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wtf right?

11/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I


: (

Bums me. On Fridays. And occasionally Wednesdays.
You crazyy Fooool! =D X
I just dont get life lately. Nothing makes sense to me nomore..
Too many ups and downs and punishments, i cant work out when im meana be happy.
Who are you meana trust? And who is really who they say they are? Is anyone?

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  • D Dot A Aka Virus
    luv D Dot A Aka Virus

    koolkool. anyway have som love bk 4 the love u sent :D xxx

  • D Dot A Aka Virus
    D Dot A Aka Virus

    nothin u no lmao wt bout u? xx

    5/15/09 via Mobile
  • D Dot A Aka Virus
    D Dot A Aka Virus

    lmao sent that tyyym ago. wel thats gd to hear :) nd yh im gd thx :D x x

    5/14/09 via Mobile
  • D Dot A Aka Virus
    D Dot A Aka Virus

    heyy. long tym no speak. hw u bin?

    4/26/09 via Mobile
  • .Cas.

    look, im sorry ok. i jus didnt kno wt 2 do. i had like no time wt so ever. . i werent reply cos wen i text me i was at work n then i wud 4get bout the text. sounds horrible but i did. and im sorry bout that 2. i jus had alot on my mind. i still av now but i cnt say wt on ur profile cos then eveerryyone wud kno lol. im jus... sorry ok. thers nuffin else i can say or do. look, ill send u a private email bout sum stuff ok.x.x

  • .Cas.

    I didnt throw u away at all!!! i got mad wiv u.. sooo mad!! cos i apologised 4 not seein u like 4 days b4 all the shit kicked off... n i sed i was sorry!!! n u sed u understood... ive been workin as much as i can lately... i really have and yes ok i cud of really really made an effort 4 a couple of hours 2 c u but ive had soo many things 2 do n sort out n yeaah ive been wiv hedgey most of the time but hes goin thru a tough patch at the minute so im not exactly guna jus shove him off. and im not sayin i shoved u off either cos i didnt. i jus didnt av time cos wenever i am free ur either at college or at work or wiv sian or off at the pub. which i dnt wana do. look, i aint gunna argue bout it but thats jus how it is... im really sorry 2 hear bout ur great grandma n i hope that ur copin wiv it..xxx

  • Tom Tillier
    luv Tom Tillier

    Hey How are you What have you been up to? Comment back xxx

  • Tasha

    I love your skin! (Y) Its so true lol! You'll hear more in psychology as always tho :L Haha when i sud be "concentrating"! Still annoyed at her yanoe lol! :L Oohh well :D Ly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • DOrk
    luv DOrk

    i love you lots n lots :)

  • - Kells -
    - Kells -

    Hello Hello Hello Hello !

  • Tom Tillier
    luv Tom Tillier

    Hey LIzzie How are you? What have you been up to Work and driving going ok? Comment back xxx

  • Tom Tillier
    luv Tom Tillier

    Hey sexy Lizzie :) How are you What have you been doing xxxxx

  • Chantelle Louise
    Chantelle Louise

    i've been fine thankss :) yourself? x

  • Chantelle Louise
    Chantelle Louise

    Helloo.. Thanks for the add (: Long time no speak or see. x