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  • Female, Luv 7
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 6/7/08
  • www.bebo.com/GwenCooper_x
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About Me

All The Things,You Said.Running Throw My Head. :]
Me, Myself, and I
Gwen Cooper.
Dont Like It...
Fuck Off :D
The Other Half Of Me
Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness

He Is Mine & Always Will. I Love You Xox

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���Owen And Gwen���- Until The End Of Time���

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  • Bebo Family x x

    BeBo FaMiLy ♡

    ♡ My mum -?
    ♡ My dad -?
    ♡ My brother -?
    ♡ My super cousin-
    ♡ My sister -
    ♡ My twin - http://www.bebo.com/GwenC1
    ♡ My super sxc boy -?
    ♡ My sexy lethal twin-http://www.bebo.com/JackH713
    ♡ my cn boi-
    ♡ my fav gay -
    ♡ My best friend -
    ♡ my utha bst friend -
    ♡My bestie friend -
    ♡ My worst enemy -http://www.bebo.com\myers13
    ♡my funni person -
    ♡ My nephew - ?
    ♡ My guardian angel-

    ♡my wee pet-
    ♡ My sugar plum -?
    ♡ My personal drinks maker -
    ♡ My goin out places with friend -?
    ♡ My fairy god mother -
    ♡ My pet dog -?
    ♡ My pet monkey-
    ♡ My I'll be ther for you friend -
    ♡ My mentally challenged m8-
    ♡ My god father -?
    ♡ My beautiful flatmate -
    ♡ My biatch -?
    ♡ My chillin bbz -
    ♡ My funky kick ass person -?
    ♡ My hot admirer -?
    ♡ my husband _* _*?
    ♡ My scrumseous hunni bear -?
    ♡ My class mate-zoey
    ♡ My wife-?
    ♡ My star -
    ♡ My bf -?http://www.bebo.com/Jericho331
    ♡ My sexy gal -?
    ♡ My cleaner -
    ♡ My krazee mate- http://www.bebo.com\\GerardWay4everxxxx
    ♡ My secret lover -?
    ♡ My angel -?
    ♡ My Fuckable Mate-?http://www.bebo.com/Jericho331

    5 Comments 299 weeks

  • things about me

    Name: Gwen Cooper
    Wearing: nothing;) :L jeans and boob cub
    Listening To: My chemical romnce
    Talking To: people!
    Watching: simpons
    Thinking: you reli dont wana no
    Feeling: blond (even know am not:L )
    Doing: singing
    Smelling: my feet
    Worrying About: nothing
    Loving: work

    Person You Phoned: owen
    Person Who Phoned You: jack
    Person You Spoke To: owen
    Person You Spoke 2 On Msn: i dont know dont have it:P
    Person You Hugged: jack
    Person You Laughed At: owen cos he is a twat
    Person You Shouted At: jack (delted)
    Person You Argued With: My mum
    Time You Cried: today
    Film You Watched: i dont know
    Thing You Ate: chips
    Thing You Drank: Coke
    Thing You Bought: chips and coke duh!

    Have You Ever...

    Been Stalked: yep
    Skipped work: ummm YES!
    Dyed Your Hair: yep
    Been On A Plane: yep
    Been On A Train : yeah
    Been On A Bus : yes
    Driven A Car: yes
    Left The Country: Hell ya!
    Poked Your Self In The Eye: yep!
    Flashed Someone: yea
    Had Someone Flash You: yep
    Been On Stage: yes
    Been Yelled At: yep
    Cheated On A BOY Friend:ummmm..yes
    Put A Hole In A Wall:yes!
    Got Scared 2 Watch Scary Movies: yes
    Kissed A BOi: duh
    Stole Anything:yes...
    Smoked: nope


    Film: scary moive 1 2 3 and 4
    TV Programe: Supernatural
    Song: teenagers
    Football Team: man u
    Person: Owen
    Colour: Red
    PHRASE: piss off
    Food: chips
    Place: work
    Smell: coke
    Thing: yoo reli wana know?
    Shop: top shop:D
    Name: lilly

    This Or That..

    Top Or Bottom: Top
    iPod Or Mobile: mobile
    Birthday Or Christmas: Birthday
    Summer Or Winter: Winter
    Socks Or Tights: scocks
    Love Or MoneY : Love
    Lights On Or Off: off
    Coke Or Pepsi: coke
    Bath Or Shower: Bath
    Hot Or Cold: Hot
    Inside Or Out: Inside
    Pizza Or Pasta: Pizza
    Texting Or Phoning: Phoning
    Hugging Or Kissing: kissing
    Msn Or Yahoo: yahoo
    Boys Or Girls: BOYS!!


    What Shoes Are You Wearing: high heals
    Loudest Friend: Jack
    Quietest Friend: Tosh
    Funniest Friend: Owen
    What Makes You Smile: owen getting hurt
    What Makes You Cry: people dieing
    Full Name: Gwen Cooper

    0 Comments 299 weeks

  • Do this i know where you live

    Rate Me Out Of 10. 1 being The lowest and 10 being
    the highest.now remember when you do this i know where yoo live

    [ ]Beautiful
    [ ]Entertaining
    [ ]Tall
    [ ]Hot
    [ ]Amazing
    [ ]Nice
    [ ]Sexy
    [ ]Fuckable
    [ ]Mega fun
    [ ]Cute
    [ ]Dreamy
    [ ]Overachieving
    [ ]Wow factor
    [ ]Energetic
    [ ]Lushus
    [ ]Lovely
    [ ]hyper
    [ ]Good fun to be around

    The Last One

    Out of 10 who loves me the most

    [ ]Owen;)

    [ ] jack

    [ ]Ianto

    [ ]Tosh

    0 Comments 299 weeks

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