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Sophie Coombes

perhaps Fuck Off might be too kind :)

6/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
im sophie coombes :D
facebook is better cus it has poker and weird quizzes, get some of that and i may consider bebo ;D
The Other Half Of Me

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Plain White T's - So Damn Clever

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  • My boyfriend is homoerotic

    My boyfriend is homoerotic (Rihanna feat. T.I - Live your life)

    Youre gunna be a batty boy
    Your cross-dressing
    Your gonorrhe-A
    And then you see you're gunna get aids
    Cus everyone knows that youre a Ga-Ay.

    Go get some pussy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Instead of bumming my boyfriend
    Don't be a sissy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Ha'nt got no time for no bum boys.
    Go get some pussy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Instead of bumming my boyfriend.
    Don't be a gaywad. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Why don't ya buy some sex toys.

    Just being a puff (Ga-Ay)
    A fag (Man-Hoe)
    A fairy (Ga-Ay)
    A faggot (Man-hoe)
    Just being a puff (Ga-Ay)
    A fag (Man-Hoe)
    A fairy (Ga-Ay)
    A faggot (Man-hoe)

    My boyfriend came out today
    He told the world his love for GAY.
    He asked for anal, give away?!
    Safe to say, you wont get laid today, unless it is the gay way.
    You'll be fudge-packing, i'll be straight.
    Working my way through your best mates.

    I should've known your love for schlong
    when i caught you wearing your mums thong
    you said she put them in your drawer
    when i came walking through the door.
    When you asked to borrow my eyeliner
    I didnt know you were a marmite miner.
    I shouldve shoved it up your bum
    you'd've liked that wou'nt you hun?

    Baby, i was blind to see, that you were not in love with me.
    In fact, you liked it up the chuff, was my head not good enough?
    Is there a spot a girl cant hit? Is it cus i chose to spit?
    i dont care cus where its happenin' is with your best friend who im tappin'.

    When ya told me youre a bender,
    that you like sex with the same gender
    I laughed cus they probs dont want it with you
    cus youre not exactly large, are you? (Ahaha)

    Youre gunna be a batty boy
    Your cross-dressing
    Your gonorrhe-A
    And then you see you're gunna get aids
    Cus everyone knows that youre a Ga-Ay.

    Go get some pussy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Instead of bumming my boyfriend
    Don't be a sissy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Ha'nt got no time for no bum boys.
    Go get some pussy. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Instead of bumming my boyfriend.
    Don't be a gaywad. Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy-Ayy
    Why don't ya buy some sex toys.

    to be continued..

    1 Comment 232 weeks

  • i was very very bored.

    The Shoes You Wore Today: bootss(:
    Your Eyes: brown
    Your Hair: brown also
    Your Height: 5'7 me thinkss
    Your Fears: losingg people.

    What Is;
    Your Most Overused Phrase On Msn: "i know right" "mah" "stfu" etccc (;
    Your Thoughts First Waking Up: wtfffffff.
    The First Feature You Notice In The Opposite Sex: hands & eyesss, smell (:

    You Prefer;
    Pepsi Or Coke: difference?
    McDonalds Or Burger King: mcdonalds fo sho
    Single Or Grouped Dates: single
    Hoodies Or Jackets: hoodiess are sexy ;)
    Strawberry Or Vanilla Icecream: bit o' both? ;D

    Do You;
    Smoke: no
    Want To Go To College: sure
    Like High School: yeah its amazing ^o)
    Want To Get Married: mm
    Get Motion Sickness: yeeeeeeeeaah
    Think You're A Health Freak: not rly, no.
    Get Along With Your Parents/Guardian: ppft yeaaah we're like best mates ;D. muvvvver is nice (:
    Like Thunderstorms: only inside in the warrrrm.

    Have You Ever;
    Missed School Because It Was Raining?: probs
    Told A Guy That You Liked Them?: yeah.
    Cried During A Movie: haha, yeah. troy. titanic. p.s i love you.and so on..
    Thought An Animated Character Was Hot?: ash ketchum, not being funny but he is HOT.
    Had An Imaginary Friend?: probably somewhen, maha (:
    Cut Your Own Hair?: mahh and others ;)
    Had A Crush On A Teacher?: mr wiltshire babycakes ;)

    The Future;
    Age You Hope To Be Married: if ever? ages in future.
    Numbers Of Children: hmm bit far ahead dont ya think? (:
    Describe Your Dream Wedding: dream wedding? the actual idea of marrying someone is a nightmare as far as im concerned. :u
    How Do You Want To Die?: i dont? tbh..:L
    What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?: i'd like to be involved with fashion, but who knows. might be a stripper or something 8-).
    What Country Would You Most Like To Visit?: errrhm.. india.

    Number Of;
    People I Could Trust With My Life: 2 tbh
    CDs That I Own: download babes, get up to date ;D
    Piercings: ears, soon belly (again), soon nose (:
    Tattoos: i want a small one, somewhen..
    Times My Name Has Apperared In the Newspaper: haha. uhm a fair few..
    Scars On My Body: uhm.. i dont think any, i used to have a rly bad one on my face, sad times..
    Things In My Past That I Regret: so many you wouldnt even believe it.

    Fav Colour(s): turquoise, emeraldd, purple & glittery coloursss.
    Day/Night: i tend to have more fun at night in general, but dys are good sometimes.
    Summer/Winter: summer for weather (not in england) winter for christmas.

