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Jakey Fucking Jizz

fuck me bebo is abit shit LOL :p

1/11/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 1,409
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: October 2007
  • Last active: 7/17/11
  • www.bebo.com/JIZZ4jakey
Me, Myself, and I

Name: Jakey Fucking JIZZ™
orientation: gay
Status: Single ;)
Location: Chester
Pierced: Septum ,hips,ears, tongue
Tattooed:5 times baby
Facebook: Jakey Adam Matthews

bebo is for kids ^^ and want to be fame kids i have grown up now ^^

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

im am me
always happy an laughing
obsessed with his looks an music
biggest bitch you can meet
but has the softest heart

it's hard being a diamond in a rhinestone world

The Other Half Of Me


i love her [L] alot xxx ♥

Throw me up against the wall Roll around until we fall
Boy Im bout to shut you up, just want you to ruff me up.
I look alive, I'm dead inside. My heart has holes and black blood flows.We'll do some drugs, well fall in love and get fucked up
June1 1988-2005 22nd july ♥imissyousomuch<3
Dec 25th hurry up <3
Contact me on..
drop_dead-jake@hotmail.co.uk , Facebook Jakey Matthews Myspace -http://www.myspace.com/rainbow_jizz_...
♥ My sex noise
Bring me the horizon, black veil brides, lady gaga , jeffree star , glamour of the kill , , bullet for my valentine, blessthefall, bleed from within, paramore, youmeatsix, hinder , simple plan, drop dead gawjus, scary kids scaring kids, red jumpsuit apparatus , blood on the dance floor , escape the fate, Slipknot , suicide silence , eyes set to kill , kings of leon , kids in glass houese, default , the medic driod, Britney Spears little boots , shinedown , The killers, the automatic, motley crue , guns and roses, aiden , keane, avenged sevenfold , metro station , the devil wears prada , 30 seconds to mars, the blackout, Fei Comodo, the rolling stones , alexisonfire, three days grace, we are the ocean , brokencyde, Machine Head, papa roach , nevershoutnever and alot more tbh add my band, comment the songs - http://www.bebo.com/Heartbreakoftheafter
I ♥ ......
Oliver Sykes Andy Sixx Lady GaGa Jeffree Star there my idols for different reasons

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    [100% Original Profile]
    Ive had names like ....
    Kevin Fxcking Ktenology
    Jakey Jealousy
    jakey adam matthews
    Single ;)
    ♂ + ♂ = ♥
    tall - 6.0
    skinny as fuck
    smokes- uh huh
    drinks - oh god yer ;)

    My band

    On my body is
    3 tattoos
    Holes i hav made in myself
    http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb... deleted
    http://www.bebo.com/c/profile/no_can... fakin me n some1 else lol frm youtube xD
    http://www.bebo.com/c/profile/no_can... deleted
    http://www.bebo.com/BeauS140 deleted
    im OBSESSED with oli sykes + andy sixx !!!!

    Ewwo Jakey Cakes Channie Danger Hackedededed Your Bebo Page ^^I Love This Guy So Much (: He's Just Gawd Damn Un-describable I Can't Put Him In Words For You Tbh;;...Im His"Bitch"Hehehe So Yea But Youno What I Love Him Cause He's Always Here For Me He's Like My Bg Brother :D But He's An ORGASMIC Person,,I'd Take A Bullet To The Head For This Dudee Anytime Of The Day Evan Rite Know + Wiv My Last Words Id Say "I Love Yu Jakey Pops"......I LOVE You Jakey ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    HACKED!!!!!!!! I ♥ U Jakeyy
    Heloo Jakeyy JakeYourFACE Hackedededed your bebo ^^ I Lovesss this dudeee :) Hes amaseeee!! Always makes me smile! :) Love you JakeYourFACE xxxxxxx ;) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Hacked Babey!!! ... 17-02-09
    Yes Mister Jakey Pants (sykee made it up) ... You Were Hacked By Sykee And Phee ... We Have Left You A Couple Of Surprises On Your New Photos...Which You Can't Change No Matter What!!!!...:P So We Love You Loads And Byee xoxo *waves*
    Sarah<3 OMG!! I am actually hacking your bebo, how HXC am i This is fun, i feel so special, oh wow its like a crime in hacking ur account oh dear, lol ohh noo im defaintly getting a ASBOnow Whilst im here i just want to say how much i love you and how much you mean to me, ur like fooking amazing babe, IM HYPER Ahhhhh ;D Btw i partyed whilst i was here cos am that Kool OHHH YERRRR!!!!!! Jakey i love you to bits u mean the world to me =], well i love ya bebo and leave ya bebo :P Fun whilst it lasted yays!!! love you gawjus <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
    hacked...again 17-3-09
    Jakey babe,i love you more than anything. You mental. you make me laugh and choke. You're so special to me. if i had to choose between Andy six and you, you would win all the way. You've helped me through so much. And much more to come. And i ill help you more :)
    don't you EVER change, or you will diee. Walk and wank ;) babe, i know this is short, but i says it all in 7 words. . . I love you and the memories we share. thank you babe.
    I LOVE YOU, DON'T CHANGE ! NOTHING, CAN TAKE YOU AWAY FROM ME and just you try geting away;) OH MY GODDA :P

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • the people i love

    By each of your names i wrote something that made me laugh that you have said to me
    so if you don't hgave anythin dont worrie im not finashed yet haha

