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Queen Of The Damned

bugfuck totally bugfuck lol

6/25/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

When the sky became dark, i came out of my coffin
Me, Myself, and I
I am Claire, this is me. I am a wee metal head and im a funky artist. i luv to draw and spend time with ma friends
The Other Half Of Me


"Ur my Sunday, make my monday come alive" XD

love my musicits my life :D
METAL xD and somethings not so metal lol :P ; 3 inches of blood, 69 eyes, accept, acdc, aerosmith, airbourne, alice cooper, atreyu, black label society, black sabbath, bloodhound gang, bon jovi, bullet, coheed and cambria, cradle, danny elfman(soundtracks to some tim burton films), david bowie, deathstars, def leppard, dio, disturbed, fear factory, flyleaf, foo fighters, godsmack, iced earth, maiden, jimi hendrix, journey, judas priest, killswitch, kiss, lacuna coil, lamb of god, lost girls :P lordi, machine head, manson, mcqueen, megadeth, metallica, MSI, motley crue, motorhead, nickelback, NIN, offspring, pantera, papa roach, pearl jam, poison, rammstein, ratt, razorbladekisses, scorpions, skid row, saxon, slipknot, soil, spineshank, stereophonics, stone sour, system, tenacious d, theatres des vampires, twisted sister, type o negative, WASP and more :P
The Crow, The Saw trilogy, Childsplay, The Lost Boys, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, all Tim Burton stuff
is GAY!!!!
Scared Of
nothing i kick ass!!
Happiest When
when driving ma friends crazy making them do stuff for ma crazy art projects

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  • The Number 23 :P (2/3=.666 :P)

    After watching "The Number 23" we thought we would find our own 23's :P

    so if A=1 B=2 C=3 etc.. and if u get a point somethin number like 6.7 it would be rounded to 7 and if it was like 6.3 it would be 6 and 6.5 would go either way, with that in mind here we go-

    Jenna's full name is "Jennifer Vernon Macdonald" which is 23 letters
    Everyone calls her Jenna though so with that in mind Jenna is 10+5+14+14+1=44 divided by the number of letters which is 5 =9, Vernon is 22+5+18+14+15+14 / 6=15 and Macdonald is 13+1+3+4+15+14+1+12+4 / 9 = 8 and 9+15+8=32 which is 23 backwards :)

    Lana's full name is "Lana((12+1+14+1=28 )/4=7) Ann((1+14+14=29)/3=10) Watson ((23+1+20+19+15+14=92 )/ 6=15)" 7+10+15=32, also if u just take what they all equalled to start with ie 28 29 and 92 2+8+2+9+9+2=32 :P

    Laenei's full name is "Lorraine(12+15+18+18+1+9+14+5=92 ) Graham(7+18+1+8+1+13=48 )" 9+2+4+8=23 also her house phone number = 23

    My name is "Claire(3+12+1+9+18+5=57 ) Copland(3+15+16+12+1+14+4=65 )" 5+7+6+5=23 also my house phone number=23

    Mark's full name is "Mark(13+1+18+11=43) Francis(6+18+1+14+3+9+19=70) Paterson(16+1+20+5+18+19+15+14=108 )" 4+3+7+1+8=23

    His bro Tony's full name is "Anthony(101) James(48 ) Paterson(108 ) 1+1+4+8+1+8=23

    This can start gettin a little obsessive lol :P like...

    -I live on Morar(65) Cresent(84) 6+5+8+4=23
    -My waist size is 32
    -My train pass expires on the 23rd
    -The other week i found any east caribbean state 25 cent in my purse( donno where or how i got it) one side says "Queen Elizabeth the Second" which is 23 and the other side says "East Caribbean States 2002" which is also 23 :P

    When u start lookin you can find 23 everywhere -

    1.23 is the first prime number in which both digits are prime numbers and add up to another prime number.

    2.Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was published in 1859 - 1+8+5+9 = 23.

    3.The date that the Titanic sank, 4/15/1912, 4+1+5+1+9+1+2=23

    4.The date the Twin Towers were hit, 9/11/2001, 9+11+2+1=23

    5.It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body

    6.The tilt of Earth’s axis is roughly 23 degrees

    7.A human baby receives 23 chromosomes from each parent

    8.The 23rd letter of the English alphabet is W. It has two points down and three points up. On a QWERTY keyboard, W lies directly below the two and three.

    9.The first morse code transmission - "What hath God wrought?" - was from the Bible passage Numbers 23:23. In telegraphers code 23 means "break the line"

    10.In the movie Jeepers Creepers the creature gets to feed every 23 years for 23 days

    11.December 23, 2012 is the day the classic Mayans said the world would end

    12.William Shakespeare was born in Stratford Upon Avon on 23 April 1564. He died 52 years later on his birthday, 23 April 1616

    13.Kurt Cobain was born in 1967 and died in 1994 - 1+9+6+7= 23, 1+9+9+4 = 23.

