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  • Female, 23, Luv 43
  • from Maidstone
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 5,430
  • Last active: 10/21/08
  • www.bebo.com/CoraldaGooner
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About Me

Haven't been on bebo in ages lol, spend to much time on facebook!
Me, Myself, and I
♥|[ ѕнєѕ ¢αℓℓє∂ ]|♥ Coral
♥|[ Fell from heaven ]|♥ 12th March 1990
♥|[ Sees through ]|♥ Greeney blue
♥|[ Brushes down ]|♥ Long Blonde Hair
♥|[ Status ]|♥ TAKEN!! AND SO IN LOVE!!!
♥|[ Employed ]|♥ Hobbycraft
♥|[ Home ]|♥ Da Guetto
♥|[ Colour ]|♥ Pink
♥|[ Love ]|♥ My 1st love is ARSENAL, Family, Friends and My Rich
♥|[ Hate ]|♥ People who think there better then every1 else
♥|[ Bestest Gals ]|♥ Kat, Merc, Kelly, Becky
♥|[ Bestest Boiz ]|♥ Josh, Rob, Mike.W, Rich
♥|[ Always ]|♥ Workin, Out and About, Drivin
♥|[ Never ]|♥ Stop Chattin!
♥|[ Talk ]|♥ All The Tym

Attractive personality.SEXY. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. AND ALWAYS HORNY!!!!

|Arsenal rule!!| '|"""
The Other Half Of Me
***Carla ***
All types of music reli, love my music.
All types of film as well!
ARSENAL FC, Shoppin, Kissin and Sex lol, Dancing
Scared Of
Spiders, Snakes, Ticking Clocks, Socks
Happiest When
Sleepin, M8's, Eating, Arsenal, Wit my Mr Hottie
The Things I love!
♥HobbycraftCrew♥ Chocolate♥Food♥
♥Alcohol♥Pete Wentz♥Jose Antonio Reyes♥ ♥Cesc Fabregas♥Freddie Ljungberg♥PaulBettany♥Jesse Mccartney♥Zac Efron♥Johnny Depp♥Danny Dyer♥
 all♥ ♥Dancing♥Goingout♥Holidays♥Cl
♥Shopping♥Driving♥ ♥Cars♥Singing♥
♥Meeting New People♥Talking♥Txts♥
♥Kissing♥My Bed♥Posing for Pictures♥
♥Gossiping♥Parties♥Ducks♥Hot Chicks♥KFC♥My Mr Hottie♥

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  • Christy
    luv Christy

    heya babe how r u? wat u been up 2 miss u lots :) c u soon tho xxx have my last love :) xxxxxx

  • Christy
    luv Christy

    hey bbe uk? i miss u loads it ma bday tomorow :0 lol miss u hunni wb xxxx ly xxxx have some red stuff xx

  • Giggsy G
    luv Giggsy G

    GET OVER IT :P You ok ?? United was well good!! That singin at the end !! :O There are videos on YouTube.. Not the 1 i took but there is a few :D Have some ARSENAL Love :D xxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Yeah it'll be great but your pickin me up at 5.30 am 2 mora !! :( That means i aint gettin NO sleep tonight lmao :D xxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Lol.. School really.. Have you defo got tickets then ?? Hopefully :D x xx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Na i aint been avoiding you !! I good thanks :D What you been up 2 ? xxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Well .... No Where lol.. Always been here lol... You k ?? xxxx

  • luv Rob C

    im all good thnk u v.much =] iv been chillin, decoratin my room and stuff wat bout ? yer we must meet up sum tym, maybe whn it gets warmer go ova mote park! wb lu xx

  • Rob C

    Hey! Hey! hows u hun? long time no speak! Omg Arsenal Ac milan, WHAT A SCORE! great stuff! =] lol hope all is good Wb Lu xxx

  • X Princess In The MakingX
    X Princess In The MakingX

    HEloooo, nm really just .....SHOPPING!, seeing family Relly !*, wow 18! caarn't believe it when we last spoke to each other it's been FOREVER!, lol, remember in florida and we were watching that movie and the power cut went off !, that was v.funny, i really wanted to carry on watchin that movie!! X FAmily very gud Dad and Wendy r still together btw Lorna says HI!, XXX Xx scribble back xX Xxluvvv u XXX

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    hey hun, wt happened to us catchin up ay...miss u loads! hopefully will be driving sooon oooo excitin lol! hw ya bin hun bunch anyway? wt yu bn up 2? wb love yuu xxxx

  • X Princess In The MakingX
    luv X Princess In The MakingX

    hiya X coral , ihaven't spoken toyoooo in ages, wubu2?, i'm 14 now, WOOOO, how old r u , is family ok ?, do yooo still live in kent ? HERE youcan hav my love >>>>>>>>&g  t;

  • Giggsy G
    luv Giggsy G

    have some love xxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Not much... Woop Woop!! I go on holiday on Friday :P :D xxxxxxxxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    You betta !! And whats this on ure bebo bout me wantin to see ya naked :P :D I'm good thanks.. what u been up 2? xxxxx

  • Giggsy G
    Giggsy G

    Hey !! When u puttin them pics of us all on bebo from manchester :D ? You ok ?! xx