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Daisy Lily

Tell Me Why You Had To Go, And Leave Me So Desperate.

4/8/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 19, Luv 450
  • from Your Bed ;)
  • I am Single
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About Me

I'm A Slut, And I'll Admit To It
Me, Myself, and I
´♥¨`•° daisy °•´¨`»♥

`*.¸.*´ ♥ S H A R E T H E L O V E ♥♥
¸.•´ ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

You Either Like Me Or You Hate Me, And If You Hate Me, Well I Really Don't Care. I've Got My Friends, I Don't Need You!
My Best Friends:
Stacey Leigh Jenkins - Love Her! :D
Amy Louise Wilmott - Amazing Girl :)
Peter David Tarr - Freak :P
And That's It, My Best Friends, My World! Don't Mess With Them, Cause You'll Be Dealing With Me If You Do!
My Mates In More Detail Just Down There >>v
One Word, Slut, But I Love Her Anyway, Even Though She Might Have Slept With More Guys Than Me (I Say Might Because I Lost Count) We're Alike, Maybe Too Alike, We Bought The Same Phone Without Realising, We Both Smoke, We're Both Sluts, And We'd Both Admit To Being Sluts, We Chat People Up So That They Buy Us Drinks When We're Out, We Both Fight And Could Take At Least 4 People At Once, We've Dressed The Same A Few Times And Then Met Each Other After, We Both Have A Bad Track Record When It Comes To Boyfriends, Basically Our Lives Are Pretty Much The Same, The Only Things Different Are, She Lives With Her Dad And I Live With My Mum, And She's Never Been Out With My Cousin. She's Amazing Though Fair Play, We Have A Normal Friendship, We Fall Out, We Argue, We Make Up, We Have Millions Of Memories Together, The Most Fun Ones Are When We Got Excluded From School And Our Snow Days, We Need To Go To The Cinema More! We Used To Always Go, But We Havent Been In A While, I Miss The Days Of Getting Chatted Up By Guys Sitting Behind Us, Actually, I Miss The Old Days, I Miss Bin Night And All The Times We Went Up To Maesteg After School, And When We Mitched Off School To Go Up There. I Think We Should Go To College Together, It'd Be A Laugh And The Teachers Wouldnt Know What Hit Them! Neither Would The Rest Of The Class Though. I LOVE YOU STACEY LEIGH JENKINS! :D <3 And I Know You Love Me Toooo! :P
Me And Her Have Been Through Alot, We've Argued Made Up Then Argued Again, We're The Same On A Few Things, Like We're Both Smart, Only She's Smarter Than Me, And Our Friends Mean The World To Us, I Know That We Both Literally Couldn't Live Without Them. She Makes Me Laugh, She's Amazing, Pretty And Talented, She's Different, Which Makes Her One Of A Kind.
Right This Lad Is Amazing, I Love him, He's My Best Guy Friend, He Never Listens To Me When I Give Him Advice, Which Is Probably A Good Thing, But Sometimes It Isn't And He Really Should Listen To Me, He's Still A Lil Innocent Guy, Never Had A Girlfriend And He's Still Square, But That Could Just Mean that He's Waiting For The Right One, Even Though I Don't Believe It Myself :) I'd Trust Him With My Life He's Just Awesome.
These Guys Are All Amazing, I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Any Of Them To Be Honest! :) <3

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  • Staceyy-Leighh
    luv Staceyy-Leighh

    Love Ywooh <3

  • Staceyy-Leighh
    luv Staceyy-Leighh

    I Love Youu :) Xxx

    4/8/11 via Mobile
  • Staceyy-Leighh
    luv Staceyy-Leighh

    Lovee :P Xx

    4/8/11 via Mobile
  • Staceyy-Leighh
    luv Staceyy-Leighh

    Lovee :) Xx

    4/8/11 via Mobile
  • luv TamaraSexxiipantss.

    love ----> x

  • luv TamaraSexxiipantss.

    heyaaah :) :O u aint been on ere in ages lol :/ and why is that?? lol here's the love anywayz :) wb Tamara x

  • Lauren Babie X
    luv Lauren Babie X

    Hey babe xx

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • Sophiee'X

    Merry christmas!!.x

  • luv Sophiee'X

    hello sexxi ;) Youu okaiii wubu2 enn ?x w.b sophiee x

  • luv TamaraSexxiipantss.

    hey here's the love i promised :) x

  • luv Sophiee'X

    heyyah daisy :D youu okaii?? wubu2 enn? w.b sophiee x

  • TamaraSexxiipantss.

    Hiia you okaii ? :O you avnt had a comment in ages lol i will give you love 2moz kk :D wubu2 en ? you been to school lately lmao? or TROUBLE!! pmsl! wb Tamara x

  • Saaraah-Jaaynee'

    Wa the fuk do u think ur playin at? If i find out u look at chloe i will smash ur face in orite love, an fukin leave graeme alone just cos ur a fukin pregnant slag that shags around gives u no rights to tell people what to do. And daisy u can run to teachers and police cos tha aint gona stop me gettin u, and this isnt a threat its a promise :) .

    11/25/09 via Mobile
  • Lollieepopp

    Hay do u know yas? (:

  • luv Sophiee'X

    lovee as promised

  • Sophiee'X

    :) ino lol 1 day hes gunna say summin like thaa and hes gunna regret it 4 the rest of his life an he ain gunna be laughing :L Lmao but graeme cant do dares :L :L he proved it wen he didnt get up there :L lmao No lovee left sorri 2mz okaii Promisee :D xx

  • luv Sophiee'X

    Lmao She nearlly did untill us lot told her :L Lmao she was playing along with him in the end, she was like do u want me 2 go tell the teachers that ur spreading that around, an he goes ill tell them myself in fact ill go on the roof and shout it!! so i sed 2 him i dare u but he didnt :L Lovee bacc

  • Sophiee'X

    Heyy Youu okaii?? Graeme told miss dunlop tha uve gone home 4 a skan.. and sed ur preggy :L :L i told her he was lieing though lol Sorri no love left atm ill give u some 2mz :D

  • luv Sophiee'X

    :) Thanks lol heres some moree :D

  • luv Sophiee'X

    love as promised :) x