    My Guys
    Josh jakey im only bi for you :L :L
    Mitch i can't want to be a granny Jake- u cant be one ur a guy :L :L
    Kane ill be your kinight you be my bitch :L why am i the bitch kane? , your hotter :L :L
    Richie How do you close a can ? :L :L
    Nick can u sqwrit water through ur tongue :L :L
    Sam any guy who wears flower shirts are eaither gay or there mum picks there clothes i swear :L :L
    Tim i have hair!! :L yes i do :L <3
    Harry jakey babe why can't u adopt me jakey- im 19 :L Harry- well ur goin to be my daddy one day ;) jakey- harry :O :L
    Luke jake - wtf are u doin Luke- tryin to make a daisy fucking chain jake- good luck with that ur useing fucking dandy lions luke-wel.. a dandy lion chain then LEAVE ME BE! :L
    Dylan read between the lines MO FO !
    Leo ive got something i need to say :L im..IM FUCKING YOUR MUM :L
    Ashley boys are back in town baby (H) we r so bad ass
    Greg might just go out there naked see how many cheers we get then ;)
    Tom SCREAM if you LOVE DRUGS like i do!!!
    Jake omg one epic phone call between us <3
    Charlie topman be on top ;) :L <3
    Chris JAKE! i have a tattoo! IM INKED BITCH!!! :L :L :L
    Matty love is like a boat jakey-how - matt-i dunno i cant think of anythin LOL
    Gaz i may be gay jakey but i an work my charm like a snake - makes snake noise- :L
    Sammy if i drink all this do you think ill pop ? :L :L
    Chris.r why is my head so much more bigger when i lie down LMAO!!! :L
    Jakey.H We need to find the fingur puppets [jakey] what ? [Jakey.h] i dont know i wanted to talk about figurs LMAO ::L

    My Gurls
    Saff :L ill get you done for pedofiling on me :L silly billy
    Imogen why does my cat not talk :L
    Steffie i wish i was a cloud then i could change shape
    Amy i love beer ya know , more than i love my mummys pie
    Lucy how do guys do the titty dance when they have like bigger boobs than me obvs XD :L
    Hayley i want you [jakey] JIZZ :L LMAO
    NaomiSome women get turned on by men cleaning LOL
    Roxxi i got it from my momma, offt i bet you did , offt i did and your mum too she was screaming my name for days :L
    Vivian i dare you ask someone to marry you :L [ drunk btw]
    Zoe why do you do this to each other :L :L
    Channie we are sexy cunts !! :L
    Tay my lil sis <3
    Taylor :L we r cool aha

    You Guys Have NO order o matter what you say
    i love u all the same

    if i have left any1 out
    im sorry
    just comment an ill put u straight in there :D

    12 Comments 251 weeks

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  • Charmane Demps

    How can the do this for free? http://is.gd/TjuuvL

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Lebannen

    hey jakey, howz you?

    11/9/10 via Mobile
  • Escape-Hannahs-Fate

    Thanx For Accepting :) Hope You Dont Mind The Add!! <3 xxx

  • Jim
    luv Jim

    Hmmmm, lemme think of what word could have been ;D... Jahomock Aye, let's go with that lol. Jahomock Jake I well miss talking to you too ); Bad crack! You better get that numba, you jahomock I got a new msn babe, add it; lmaonahnaomi@hotmail.co.uk (L) xxxxxxxxxx

  • William

    iyt gawjuss wuu2 sxc xxxx

  • Jim

    You're so fucking sexy. Please don't be gay ): LOL

  • Jim
    luv Jim

    OMG JAKEY BABY! I know! It's been far too long. I miss you too! I'm doing great thankyou, you? OMG, mail me that shit now. I. Want. Your. Digits. (; xoxox (L)

    4/10/10 via Mobile
  • Mitchy Milkshake
    luv Mitchy Milkshake

    love cause you deseve it :) x

  • XxkarenkisstrophicxX 4/9/10 via Mobile
  • Bitch.Please
    luv Bitch.Please

    yeah! i'll be your bitch anyday bbz ;) :P xxxxx i lav youu xxxxx

  • Mitchy Milkshake
    luv Mitchy Milkshake

    ive had ppl texting you and ringing you cause i have cred an you ain replied to any of them :( when you next online or ring me or something bubba xxxxxxx

  • Samantha Anarchy

    Hey =] random add hope u dont mind how r u? Ur pics r amazing ur stunning x x x

    4/7/10 via Mobile
  • Mitchy Milkshake
    luv Mitchy Milkshake

    i need talk to you babes xx

  • Mitchy Milkshake
    luv Mitchy Milkshake

    just seen that guy whos faking you on 'myyearbook' lols why do ppl do that though? probs cause the incercure about there looks .....pisses me off though its a nice pic of you he's useing though ^^ i dunno what pisses me off more is fakes in geral or that i cant find one that fakes me :L xxxxx

  • XxkarenkisstrophicxX

    Hey thanks for acceptin xx

    4/2/10 via Mobile
  • luv Jakey S Miller

    goood,i'll message him,later and put your link in there,he/she got some explaining to do,i knew he was fake,just needed to find out of who,they're faking someone else,but dont know the realguy i know,i'll message you what i message him and what he replys have a heart gorgeous

  • Jakey S Miller

    heres the fake i mentioned http://www.myyearbook.com/anthony_si... scribble back and let me know want you want to do about it,personally i'd like to bitch the mofo out,known them over a year and the've lied to me so much Tyler xox

  • The Downfall Of Us All
    The Downfall Of Us All

    happy birthday fir the other day!

  • Darth Nyxus 3/7/10
  • Darth Nyxus
    Darth Nyxus

    Awwh, well i hope you're enjoying your job (= Things are average, moving outa home soon :DD Can't wait. I've srsly missed you heaps. Talk soon, I hope =) Iloveyou. <3 Alexii.