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The Asian Girl

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About Me

Asian Girl
Me, Myself, and I
Sakura Nakagawa, born in Fukuoka, Japan has moved to Carson City, Nevada, USA... Her dad got a job with a big japanese company called Toshiba...
She attends Carson City High School in eleventh grade... She is the hottest girl in the school and loads of guys have tried to date her...

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  • Stacy Young

    The Asian Girl ADD ME ON MSN tilly.poo@hotmail.co.uk I HAVE WEBCAM - LOOKING FOR GUYS OVER 18 xx thx

  • Aimee

    It's really rude to leave comments on bebo books saying 'READ!!!' and not even bothering to read the book you're commenting on.

  • Bebo Request Reviews
    Bebo Request Reviews

    NOT SPAMMING! Would you like an unbiased constructive review? I'm willing to do so (for this or any other books you may have written) I love reading and just want to help other people improve their own writing If you do please click on the link above and I'll do it within the week By accepting my offer I would write a review on your page and also copy the review to my own blog (along with the link to here of course) Thanks for reading this

  • Aniisah Hates You
    luv Aniisah Hates You

    hey, did u kno ders a song called sakura?it goes sakura, sakura, ya yo i no so ra wa...4gt da rest. sakura means cherry blossom xx

  • The Asian Girl
    The Asian Girl

    Chapter 5 up... any books or movies with simular stories are completely by coincidence... not Chapter 5: Tokyo Drift :L

  • The Asian Girl
    The Asian Girl


  • Nia Roberts
    Nia Roberts

    Please can you read this????!!!! http://www.bebo.com/Livingwithme

  • The Asian Girl 1/21/08
  • Turner Maxwell Books
    Turner Maxwell Books

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  • Fcuk The System
    Fcuk The System

    It made me laugh and was interesting xx. http://bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId...

  • Your Book Better Be Good
    Your Book Better Be Good

    true.... that's because no one asks me.... and I don't ask people.... got it

  • The Ox

    I am an aussie from sydney australia what can i say I love asian girls woohoo the sexiest girls in the world if u wanna chat to an aussie add me as a friend aight peace

  • Your Book Better Be Good
    Your Book Better Be Good

    u want me to be a fan of ur book because I tell people about ur book and I tell my one aunt who's a publisher and she mite be able to get ur book published. but my aunt is strict. but what i can do is tell everyone on bebo, myspace, etc. i'd tell a lot of my friends. we all love reading stories, so when ur book is finished, and if it's great, i'll become a fan and tell everyone. the goal is to have me as a fan.

  • The Asian Girl
    The Asian Girl

    refering to Russiian Dolliie's review... i spell checked the whole story in US English spelling... if u are from some other country and do not like the difference in spelling go **** yourself... also what the hell are u looking for some starting credits?? huh

  • The Asian Girl
    The Asian Girl

    lol... one of the Fans is called Tanya