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  • Male, 24, Luv 21
  • from VVT, Trinco, Ind, Sydney
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,024
  • Last active: 1/27/10
  • www.bebo.com/Stamilmagan
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
WeLl Ma NaMe Is ShAyAnTh A K A SaThA

AdD mE On MsN shayanth14st@msn.com

AkOn, LiL JoN, T-PaIn, Lil Wayne

AnD In TaMiL
AlL SoNgS By HaRrIsH JeYrAaJ
PiRaTeS Of ThE CaRiBbEaN 1 , 2 , 3
OcEaN 11, 12, 13, Transformers, terminator, Titanic nd more
Scared Of
Happiest When
WiD Ma BoIzzz

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  • about me:D

    ` __THE THING QUIZ__ ´

    [1] . Full Name: Shayanth
    [2] . Nicknames: Satha
    [3] . Birthday: Jun 23
    [4] . Place of Birth: J-t0wN
    [5] . Zodiac Sign: Cancer
    [6] . Male or Female: Male
    [7] . Grade: 12
    [8] . School: Homebush boiiz
    [9] . Occupation: Student
    [10] . Residence: CitY 0f g0ds
    [11] . MSN Screen Name: T0o l0ng

    `*___Your Appearance

    [12] . Hair Color: Black
    [13] . Hair Length: Short
    [14] . Eye color: Br0wn
    [15] . Weight: 65
    [16] . Height: duno
    [17] . Braces?: N0pe
    [18] . Glasses?: n0
    [19] . Piercing: yeap , ear
    [20] . Tattoos: maYbe laYta
    [21] . Righty or Lefty: Righty

    `*___Your 'Firsts' .

    [22] . First best friend: Jana
    [23] . First Award: dUnt meMba
    [24] . First Sport: crIckeT
    [25] . First pet: Cat (still luv them)
    [26] . First Real Vacation: Switzerland wen i was 9
    [27] . First Concert: dun remeba
    [28] . First Love: haha

    `*___ Favorites .

    [29] . Movie: Lord of the rings, Titanic, spider man 1 & 2, and more
    [30] . TV programme: SIMPSONSSSS
    [31] . Color: bLue, grEen
    [32] . Rapper: dmX..sn0op dogG..tUpaC
    [33] . Band: None
    [34] . Song Right now: Me & U
    [35] . Friends: l0tS
    [36] . Sweet: t0o maNy
    [37] . Sport to Play: crIckeT..AfL
    [38] . Restaurants: ahhH..fast f0od..i gueSs nand0z..op0rtoz..macKaz..n kFc
    [39] . Favourite brand: nIke..conVerse..t0mMy
    [40] . Store: neFin guD
    [41] . School Subject: BusiNEss
    [42] . Animal: CATS
    [43] . Book: uH b0okZ?!?!?!?!?
    [44] . Magazine: neFn interEstn
    [45] . Shoes: nIke..conVerse

    `*___Currently .

    [46] . Feeling: tIreD..beDs calln me
    [47] . Single or Taken: sTiLl waItn f0 alBa :P
    [48] . Have a crush: hmmm
    [49] . Eating: yeA hunGry all da tYm
    [50] . Drinking: nuFfinz
    [51] . Typing: thIz
    [52] . Online: away
    [53] . Listening To: caLiforNia vacaTion
    [54] . Thinking About: dInneR :P
    [55] . Wanting To: sleEp
    [56] . Watching: Tv
    [57] . Wearing: sIngleT...n sh0rtz

    `*___Your Future .

    [58] . Want Kids: yEa y n0t
    [59] . Want to be Married: yUp
    [60] . Careers in Mind: US PresiDent
    [61] . Where do you want to live: hawAii..or nEwy0rk
    [62] . Car: SKYLINEEEEEEE

    `*___Which is Better With The Opposite Sex .

    [63] . Hair color: dUnt caRe asL0ng as it lUkz gud
    [64] . Hair length: dUn mind asL0ng as its n0t sh0rt lyk an em0
    [65] . Eye color: liGht br0wn..bluE..grEEn
    [66] . Measurments: g0ta b perFect :P
    [67] . Cute or Sexy: Cute
    [68] . Lips or Eyes: b0th
    [69] . Hugs or Kisses: b0th
    [70] . Short or Tall: n0t t0o sh0rt...n0t too tall
    [71] . Easygoing or serious: eZy g0in n g0ta b sRs at tyMz t0o
    [72] . Romantic or Spontaneous: b0th
    [73] . Fatty or Skinny: avG
    [74] . Sensitive or Loud: l0uD..sumTymz ish cuTe
    [75] . Hook-up or Relationship: dEpeNdz
    [76] . Sweet or Caring: b0th yaR
    [77] . Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: hehe biT 0f b0th

    `*___Have you ever .

    [78] . Kissed a Stranger: noPe
    [79] . Had Alcohol: yuPz
    [80] . Smoked: l0lz
    [81] . Ran Away From Home: yEa
    [82] . Broken a bone: nUp
    [83] . Got an X-ray: 0ncE
    [84] . Been with someone: yEs
    [85] . Broken Someones Heart: maYbe
    [86] . Broke Up With Someone: hehe yuP
    [87] . Cried When Someone Died: yEa
    [88] . Cried At School: 1St daY 0f skeWl

    `*___Do You Believe In .

    [89] . God: NUP
    [90] . Miracles: n0
    [91] . Love At First sight: YessaH
    [92] . Ghosts: l0lz i relI g0t n0 answa 2 dat wun..sUmtymz i d0
    [93] . Aliens: 0fcoz..seen waY t0o manY
    [94] . Soul Mates: yesSS
    [95] . Heaven: ahh im n0t gona worry g0na go 2 hell newaY
    [96] . Hell: yea skEwl
    [97] . Angels: yUp seeen 1:P
    [98] . Kissing on The First Date: if uR reLi in luV..n0
    [99] . Horoscopes: Juz a LIl bIt

    0 Comments 264 weeks

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Griz-Zula is the lovable moron. Sometimes he is a selfish asshole, but that's nothing a few beers, and a slap to the noggin can't fix! Possibly the most endearing of all characters.

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