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Doom metal

To rage in sound this valiant despair Doom and gloom as each a splendid pair

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Tears among the wind
Me, Myself, and I
This group is to discuss, debate and chat about arguably the finest genre of metal, from Traditional Doom to Drone, Funeral Doom, Sludge, Black Doom, Death Doom and any think else that floats your boat really.

People new to the Doom scene can seek advice from members on any of the styles they are interested in.

the essential doom list, as i've said before, is open to suggestions, but less of this, "oh man you left out ....."
any comments like these shall be treated with contempt,
advertising open to doom metal related postings..
any spam will be deleted, any personal abuse towards other members shall be treated accordingly, religious views, theories, be it christian, satanic or otherwise not welcome unless it's within a debate.
these are not rules but guidelines, and remember people ................. DOOM ON!
doom metal alliance myspace -


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  • doom metal, a history of grief.

    From the early days of Black Sabbath to the modern-day Death/Doom-Metal of My Dying Bride - A complete historical overview of our beloved genre.

    Early doom bands of the seventies...
    Black Sabbath in their early days Most people agree that Black Sabbath is amongst the most influential bands for all heavy metal in general, and Doom-Metal is no exception. Their early albums 'Black Sabbath', 'Paranoid', 'Master Of Reality', 'Vol. 4', 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', and 'Sabotage' are all without doubt, masterpieces, and without them Doom-Metal (or even metal in general) would not exist at all.

    Whilst Black Sabbath were definitely well ahead of their time, and as such one of a kind, they certainly weren't without their contemporaries (Pentagram, Blue Cheer, Black Widow). Some of the earliest prototypes of Doom-Metal were in fact songs of the late sixties and early seventies that, whilst not wholly doomy, contained countless great riffs that came to shape the sound of Doom-Metal in later years. Such songs include Iron Butterfly's 'Inna Gadda Da Vida'.

    One of Black Sabbath's main contemporaries - Pentagram - can be counted as one of the earliest Doom bands around, often intertwining with the band Bedemon one could perhaps best label their style of music as "Proto Doom". Black Sabbath has a huge impact on their sound but they focused more on the doomy side of this style. Thus creating some of the first ever Doom-metal records!

    The eighties...
    The 1980s brought with them the first bona fide Doom-Metal acts. This was the era in which bands such as Def Leppard, Warrant, and Bon Jovi came to the foregrounds and professed to be "heavy metal", and where thrash/speed and death metal bands ruled the metal scene.

    The press also applied the term "heavy metal" in a nasty pigeonholing manner to any band that wore tight spandex and big hair. Whilst there are so many bands during that time that were truly deserving to fly under the banner of Doom-Metal, they were vastly outnumbered by these Glam-metal acts. The eighties were also known for the end period of the NWOBHM, another semi-fast style of metal. So in an era where speed was the prominent factor in extreme music, Doom-Metal acts where greatly outnumbered, but this is the era where Doom-metal was mostly developed and created a name for itself.

    One 80s band that made Doom big was Trouble. Originally from Chicago, this band got together in 1979 but gained popularity from 1984 onwards. Trouble's music stands for slow, dragging heavy metal, clearly influenced by Black Sabbath. Due to Christian beliefs of the band and its effect on their lyrics the band initially fell under the label White-metal.

    Saint Vitus, another early doom-oriented band, had perhaps the biggest influence on the Doom-metal landscape (together with Candlemass). Their early work was on SST (Greg Ginn from Black Flag's label) and was mostly fronted by Wino who gained more fame later with semi-doom majors The Obsessed. Wino became one of the most legendary figures of Doom-metal in his own right. From his beginnings with The Obsessed, moving on to St. Vitus, and re-forming The Obsessed, he became one of the most prominent and influenctial figures within the Doom-metal scene. He now frequents the Stoner scene with his current band Spirit Caravan.

    In 1986, Swedish band Candlemass released the album 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus', a milestone in early Doom-Metal. Once called "the heaviest band in the world" they picked up where Black Sabbath left off in 1976. The material on 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' was in the same style as old Black Sabbath (with Ozzy) but with modern contemporary influences. Candlemass' best years were those with vocalist Messiah Marcolin, a man with an exceptionally clear, deep voice. For doom newbies the CD 'As It Is, As It Was: The Best Of Candlemass' (Music For Nations, 1994) gives a good overview of their works.