    14.Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times

    15.April 19th, as in 4-19 (4 + 19 = 23), is the date of the Battle of Lexington, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

    16.The Bible does not let 23 pass without conferring upon it some significance, at least to students of the Book. Although the Old Testament is unspecific, it is widely held that Adam and Eve had 23 daughters. The 23rd verse of the first chapter of Genesis brings the act of creation to a close while the 23rd chapter of the book of Genesis deals entirely with death, namely that of Abraham's wife, Sarah. The most famous and most quoted of the Psalms is number 23: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters."

    17.Adolf Hitler organized the NAZI's on January 23. On November 23 he tried to take over

    18.There are 2300 stones comprising the Great Pyramid

    19.The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8.15am - 8+15= 23

    20.In the science fantasy saga, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca sneak into detention block A

    2 Comments 199 weeks

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Dean: Thanks.
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  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Hiya Queen Of The Damned You can enter our modelling competition to model our halloween outfits NOW :) at www . blueeuphoria.co.uk/sm Its going to be a free public vote to help decide the winner :) get your entry in xx

  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Hiya, Weve just launched a network for clubbers, D.J's, ravers, promoters and clubs, please take a look and sign up, if you want to promote an event feel free :) Queen Of The Damned We want to put you in touch with like minded people and help to bring a much needed boost to the clubbing scene. For those of you who are interested in modeling our halloween range, our competition will be run on our network, to be kept up to date please join. All you have to do is go to our website blueeuphoria.co.uk, click "Network" and register to start making your profile. If you need any help with anything just get n touch :)

  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Hi Just wondering if we can take up a couple of minutes of your time..... We will be looking for girls to model for our halloween range very soon so please add us to your top friends to keep updated if your interested. We want to know what you would like to see on our website as we are updating it soon and might be able to bring your idea to the site. If you have bought an outfit from us before then please comment with your pics as we will be putting a gallery on our site just for you. Lastly any website owners who would like to link exchange please p.m us for info. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this Queen Of The Damned We hope you are enjoying your summer :) blueeuphoria.co.uk x

  • Maku

    wont be able to make this week ... stll doin those essays

    6/28/10 via Mobile
  • Maku

    jst told the truth .... wasnt worth the hassle ... too lazy . lol

    6/26/10 via Mobile
  • CJ
    luv CJ

    it's ok a found it last nite on sidereel, but if a have any problems al let u no :) xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    ys that? problems with the band? :( aye ur welcome ovr :) just keep me postd a watchd dollhouse the othr nite, it's pretty gd, an intrestin story :) xoxo

  • CJ

    a almost 4got somthin aswell lol wot r we gona do about transportin mark's sword? ma mum was gona transport it but with her away 4 a week that's out of the window... xoxo

  • CJ

    kl :) a shld no by this tuesday comin bout the times if Debbie is in the shop :) xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    kl, bn a loooong time since a was at the cathouse yay XD jen and steven :P al try and finish work a little earlier so a can get changed b4 a meet u :) yeh mum and jim r goin tae crail 4 a week :D u and mark can come ovr on the thursday that week if u want :) xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    yeh al come :D where is it this time? xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    av officially startd work in the shop :D most of wot a do is the same as wen a volunteerd but am gettin more trainin involvin cashin up at the end of the nite, and stuff that a manager or assistant manager has tae do, Debbie wants me tae run the shop on ma own for a few days in a few weeks coz Anne the assistant manager is goin on holiday 4 a fortnite :D anywayz wot u bn up tae? get excited bout download? xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    hey :) am gd thanx, howz u bn? xoxo

  • Maku

    hey sexy =] got the jack, tent, sleepin bag, chairs nd some sun screen .... those millar r useless ... ud think id remember a rule like no glass in festival... nd there is a better booze deal on ... was thinkin n just keepin the miller for craigs when we get back nd i'll buy some more cans =] ... XxX

    6/5/10 via Mobile
  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Hey, Weve just released a brand new Clubwear range and would like to know what you think. You can find photos of it in my "Cubwear by Blue Euphoria Album" PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!! If you need to have it you can buy at blueeuphoria.co.uk Thanks Queen Of The Damned Much luv... xx

  • Princess Paradox Formerly JaeDebauchery
    luv Princess Paradox Formerly JaeDebauchery

    saw this n thought of you http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/9... if bebo kills the link it just says: New music website www.eqtv.dj is offering a placement for anyone interested in gaining experience in filming and editing videos. You'd be guaranteed hands-on experience of using our dv cameras and/or editing with Final Cut. We're based in Glasgow. Hours to suit you. Get in touch if you're interested… xoxox

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    a 6 month placement as a shop assistant in the charity shop :) a start next tuesday XD xoxo

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    I got a job!! XD xoxo

  • Mark

    claire dear u need to get a phone x

  • CJ
    luv CJ

    the sword is here!! XD av uploaded a couple of pics tae ma album XD xoxo