
    whats yours?

    what is your moblie number?
    i would rather shit in my hands and clap than give out my mobile number.

    what is your favorite colour?
    pink, red and black.

    heels or flats?
    either or.

    do you hate anyone?
    hates a strong word.

    where were you on holiday this year?
    blackpool, yesman.

    bored much?

    what did you do last that was stupid?
    i asked my friends if caijan food came from caija...

    why do you like bebo?
    its shite of you ask me.

    what are you doing?
    naw, what are you doing?

    what do you think of dressing up dogs?
    i dont like it!

    do you dress your dog?
    no, i do not!

    did you like Michael Jackson?

    what is creeping you out right now?

    what do you need to do right now?
    dust my room.

    did you go out at halloween? where and what as?
    i dont think i did! i cant remember.

    is this getting too long?

    how was your day?
    boring, just driving mostly!

    what type of iPod do you have?
    ipod touch 4th gen.

    what are you listining to?

    explain your hair doo?
    its up.

    what does lol mean?
    laugh out loud? lots of love?

    pissing myself laughing.

    knock knock?
    whos there?

    do you find 'your mum' jokes funny?
    only when i tell them.

    look up. what do you see?
    your mum. ;)

    look down. what do you see?
    my lap.. haha.

    long yet?

    look straight ahead. what do you see?
    the computer.

    do you wear contact lenses and why?
    yes, because i cant see? dumb fuck.

    what would I find in your inbox?
    some messages maybe?!

    do you have any siblings?
    no, just me!

    explain the last time you laughed really hard?
    i found something funny.

    did you enjoy this blog?
    oh aye.

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  • saturday night in.

    if your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?
    i think thats impossible right now, but i'd deal with it.

    do you trust all of your friends?

    would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?
    dont know!

    do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

    can you make a dollar in change right now?
    no, sorry!

    which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor?
    not sure.

    are you afraid of falling in love?
    no, if it happens, it happens haha.

    is there someone who pops into your mind at random times?
    aye, sometimes am like, ow ye mind so and so? haha.

    whats your most favourite scar?
    i dont have a favorite.

    when was the last time you flew in a plane?
    this time last year.

    what did the last text message you sent say?
    eh, aye, a'll have a tea plz.x

    fill in the blank. i love:

    what is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future?
    pass my driving test!

    if you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time who would you call?
    my family and friends!

    how many kids do you want to have?
    1. maybe!

    would you make a good parent?
    no, i dont really like babies.

    where was your default picture taken?
    my room.

    honestly, whats on your mind right now?
    the cold!

    who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding?
    one of my girlies!

    what are you wearing right now?

    righty or lefty?

    best place to eat?
    india quay or west coast rock cafe.

    favorite jean brand?
    dont have one! haha.

    favourite animal?

    favourite juice?
    tropical lucozade, irn bru, or coke!

    have you had the chicken pox?
    i think so.

    have you had a sore throat?

    ever had a bar fight?

    who knows you the best?
    i dont even know myself half the time! haha.

    shoe size?

    do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
    contact lenses and glasses.

    ever been in a fight with your pet?
    yes, he can be a wee shit at times!

    been to Mexico?
    sexico in mexico! no.

    did you buy something today?
    3 books.

    did you get sick today?
    i have the cold if that counts.

    do you miss someone today?
    my dad as usual.

    did you get in a fight with someone today?

    when is the last time you had a massage?
    last week.

    last person to lay in your bed?

    last person to see you cry?
    no one.

    what was the last TV show you watched?
    mount pleasant or something.

    what are your plans for the weekend?
    this is the weekend, and im in.

    who do you think will repost this?
    no one.

    If your significant other asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say?
    im not even sure i have a significant other!

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    shut yer faceee :P tehe and i was bored obv :P a-tee-hee-hee! and i shall sook on it! as long as its a wee lollypop yer on about :DD laaawl loveeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Laaurn'Ox
    luv Laaurn'Ox

    As i can tell, the name of your most recent blog is aimed at me. so as my response- I crashed my car. sook on that. Im bored, so hawhawhaw mate to you! Farewell. Me lav you long time <3

  • Laaurn'Ox

    We Got The Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn! 8) what a guy! haha (L) weheeey (H5) Av got no love left m'deaar :O xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <33 :*

  • Laaurn'Ox
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    Aw ill needy copy you on that one ;) Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room ;) Weheeeey 8) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <33

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    Oooft aye Puddin Pie ;) Gettin aaw jealous now :( Fuukin babe muchh? :O harhar ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • luv Abigail

    Cheers :) Bebo`s awesome :) xxxx

  • Laaurn'Ox
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    Have some loooove cloown :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  • GeorgiaNicolson

    good to here. i know havent seen you in a whiile and my gossip meter running on empty :( :P oh god i dnt even wanna guess cause i think i know who it iss, the little wannabee :L canna believe her, och well just meens we'll have to start our shitt agaain to :L xxxxxx

  • GeorgiaNicolson
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    heeyey :) im good thaanks aand you?? naethiin much pretty quiet :L yoursel?? not spoke to you iin liike ages :O love returned baaabe :DD xxxxxxx

  • luv Abigail

    np love back xxxxx

  • Caitlin Campbell
    luv Caitlin Campbell

    Here's ur 300 th luv!!!!

    7/27/10 via Mobile
  • Jennifer.
    luv Jennifer.

    i shaaall give you your 300th loooove Feuna :D xxxx

  • Aimee McGougan
    luv Aimee McGougan

    300 luv xx

    7/27/10 via Mobile
  • GeorgiaNicolson

    Lol yeaaa, aare you coming outn toniight, if the weather picks up thaat is :L xx

  • GeorgiaNicolson
    luv GeorgiaNicolson

    heey,im fiine thaanks, youu?? aare you comiin out toniight?? whaat you been upto?? xxx

  • luv Abigail

    aww haha! i was round speaing to Tasha and Tamara :) love xxxxxxxx

  • luv Abigail

    did a while ago didnt i? :L well i`ll do it next time im on just send me your username and password when you get a chance love back xxxx

  • Rambo
    luv Rambo

    have sum love xxx

  • luv Abigail

    Have My Love :) xxxxx

  • luv Abigail

    HaHa! unlucky !! wer you going on the 8th? xx