    Another doom pioneer in the late eighties was Lee Dorrian's band Cathedral

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  • essential doom,

    key.....(D) - death doom, (ST) - stoner, (TR) - traditional, (F) - funeral doom, (SL) - sludge doom, (DR) - drone doom, (B) - black doom, (U) - undefinable

    1. cathedral - forest of equilibrium (D)
    2. my dying bride - turn loose the swans (D)
    3. sleep - holy mountain (ST)
    4. mourn - mourn (TR)
    5. unearthly trance - season of seance, science of silence. (B, U)
    6. paradise lost - gothic (D)
    7. electric wizard - come my fanatics (TR)
    8. anathema - serenades (D)
    9. sunn o))) - black one (DR)
    10. winter - into darkness (D)
    11. reverend bizzare - in the rectory of... (TR)
    12. warning - watching from a distance (T)
    13. pod people - doom saloon (ST, D, TR)
    14. wreck of the hesperus - the sunken threshold (F)
    15. eyehategod - in the name of suffering (SL)
    16. penance - the road less travelled (TR)
    17. electric wizard - dopethrone (TR)
    18. cathedral - carnival bizzare (TR)
    19. candlemass - epicus doomicus metallicus (TR)
    20. goatsnake - I (DR, TR)
    21. mournful congregation - tears from a grieving heart (F)
    22. mourning beloveth - a murderous circus (D)
    23. my dying bride - the dreadful hours (D)
    24. trouble - manic frustration (TR)
    25. witchcraft - witchcraft (TR)
    26. the obsessed - obsessed (TR)
    27. count raven - destruction of the void (TR)
    28. iron monkey - our problem (SL)
    29. crowbar - obedience thru suffering (SL)
    30. scorn - colossus (U)
    31. godflesh - streetcleaner (U)
    32. electric wizard - witchcult today (TR)
    33. capricorns - (U)
    34. burning witch - crippled lucifer (DR)
    35. atavist - II ruined *** (magnificent) ;) (DR, SL)
    36. khanate - things viral (DR)
    37. moss - cthonic rites (DR)
    38. asva - futurists against the ocean (DR)
    39. saint vitus - any (TR)
    40. earth - hex (DR)
    41. ocean - here where nothing grows (DR)
    42. grand magus - self titled (TR)
    43. moss - sub templum (DR)
    44. monarch - speak of the ocean. (DR)
    45. solitude aeturnus - into the depths of sorrow (TR)
    46. buried at sea - ghost (DR)
    47. the wandering midget - i am the gate (TR)
    48. mournful congregation - monad of creation (F)
    49. mourning beloved - a disease for the ages (D)
    50. reverend bizzare - crush the insects (TR)
    51. the wandering midget - serpent coven (TR)
    52. buried at sea - migration (DR)
    53. sunn 0))) - monoliths and dimensions (DR)
    54. moss - tomb of the blind drugged (DR)
    55. worship - dooooom (F)
    56. ahab - call of the wretched sea (F)
    57. stabat mater - splits and demo's (F)
    58. night must fall - funeral of mankind (F)
    59. khlyst - chaos is my name (DR)
    60. hierophant - the tome (F)

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    Bubba by Bubba
    Hey there,

    We're trying to promote our band and get more people interested in our stuff.

    Please check us out and add us as a friend

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  • HAMMER OF DOOM on Nov 17th 2009

    Barbarian Wrath by Barbarian Wrath
    featuring Trouble, Pagan Altar, Spiritus Mortis, Count Raven, Dark Forest, The Gates of Slumber, The Lamp of Thoth, Death Row and Dawn Of Winter. The event is held in Würzburg in southern Germany. Anyone besides me going there ?
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  • Awesome group! invitation to hear my band!

    Jorge Hill by Jorge Hill
    Hi ppl! Im Jorge, im from México City, im new at bebo and i just finished the profile for my band Anhedonia, a post-doom metal band mainly influenced by Anathema, early Tiamat, lake of tears, Katatonia, pink floyd, Saturnus, Arcturus and some other stuff!

    I dont have any friends yet! so feel free to invite me as one ! and check out my band, its great that you guys have this group over here and i hope i could be an active member from now on! thx ppl, and cya around.

    the link for my band:

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Mournful Congregation - When the Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst

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    This page has become similar to the subject matter of most Doom songs.

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    hey any metal/hard rock bassists from tipperary leave me a comment if u want 2 be in a band our influences include black sabbath, alice in chains, nirvana, pantera, megadeth, the stooges, the sex pistols, thin lizzy, guns n roses, the dead kennedys, venom and many more !!!

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    i definitely think neurosis - through silver in blood should be on the essential doom list. one of the greatest sludge albums from possibly the most influential sludge bands

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    this site helped me discover th beauty nd epicness of doom cheers

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