    Right Now;
    Wearing: next to nothing,maha, im in bedd (:
    Thinking: ive got a headache and feel sick ;/
    Listening To: brad and my dad. snoring. VERY loudly.

    In The Last 24 Hours;
    Cried: dont think so, although i wake up from dreams where ive been crying in the dream, but then actually crying, i dream too much, aha (:
    Worn Jeans: yeaah
    Met Someone New Online: uhm i think so actually. but online friends arent rly like your real friends are theyy..tbh.
    Drove A Car: yeah. right now mate.

    Do You Believe In;
    Your Friends: mhm
    Santa Claus: yes (A)
    Tooth Fairy: course;)
    Destiny/Fate: sometimes..
    Ghosts: yeaah
    UFO's: i believe peoples stories..sometimes.
    God: no
    Heaven: no
    Hell: sometimes ;)

    Friends, Life & Relationships;
    Do You Ever Wish you Had Another Name? yes pls :D
    What is your sexual preference? ryan ;)
    Last time you fell out with a friend? aha. uhm. never *-)

    1 Comment 241 weeks

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close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: sophie louise coombes :)
Birthday: 1st december
Current Location: bed :)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: uhm lol. red purple brown and a lil blonde
Righty or Lefty: right
Zodiac Sign: saggitarius
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: speaking
Your Fears: losing peopleee
Your Weaknesses: charmingness :D
Ambition in life: to be happyy :)
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your bedtime: depends
Your most missed memory: 2007
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: uhm coke
McDonald: mcdonalds ftw
Single or Group dates: haha uhm group
Adidas or Nike: none
Lipton Tea or Nestea: what?
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolatee
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: cold, kenco cappio ice, mmmm.
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: no
Have a current crush: no
Think you: yes :)
Want to get married: dunno
Believe in yourself: dunno
Think you: probs not..
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: maybe
Gone to the mall: no
Eaten Sushi: no
Gone skating: yes
Dyed your hair: no 8-)
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: maybe
Gotten beaten up: no
Changed who you were to fit in: no
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: dunno
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: greeen (:
Best Hair Color: brown
Short or Long Hair: short
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: watching top gear
1 Hour Ago: watching jeremy kyle
1 Day Ago: asleep, actually dead.
1 Year Ago: uhm probs asleep too :L
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: india & ryannn:D
I Feel: like going to sleep
I Hate: feeling ill
I Hide: all the time 8-)
I Miss: ryan atm :(
I Need: a blanket :)

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What Halo Character are you?

Master chief

You are Number one. In Times of Action You Are Everyones only hope.You are the Master Chief Arguably Halos best character.You Are The Last Of Your Kind ,A born leader a skilled fighter, and humanities only hope.

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  • Ryan

    I just netted $876 in 5 days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://goo.gl/MaRi2 Your going to be so happy!

  • 9/30/09
  • luv Susaannaah'

    sophiee you noog' have some love (:

  • Buckett.

    Oh thank you :) Yes it was alrighttt (Y) How you been doing ? 07983859739. But i'll facebook it aswell. loveyoux

  • Lady Haha.
    Lady Haha.

    i know like never ever. it's upsetting and i do miss you like a treat. but yeahh definatly im free for like all the summer. apart from the last week cause im going to spain. 07947326102 that's my new number so give me a ring or a text ok. lovee youuu xx

  • Lady Haha.
    Lady Haha.

    i love you and mss you too my darlinggg see you over the holidays yeah? xxx

  • Buckett.
    luv Buckett.

    hellayyh babes. (: Me, You & Heidi sometime this hols ? (: AND Me, You and Ash ? Well we were talikng about it over easter hols so .. (: Tb. Loveyoux.

  • Buckett.

    One've your art photos ^^ Haha (: Love you babesszx.

  • Lady Haha.
    Lady Haha.

    SOPHIE COOMBESSS. whaattaaaa babe. i miss you. love you x

  • .Ryichu.
    luv .Ryichu.

    Hey, Havent been on bebo in ages. Looking good :) xxxxxxx LoveYou Lots (L) xx

  • Colbourne
    luv Colbourne

    cheers! and there u go i dont really change it much lol bored how was ure holidays then? wb x

  • Sabrina Lois
    luv Sabrina Lois

    gooood :) im great thanks hun, haha i know! omg sounds like great fun! ;) indeed :) love youuuuuuuu x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  • Sabrina Lois
    luv Sabrina Lois

    hello sweettiee :) you okay hun? weather's lursshhh but im bored stuck at home :\ what about you? lovee you x x x x x

  • Lady Haha.
    Lady Haha.

    im not on your top friends anymore ): i miss you coombes. last night, was really fun even though you had to go home early, i had fun with the stick and the bugsy malone, good times good times. but yes, we have to spend alot of time in the holidays, cause well yaaa know i think me and you need that if i am honest. you are brilliant. i love youu babes, had fun last night and tbh, it was all down to you. oh yeah and i stored your gin somewhere in st cuthberts, but i wont say where cause tbh people on here will blaits try and nick it tbh (; 7 YEARS! you are the friend, that i have known the longest and am actually still friends ;D remember that baby. i love you x

  • Robinson

    hey u didnt look that happy in drama 2day?? x

  • Robinson

    yeh u look reli funny lol u were lucky last drama lesson, u got 2 work wif matt lol x